Aviation in Canada.
Aviation in Canada.

Aviation Canada.


His development of Canadian aviation began with the first attempts to launch small paper airplanes. Does not this kind of flight, they began to run equipped with machines that were much heavier than air.

Airports Canada

In Canada, a large number of airports, the most famous of which are:

Vancouver International Airport, located on the island, at a distance of 12 km from downtown Vancouver. It is the largest and busiest airport of the country.

International Airport Quebec City Jean Lesage name, is only 11 km from Quebec City.

Toronto Pearson International Airport is the main international airport, which serves the city of Toronto and is only 27 km away. It was named in honor of 14-th Prime Minister of Canada - Lester B. Pearson.

Aviation in Canada.


Canada also develops and manufactures helicoptersStarting from 1978 year.

The first saw the world CL-227 Sentinel - unmanned helicopter. The first flight took place in August 25 1978 years. It was developed by the Canadian Bombardier Services Corporation. The project started to be developed further in the year 1964, and the first unit was established only in 1977. In our time, we continue its development and modernization.

Aviation in Canada.


The following was released CL-327 Guardian. He also was unmanned and was a modernized version of the CL - 22. US Deliveries began in 1998 year. On the device optical sensors have been installed.

Another helicopter, developed by Canada, was a Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King. He was the twin-engined and deck, designed for anti-submarine warfare.


Air Canadian forces

The Air Force component of the Canadian armed forces united was formed in February 1 1968, the result of the merger of the three branches of the armed forces of Canada in the Canadian Air Force. Before 1924, the air defense of Canada provide the Royal Air Force.

Canadian Forces are not divided into separate species, namely the BBC, MBC, and ground troops. They are based on command: mobile, the Canadian Armed Forces in Europe, education and communication.

Aviation in Canada.

Aviation in Canada.


Pilots Canada

Also in Canada is famous for its pilots, who have left the world popularity.

Arthur Roy Brown, the years of his life in December 23 1893 - 9 1944 March, was a Canadian pilot, Captain, ace of the First World War.

Robert Piché - pilot military aviation in Canada, became known worldwide after August 24 2001, when there was an unpleasant incident. He and his friend Dirk de Jager managed to land the plane, which has denied both engines, and thereby save the lives of all the passengers.


aviation accident in Canada

In Canada, as well there have been cases of accidents. One of them occurred in August 20 2011 years, the Boeing aircraft 737 carried cargo and passenger charter flight, killing 12 people, three were injured.

2 September 1998 years, near Halifax International Airport, crashed. All the passengers who were on board were killed. This incident is considered to be the second largest plane crash in the history of Canada.


Nowadays, Canada is the leading country in aviation. They train pilots on specially equipped T-33 and Challenger, they are engaged in search and rescue operations, cargo delivery. They implement all this with the help of transport aircraft and search and rescue helicopters. 


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