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In recent years, our country's aviation focused special attention to the general public, government agencies, media. This is primarily due to the frequent failures of passenger traffic, which led to the bankruptcy of many airlines and the resignation of federal officials. Serious problems affected not only civil, but also the small aircraft, which is important in the social sphere and the economy can hardly be overestimated. Read Aviation news, videos are posted on our website, and stay always in the center of the latest developments.

Small aircraft - a significant and necessary for the development, production and the efficient functioning of the transport system of Russia air transport market segment. We have long been convinced that the lack of government support of small aircraft programs significantly inhibits its development, which leads to a reduction in the use of aircraft and does not provide adequate security.

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Unfortunately, this development is totally contrary to objectives of the transport strategy of the country in which aircraft is given the role of responsible regional traffic in areas with poor terrestrial infrastructure. Many people today are very interested in aviation news, video of which you can view on our website.

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It is known that in the developed countries in the lower airspace involved more than 85% of the air fleet. It is used as the cheapest form of transport, especially for the transport of small goods and people in remote and sparsely populated areas, as well as a means of patrolling, surveillance, security, social and health care, business and administrative purposes as well as for training, tourism and sports. Due to this the number of jobs is growing as state revenue.

The fleet of helicopters and passenger aircraft used in Russia is one of the oldest among developed countries. That is why the market of air transportation requires a cardinal renewal of the park in the near future. But the current economic conditions do not allow to solve this problem, since the current level of tariffs is not able to provide the regional airlines with the required economic conditions. As for the ground infrastructure of aviation, it is destroyed, and passenger aircraft are actively decommissioned. You can not remain indifferent to this situation and not read aviation news, videos of which are constantly added to our portal.

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