Plane crash in An-12B Kirensk. 1963
Plane crash in An-12B Kirensk. 1963

Plane crash AN-12B East Siberian terr. CAF management in Kirensk

  • Date of the crash: 07.12.1963, the
  • The time of the crash: 23: 51
  • Country of the crash: the USSR
  • Place the crash: Irkutsk region, Kirensk
  • Type of aircraft: An-12B
  • Registration of aircraft: SSSR11347
  • Name of air carrier Aeroflot (USSR)
  • Division: East Siberian territorial administration GVF, 134 ATO
  • Flight: 1076 

Chronology of events:

The crew gave the last words: "Goodbye." The plane crashed in 750 m south from the airport to town "Holiday", burned, destroyed. The collision with the ground took place at a large angle (approximately 70 degrees) with flaps retracted at 25 degrees and chassis. In the village one wooden hut burned down, the roof of another was damaged. Victims and victims on the ground was not.

Data on victims:

Total on board were people 6: 6 crew members. Total killed 6 people: 6 crew members.

Details of the crash:

  • Phase of flight: climb
  • Identified causes of the crash: equipment failure
Data on the plane:
  • aircraft Brand: An-12B
  • Aircraft ID: USSR-11347
  • Country where registered aircraft: the USSR
  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 31.08.1963
  • Serial number of the aircraft: 401803
  • Hours aircraft: 379
  • The cycles of use of the aircraft: 188
  • Drive: On 2314271 2314265 2314216 With With 2314226
Flight data:
  • Flight: 1076
  • Tour type: Truck
  • The aviation company Aeroflot (USSR)
  • Division: East Siberian territorial administration GVF, 134 ATO
  • The country, which was registered aviation company: USSR
  • Flying from: Kirensk
  • Flying in: Irkutsk
  • Original item: Peace
  • A final point: Irkutsk
Additional information:
Information about the crew:
  • KBC Alexander G. Fayvusov
  • the co-pilot Nikolay Gridnev
  • Arkady navigator Nikitivich Sudakov
  • mechanic Benyus I. Gvildis
  • radio operator Leonid Shydlouski
  • Flight Solomon Zalmonovich Litvin

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