Aviation: Cards of different eras
Aviation: Cards of different eras

Aviation: Cards of different eras


Aviation philocarty or different art collectors of postcards devoted to aviation, was born in the first 20-30 years of the last century, when aviation was just beginning to develop, that certainly is of interest to everyone around you. Currently, air cards are not popular, but the number of holidays is still Aviation: An in this case could be the most spectacular gift, especially if their area is really demonstrates the triumph.

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Somewhat later, in 30-40-ies of the last century, for such areas as aviation, postcards have become really popular, as this era was marked by the emergence of new models of military aircraft that took part in the fighting during the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War . The main feature of these cards is that they, as a rule, was depicted himself a pilot and his plane that demonstrated exactly what this card aviation subjects.

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Aviation and postcards were most widespread in the 60-90s of the last century, when various celebrations dedicated to aviation began to be most often celebrated, including when civil aviation days, military aviation days were celebrated, new aircraft appeared, the quality of services increased and new air routes It was in those days that aviation was in demand: postcards with airplanes, pilots, helicopters and other objects, one way or another, included in the sphere of aviation.

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Aviation: postcards from different eras for generations born before the 90-ies of the last century, above all, will be remembered by paper, but now, when aviation is experiencing its degeneration, postcards have not lost their relevance. With the advent of computers and the Internet, aviation postcards have become more and more electronic. In fact, this is also very relevant, since such a postcard can be delivered immediately to the addressee by e-mail, placed in any of the tens and hundreds of social networks, thus not worrying about whether or not the card will actually reach the addressee on the holiday of aviation.

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To date, postcards Aviation offers a variety of sizes and styles, but much more important is the fact that the recipient will certainly glad that he did not forget to congratulate its professional holiday, a memorable day aviation.