Aviation of Ukraine
Aviation of Ukraine

Aviation of Ukraine


Aviation of Ukraine is certainly a part of the global aviation, with it's typical not only for the present but also for the past, and it is possible for the future.

Not many people know that aviation in Ukraine, at the initial stage of its inception, brought the first civilian aircraft to the Soviet Union. By Plane-1 was designed Konstantin Kalinin, and it was built in Kyiv, that sounds very proud of this country for that country. Subsequently, in Ukraine there are other models of aircraft, including both civil and military, and therefore can not ignore the great contribution of Ukraine to the history of world aviation.



Currently, Ukraine is represented by numerous aviation aircraft manufacturing plant. More in 1920 year in Ukraine appeared Serial Plant "Antonov" aircraft produced which now raised into the air, and among other things, was established here and the legendary aircraft AN-225 «Mriya" - unique in its kind transport aircraft allows carry massive and bulky loads over long distances.



In addition, in Ukraine, and it is also a world-famous plant "Motor Sich" is engaged in the development, production, maintenance and repair of gas turbine engines for helicopters and airplanes.



Aviation of Ukraine really made a great contribution to the development of world aviation, but do not forget the first-class pilots, trained in Ukraine. Pilots upper class have repeatedly proven their skills in the sky, and can rightly be called the air aces. Preparation of first-class pilots of Ukraine is carried out in universities such as:

  • Kirovograd Flight Academy of National Aviation University of Ukraine;
  • National Aviation University;
  • National Aerospace University. NE Zhukovsky;
  • Kharkiv Air Force University.


Currently, aviation Ukraine is developing, and it is possible that the development of aircraft Ukraine will soon become another part of the world of aviation, since thanks to the progress made possible the creation of new types of planes and helicopters, the improvement of technologies for obtaining operational parameters of air technology, ensuring a high level of air safety etc.


In Ukraine since the beginning of the twentieth century fruitfully developing aviation. As a student, DP Grigorovich I designed a series of flying boats, seaplanes, hydroplanes including M and M-5-9. Abroad, such devices have appeared much later.

It was in these years, Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa became centers of aircraft. The first plane to break away from the native land, was the unit Mozhaiskogo. After his year 1910 in the air rose more 4 instance, three of which are created Ukrainian designers. During the period of 1909 1912 year in Kiev we have constructed a more experienced 40 different types of air samples. Among them were biplanes, monoplanes and helicopters.

Sikorsky I.I. is considered one of the most prominent representatives of world aviation. He created a series of outstanding aircraft, on which he personally set several world records. His most famous project is "Ilya Muromets", the aircraft that gave birth to domestic and world multi-engine heavy aviation. But this is far from one outstanding designer project. All aircraft are designed according to the scheme proposed and founded by Sikorsky.

Civil aviation has been seen as the base of the Ukrainian Kharkov aviation company "Ukrvozduhput" (November 1923 years). In 1924, the opening of regular flights in the airways of Ukraine. In early October of that year, SNK approved the charter for the "Ukrvozduhput." We started to equip airports on aviastantsiyah in Kharkiv, Kirovograd, Poltava and Odessa. The first scheduled air flight: Kharkov-Kirovograd, Odessa, Kharkiv-Poltava-Kyiv. A year later opened the following lines: Artemovsk-Kharkiv-Rostov, Kharkov, Kursk, Orel and Moscow.

In addition to domestic airlines, began work on the creation of external. In 1928 year opened the first in Ukraine international line Kharkov-Baku-Tehran-e Anzali. The rapid growth in the production of its own aircraft led to the displacement of aircraft overseas production. The most widespread aircraft became K-5, which has created a group of Kalinin.

Created by a team of Kharkiv Aviation Institute aircraft HAI-1 great cruised on the line between Moscow and Simferopol. The airplane designed under the supervision of the Neman.

In the 50-ies, a large volume of passenger traffic was carried out on the interpolar lines. They were mainly served by the Po-2 and Yak-12 aircraft. With the growth of traffic, they could not fully cope. And then came AN-2 produced by Antonov Design Bureau. It was this air car that became a turning point in the transition to heavy aircraft with gas turbine engines. The aircraft began to spread rapidly both in the USSR and abroad. He was simple to manage, simple in design and had a small acceleration and landing. 

At the end of May 54-year at Kharkov aviation plant raised the question of mass production of passenger jet Tu-104. In early June, the plant received the approval of the Council of Ministers.

In March 57-year Vernikov Ya (test pilot) raised to the sky AN-10. It was vysokoplan turboprop engines AI 4-20. After some modifications on the Antonov Design Bureau was renamed the aircraft AN-12. Its serial production began in 1958 year. 31 1962 October, the first flight on a passenger aircraft An-24 line Kiev-Kherson.

Over the years, Antonov planes are constantly improved and modernized. KB has received international recognition for two of the most famous and biggest aircraft in the world - the An-124 «Ruslan" and the legendary An-225 «Mriya». Until now, no country in the world has been able to build up close and personal to the appropriate "Mrie." This is the largest aircraft can carry 3 unit "Boeing» -737 with folded wings. An-225 refers to the unique aircraft.

In addition to civil aviation in Ukraine was also present long-range aviation. In 1992 in the territory of the country has 4 Air Army, 49 regiments, 10 air divisions, 11 squadrons and several specialized schools. The Air Force of Ukraine is located in the city of Vinnitsa. In 1994 year 16K Tu-Tu-Tu 22M2 most-22R were sent for storage and later dismantled.

Eliminated the long-range aviation, and the accompanied some of the reasons:

  1. Strong economic crisis.

  2. The signing of the Lisbon Protocol 1992 year, according to which Ukraine undertook to 2001 years to eliminate all means of delivering nuclear warheads.

  3. Pressure from the US Department.

  4. The lack of technical support and factories that were located on the territory of Russia.

  5. Massive layoffs of experienced pilots from the armed forces of the country.

  6. Lack of resources for a number of components and assemblies.


Over the period 1996-1999. Ukraine destroyed 29 strategic aircraft and 487 X-55 cruise missiles. From 1999 to 2000, Ukraine sent 8 units Tu-160 and 3 units Tu-95MS to Russia. In 2000, a document was signed, extending the disposal of long-range strategic aircraft. A year later, 6 units X-55 were sold to the PRC and 12 units - to Iran. Over the period 2002-2006. at air bases in Pryluky, Poltava, Bila Tserkva and Nikolaev, 60 units of Tu-22M were destroyed. 

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