Alpine Patrol (1998-2007)
Aviation and Movies
The series about a team of rescuers, who are ready to provide first aid to anyone in need, regardless of who they are, where they are, who are working.

Baker's office at the hospital MES (1972-1983)
Aviation and Movies
The action takes place in 50-ies, during the Korean War, in a mobile military hospital. Group operating surgeons in every way trying to escape from the routine of work and to somehow cheer myself.

Russian Amazons (2002)
Aviation and Movies
Three girls, test pilots, who are called "Russian Amazons" are working in one of the flying clubs in the Moscow Region.

View from the Top (2003)
Aviation and Movies
Donna Jenson lives in a small town, its cherished dream - to run away from home to become a stewardess. Throughout her life attracts sky, airplanes and the opportunity to travel.

Airport (1970)
Aviation and Movies
BEFORE. Guerrero - people with mental health issues, who is very well versed in explosives and its components.

Return Move (1981).
Aviation and Movies
The Shield military exercises were over. The Yuzhny group, for which not only marines, but also airborne regiments were sent, planned to attack the Severny airfield.

Case squared 36-80 (1982).
Aviation and Movies
The action takes place in 1980-ies on the Soviet Navy during the military exercises in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Story of a Real Man (1948).
Aviation and Movies
The film is based on real events from the life of the facts, biographies fighter pilot - Alexei Maresiev. In one of its flights during the fight over the occupied territories, it was shot down by the Germans.

Heavenly slug (1945).
Aviation and Movies
Three other front-pilot who never lose heart and always find the positive moments in life, vowed to each other until the end of the war did not meet or even fall in love with any one girl.


Aviation and Movies


Courage and heroism - so you can briefly pass behavior of different subjects relating to air transport and the sky. For those who love to watch movies about the aircraft, certainly not lacking in the life of thrills and adrenaline, and they present thrust sit at the helm of the aircraft and fly high in the clouds.

aviation and cinema

Aviation and cinema combine a lot of interesting topics. If you are a fan of air transport, then, of course, you will be interested in fascinating films about pilots, airplanes, flight attendants and about everything that concerns aviation. On our portal there are not only feature films, but also historical pictures about the stages of the development of the air industry. You will be able to get acquainted with the different designs of aircraft, learn about their capabilities, the device, the work of flight attendants and pilots. All the information in the films is presented in an accessible form, so you will be very interested. Many who have been interested in aviation and cinema since childhood, in the future become pilots or stewardesses, so you can train your children to jointly watch the films we have collected.

Aviation and Movies

One of the most striking examples of patriotic and heroic film about the aircraft can be safely called the creation of Leonid Bykov. With the film "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle" familiar both adults and children. It shows the life of military pilots during the Second World War. Heroes on the fighters guarded the native sky from the enemy. the story itself incorporates many side lines: and overcoming fear, and love, and recklessness. Unfortunately, the ending of the film does not please us with their events: almost all the main characters are dead.

Aviation and movies in Hollywood do not have such a touching picture, but still worthy of the works of various genres enough. You can take the example of the same film "Pearl Harbor", where Japanese planes divide most of the US Navy. Actions take place in Hawaii. The attack is well transferred to the film and makes the viewer intently watch.

Aviation and film are united not only the military and heroic genres. Quite popular are the films comedic character that are most suitable for viewing with friends. Get at least the same movie "Hot Shots". Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, almost every step is accompanied by absurd characters and extravagant plot twists and familiar to American comedy jokes. If you view all the parts one by one, you get a kind of wacky comedy series, in the center of the plot of which is aviation.

a movie about aviation

Also, the well-known examples of aviation movies, where we are talking about the creation of unmanned aircraft with a high degree of autonomy (up to claims of artificial intelligence) and the incredible progress of technology. It is about such a plane will tell you the film "Stealth". In her flight, after it was hit by lightning, he was the person and proceeded to self-development and learning. At the end of the film to humanize the machine so that for the sake of two people sacrificed their lives.

Sometimes, aviation and cinema intersect only indirectly: the protagonist is a professional pilot. Thus it can be explained by its good psychological and physical preparation, and high moral character. Example - the movie "Green Lantern", where the main character - a test pilot, who as a result becomes the protector of all humanity.

Movies about aviation - fruitful and broad topic. Military technology, aircraft, helicopters, and prediction of the future provide writers limitless space for imagination.

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