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Aviation - Related News

Aviation - Related News

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Aviation - theory and practice flying aircraft devices, as well as a set of related activities. Aviation infrastructure has been created especially for flight. As is known, the first aircraft developed during the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci. In Greece, 400 AD Archytas Tarentstky machine is designed as a mechanical bird, in 559 in China - the first balloon flight.

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With regard to the first successful flight, then they come to the end of 19 century. Otto Lilienthal to 1891 1896 of the year created and flew several gliders. The first successful flight of the plane falls on December 17 1903 years. Air unit, who worked on kerosene, managed brothers Orville and mechanics Wilbur Wright.

Today, almost air service established between all countries, and even cities. If you are interested in aviation related news you can read on our website. Surely, they will be very interesting.

In such a large country like Russia, simply can not do without air transport. As you know, from the Far East to the western borders of the train can go more than a week, but because the aircraft is a journey takes you not more than a day. Especially noticeable gain in time when you need to get to the remote northern part of the country, where you do not go to any car or train, and the sea and the rivers freeze for several months.

As you can see, the obvious advantage of the speed of aircraft stands. Plane on the way do not interfere with either the river or the mountains, it can delay the flight just the weather. Landing and taking it very difficult to rain, fog, snow and heavy sweater. However, we must not forget that the aircraft - it is also the most expensive form of transport, which is usually used by passengers traveling long distances. If you like aviation, related news, the most relevant and most interesting, you can always read us.

Today, aviation is in a state of active development, but there are many issues that are still unresolved. These include air pollution, the crash, etc. However, the state of air transport is changing every year, that may not be interested. If you are interested in aviation related news can be read on our website. They go out every day, so you can be sure that will not miss any interesting events.

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