Aviation of the Northern Fleet
Aviation of the Northern Fleet

Aviation of the Northern Fleet



Northern naval aviation of the Russian Federation consists of anti-aircraft and Tu-142 IL-38, Deck Su-33, Ka-27, as well as transport aircraft An and An-12-26. There are at its disposal special educational model Su-25UTG, which are training.

After the end of the Cold War, the Tu-142-38 IL and have been widely used in offshore exploration (visual and electronic) systems and search and rescue services. Aviation of the Northern Fleet - Is indispensable when you need to check ice conditions. To perform navigation along the Northern Sea Route without naval pilots would be very problematic.

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Aviation of the Northern Fleet

Russian military fighter fourth generation Su-33 appeared in the service of the Navy in August 1998 years. In 2015 year it planned to withdraw from the operation, but he is prepared worthy successors. In the near future to adopt the Northern Navy must be received by the new fighter type MiG29.

The Ka-27 is a multipurpose shipborne helicopter designed specifically for tracking and destroying submarines sailing at depths of up to 500 meters, day and night, in simple and difficult weather conditions. This helicopter is often used for tactical purposes, alone and in a team. It is highly versatile and can operate at different geographic latitudes.

The pilots of the Northern Fleet carrier-based aircraft regularly participate in training flights in which to hone your skills: have different elements of acrobatics, both simple and the most complex, improving the skills of air combat and interception.

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Aviation of the Northern Fleet

Flights over the Arctic in exclusively peaceful purposes - is also very complicated. Weather conditions in this region are extremely volatile, which is further aggravated by the monotony of the terrain with a negligible amount of visual reference. Not only that: in the high Arctic, because of the proximity of the magnetic poles of the Earth, devices often work with serious errors. And as if that were not enough, the way the pilot can meet the magnetic anomalies and storms.

Therefore, flying over the sea in the conditions of the Arctic latitudes can be likened to an art form, and the pilots of carrier-based aircraft, rightly, considered the elite among pilots. A Russian Navy pilots - the only ones in the world who is able to perform an aircraft landing on the deck of the ship in a heavy aircraft carrier Arctic latitudes.


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