Aviation of the United States of America.
Aviation of the United States of America.

Aviation United States



One of the criteria of the country's infrastructure - is transportation. A large part of transport operations perform air transport, delivery is executed and cargo transportation.

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The transport system takes priority US Air Force. States play the role of a leading exporter of aircraft in many countries of the world. The following discussion focuses on the air system of the United States and its principles of production.



Air transport: US aviation and aircraft


Major US airlines


America is the leader in the number of airlines, there are more than 100. The largest of them:

  • ABX Air;
  • Air Cargo Carriers;
  • Air East;
  • Air Midwest;
  • Air New Orleans;
  • American Airlines;
  • Big Sky Airlines;
  • Chalk's Ocean Airways;
  • Champion Air;
  • Continental Airlines;
  • Simmons Airlines;
  • Southern Air;
  • Southwest Airlines;
  • and others.

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The first airline to be considered - it is American Airlines.

American Airlines is an American airline that is the world leader in the number of passengers. Ranked second in fleet size after FedEx Express and in revenue after Air France-KLM. The headquarters are located in Fort Worth (Texas city). The director of the airline is Gerard Arpi.

Aviation of the United States of America.


Continental Airlines. It ranks fourth in size. The headquarters are located in Houston. Merged with United Airlines on October 1, 2010. The resulting airline bears the Continental Airlines logo, although it operates under the United Airlines brand and is the largest carrier.



US Aircraft designers

Famous individuals involved in design and development.

Janis Davidovich Ackerman (1897, Mitau - January 8 1972, Minneapolis) - public figure, ucheny, professor of the University of Minnesota, aircraft.

From 1916 to 1917 he completed a pilot course in France. In 1918 he emigrated to the United States. Graduated from college, university, worked as an engineer in the aviation department of "Ford". In 1928 he began teaching, after which, in 1931, he became a professor. 1934 - Commissioner for Aeronautics, leading designer of an aviation company. After the war - Chairman of the United States Aeronautical Society.


William Edward Boeing (October 1, 1881, Detroit (Michigan) - September 28, 1956) - aircraft manufacturer, founder of the Boeing aircraft company (The Boeing Company) in the United States. In 1966 he was inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame.

Aviation of the United States of America.




Airfields and airbases


In the United States located airports and air bases, which are equipped with several runways.

  • Volk Field Air National Guard Base
  • Bagram airbase
  • Altus (AFB)
  • Andersen (airbase)
  • Incirlik Air Force Base
  • US Air Force base at Cape Canaveral
  • Dyce (AFB)
  • Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
  • Zone 51
  • Manas (AFB)
  • Nellis (airbase)
  • Ramstein (Air Base)
  • Thule (airbase)
  • Edwards (AFB)
  • Andrews (AFB)


Volk Field Air National Guard Base Located in the state of Vinskonsin. It is considered a military airfield the US Air Force.

He appeared in 1889 year as a base for shooting in 1927 was renamed in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Williams. The first runway was built in the year 1935 and 1936 year appeared in the band paved.


Zone 51 - A military airfield, located in Nevada, in the south, in 133 km from Las Vegas.

At the airport developed lethal machines armed with the system. In addition to this, 51 area it is called Dreamland, Paradise Ranch. This is a zone of military operations around which space is limited.



US Airports

a huge number of airports located in the United States. Some of them:

  • Idaho Airports
  • Airports Iowa
  • Airports in Alabama
  • Airports Alaska
  • Airports in Arizona
  • Airports Arkansas
  • Wyoming Airports
  • Airports Washington State
  • Airports Vermont
  • Airports Virginia
  • Airports Virgin Islands
  • California Airports
  • Airports Kansas
  • Airports Kentucky
  • Colorado Airports
  • Airports Connecticut
  • and others


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Boise Airport  - commercial, military, civil airport. Located in 3 km from the city of Boise (Idaho). Managed by a special commission that consists of an 7 person.

Aviation of the United States of America.


Honolulu International Airport - a military and commercial airport, located in 5 km from the city of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. In the state it is the main and busiest airport. Every year, passenger traffic is growing.

Aviation of the United States of America.



Awards United States Air Force

The Air Force Cross is the second oldest honor and is equivalent to the US Army Distinguished Service Cross and the Naval Cross. It is awarded to the military, the Marines and the Coast Guard. The basis for the award is heroism.

Aviation of the United States of America.



Pilots, who entered the history of the United States of America

  • Alvarez, Everett
  • Anderson, Rudolf
  • Bach, Richard
  • Bormann, Frank
  • Brand, Vance Devo
  • Bird, Richard
  • Vought, Chance Milton
  • Girėnas, Stasys
  • Glenn, John
  • Gregory, Frederick Drew
  • Grissom, Virgil Ivan
  • Dana, William Harvey
  • Darius, Steponas
  • Ninety nine
  • and others

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William Harvey "Bill" Dana  - NASA test pilot. He was a member of the X-15 rocket plane test group (1965-1968), on which he made 16 flights. Two flights took place at an altitude of 50 miles, and according to the US classification, this is already considered a space flight.

Aviation of the United States of America.



US drones


  • ADM-160 Mald
  • ADM-20 Quail
  • AQM-34
  • AQM-37 Jayhawk
  • Black Widow
  • Boeing X-45
  • Boeing X-48


ADM-160A Mald. In 1999 year he was made the first flight. Agency DARPA initiated work to create. It was designed to simulate the flight length jamming. Equipped with gain in the microwave. The navigation system was created based on GPS and creates a complicated and convoluted path.

Aviation of the United States of America.

Boeing Aircraft:

  • Boeing B-47 Stratojet
  • Boeing 247
  • Boeing 2707
  • Boeing 314
  • Boeing 717
  • Boeing 727
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 737 Classic
  • and others

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Boeing 737 Next Generation - Production began in 1980, the model is a single-aisle aircraft. Sold in 4-x versions, Climbs to 110 210 from passengers.

Aviation of the United States of America.


Besides all this, the US developed projects that will surprise the whole world with its uniqueness.



The area is 9.800.000kv / km, the population is more than 300.000.000 people, the akean between Europe and the US, all this requires a lot of civil and military airbases, but there are more 30 airlines and this amount of air force is a lot. The fact of their existence once again confirms a very serious attitude towards aviation. Not surprisingly, the US is buying a lot of metals and alloys used in aircraft manufacturing. The US does not spare money for the development and production of new military and civil aircraft. Some non-serial civil airbuses-know-how costing from 100mln $, and the price of military such airbags to 36mld. $ Per unit.


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