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It's been over half a century, but the conversation will be forgotten for another soon. It is firmly rooted in the history of civil aviation, and it will still be long remembered as the event that marked the beginning of the great summer adventure of the XX century. Raw London morning, November, 1962 year. The French ambassador Dzhefroya de Courcelles is scheduled to meet with British Minister of Aviation Julian Emery.

The conversation, in contrast to the weather, the upcoming quite lively. After all, almost going to discuss a fantastic project: joint development of a passenger plane that would fly at supersonic speeds. Future airliner called the French word Concrode, which means "community, harmony, harmony."

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In the Soviet Union, of course, closely monitor what is happening and not lost sight of such a meeting. Whether the idea is so liking to party functionaries, whether they, as always, was eager to "catch up and overtake", but soon a similar project approved in their native homeland. Development of the aircraft decided to instruct the aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev famous, and he put at the head of the constructors of his son as he was old and feeble.

And began work on the Tu-144, marked the start of the battle, "Supersonic" ("Supersonic" - in colloquial English means "supersonic aircraft"). In the struggle for civil supersonic already included aviation. Watch online full video about the fate of the Soviet opponent Concorde can be found here.

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After the war, civil aviation, in general, developed very rapidly, and was silent arena for competition between the capitalist and the socialist bloc. The development of supersonic aircraft has stimulated the development of a number of other areas.

After all, there is need for new technologies, materials capable of withstanding unprecedented load and high temperature behind the machine, flying faster than sound. Soon the race to connect a third party - the United States. A Tu-144 will operate regular passenger flights from Moscow to Alma-Ata.

Unfortunately, the desire to measure their muscles and political prestige often outweighed common sense. Today the catastrophe of the first Tu-144 in Le Bourget, France, is considered the result of short-sighted decisions on the part of the leadership. Ironically, the accident of the Concorde, many years later, happened just five kilometers from the crash site of the domestic "supersonic".