Aviation EMERCOM of Russia
Aviation EMERCOM of Russia

Aviation EMERCOM of Russia


Aviation Russian Emergency Situations Ministry official appeared 10 May 1995 years, but in reality, aviation Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations existed before, even with 1991 years, but at the time this ministry had no self-control, and was forced to submit to the exclusive Ministry of Defense.



According to 2011 years, the Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft consists of 53 aircraft, including 18 aircraft, including An-3T, An-74, Be-200CHS, IL-62M, IL-76TD Yak-42D and 35 helicopters representation of the diversity of such models as the Bq-117, 105-Bo, Ka-32Mi-8, Mi-26. Fleet aircraft EMERCOM of Russia is regularly updated, so that rescue and search and rescue teams can take part in the elimination of international emergencies and their consequences. A typical example is the sending aircraft EMERCOM of Russia in search of the victims Airbus A320 airline «Air Asia», which took place in December 28 2014 years.



Aviation EMERCOM of Russia regularly takes part in exercises in Russia and abroad, performing the most complex tasks associated with both conventional extinguishing fires, removal of natural disasters, etc.

Due to the special air assets, the Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft can perform a variety of tasks associated with the transport of both people and goods, and the operations to extinguish the fires, survey disaster areas, including those located in the areas of water, etc.



Aviation Russian Emergencies Ministry has a number of tasks for the near future, lies primarily in:

  • Creation of a single aviation rescue service with features air ambulance;
  • Provision of complex safety on federal highways in view of the applicability of aviation.


For a year, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia airs about 20 thousand sorties, most of which are associated with saving lives, which proves the effectiveness of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation. Already in 2015, it is planned to seriously supplement the aircraft fleet, which will allow to more quickly solve any emergency situations, providing rescue of human lives and assistance in eliminating the consequences of emergencies, catastrophes, natural and man-made disasters in cases when it is really impossible to dispense with air The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia has repeatedly proved.