Air crash An-148 in the Moscow region 11 February 2018 year
Air crash An-148 in the Moscow region 11 February 2018 year

Air crash An-148 in the Moscow region 11 February 2018 year



11 February 2018, on the territory of the Ramensky district of the Moscow region, there was an air crash involving the passenger airliner An-148, belonging to the carrier "Saratov Airlines", who was flying from Moscow's Domodedovo airport to Orsk. According to the data, onboard the passenger aircraft was 71 people, including 6 crew members and 65 passengers.

15.02.2018 15: 25

Specialists of the Interstate Aviation Committee completed the expansion of the airborne recorder. As it turned out, crew members could not get data on the parameters of the flight, which confirmed the version of sensor failure due to their icing.

13.02.2018 16: 18

Interstate Aviation Committee called the cause of the crash - the main circumstance of the tragedy was the icing of sensors, so the crew received inaccurate information about the flight.

13.02.2018 13: 25

The search operation at the crash site of An-148 is officially stopped.

13.02.2018 7: 12

Specialists have begun to decrypt the data from the on-board chart recorders found on the scene of the plane crash. The first information on the causes and circumstances of the crash of An-148 may appear before the end of the week.

13.02.2018 7: 12

The Ukrainian state enterprise Antonov offered assistance in the investigation of the plane crash.

13.02.2018 6: 57

Nearly two thousand fragments of the bodies of the victims were found at the site of the plane crash, which makes it impossible to visually identify the dead.

12.02.2018 9: 52

Relatives of the victims of the plane crash involving the airline "Saratov Airlines" will pay about 4 million rubles.

12.02.2018 7: 02

The CCTV camera recorded the crash time of the An-148. The video is being studied by specialists, and it is likely that this information will help to establish all the details of the crash that has taken place.



11.02.2018 21: 58

A list of the crew members and passengers on board the crashed An-148 airplane was published.

11.02.2018 21: 06

The commander of the An-148 passenger airplane crew refused to handle the aircraft with an anti-icing compound, which could become a key circumstance of the tragedy that occurred this afternoon in the Moscow region.

11.02.2018 18: 56

At the crash site of the An-148, one of two flight recorders was found - according to experts, the device did not suffer as a result of the plane crash, so it is logical to assume that its decoding will begin in the near future.

11.02.2018 17: 19

A large flight of wreckage of the passenger airliner An-148, which broke today in the Ramenskoye area, indicates an explosion occurred on board the aircraft, however. officials do not confirm the version of the terrorist act.

11.02.2018 17: 15

The search and rescue operation, which continues on the site of the plane crash, is seriously hampered by the snowfall, while experts note that, at the site of the crash of the An-148, the survivors could not be found.

11.02.2018 16: 57

The late departure of a passenger aircraft from the capital's Domodedovo airport could have been associated with a technical malfunction being rectified.

11.02.2018 16:45

The preliminary versions of the plane crash are mentioned, among which experts sing out engine ignition, technical control system malfunction and pilot error.

Chronicle of the air crash An-148 "Saratov Airlines" in the Moscow region


An-148 passenger aircraft, owned by the domestic air carrier Saratov Airlines, took off from the Moscow Domodedovo airport at 14:22 (departure was delayed by 22 minutes - approx. and headed to Orsk. Nevertheless, a few minutes after the departure, the airliner disappeared from the air traffic controllers' radars, and the aircraft crew stopped communicating.



Originally, there were reports that the aircraft only disappeared from the radar, as confirmed by representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, however, later there were reports that the airliner had crashed on the territory of the Ramensky district, not far from the settlements of Argunovo and Stepanovskoye.

The rescuers who headed to the place of the tragedy announced that bodies of victims of the plane crash were found at the crash site, while the scatter of the wreckage of the aircraft is quite large, while the victims among people on earth were avoided.



On the fact of the tragedy, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case on the violation of the rules for the operation of air transport.


Preliminary versions of the An-148 plane crash in the Moscow region


Experts working on the spot crash officially do not comment on the causes and circumstances of the tragedy, however, experts said that mainly three main versions of the incident should be considered: engine malfunction, pilot error and technical malfunction of the control system.


Malfunction of the An-148 engine


Despite the fact that the causes of the tragedy in the Ramensky district are not officially commented, the plane crash witness stated that at the time of the crash, one of the engines of the passenger aircraft was burning, which most likely became the main circumstance of the crash. Nevertheless, it is important to take into account the fact that the An-148 airplane can continue its flight on one engine, which in turn puts this version in doubt.



Nevertheless, taking into account the online scoreboard data, the Saratov Airlines airplane flew from the capital's Domodedovo airport with a delay of 22 minutes (the actual departure time of 14 hours is 22 minutes - note ed.), Which may well mean, that before departure, the crew of the aircraft noticed a malfunction, however, representatives of the carrier still do not comment on the delay of the flight.


Malfunction of the An-148 aircraft control system



One of the considered versions of the incident is also the technical malfunction of the control system, and although there is no official confirmation, experts believe that it is also important to take into account such circumstances during the air crash investigation, because the aircraft's icy fuselage (at the time of departure the temperature was below the zero mark - Ed.), Could lead to a violation of aircraft control.


Pilot error



Experts do not rule out that the reason for the crash of the An-148 passenger airliner with the 71 man on board the territory of the Ramensky district could be a pilot error, since at the time of the voyage, there was a heavy snowfall, which seriously hampered visibility.


Explosion on board


Despite the fact that the probability of an explosion on board an An-148 passenger plane is considered to be extremely small, experts believe that it should not be completely denied, especially if one takes into account the large separation of the wreckage of the crashed aircraft, while , it can be either a terrorist act or an explosion connected with a technical malfunction.


Victims of the An-148 plane crash in the Moscow region


On board the passenger airliner An-148, at the time of the crash there was 71 people, and according to 16 hours (Moscow time), rescuers working at the crash site announced the discovery of 12 victims of the tragedy. According to some information, the survivors of the portal, which was available to the portal, were not found to be alive, because, due to the fall of the aircraft from a height of several hundred meters, the aircraft literally disintegrated into pieces within a radius of one kilometer.

List of victims of the An-148 air crash in Moscow region 11 February 2018:


1 Aknazarov T.
2 Aleksandrov I.
3 Alekseenko K.
4 Anokhin V.
5 Anokhin Z.
6 Boikova E.
7 Bulatova L.
8 Vediborenko I.
9 Vedyakina M.
10 Vladimir N.
11 Gavrilov S.
12 Gambaryan S.
13 Gauss A.
14 Gahramanov N.
15 Grachev A.
16 Grishova I.
17 Gromov I.
18 Gubanov V.
19 Davydova E.
20 Dmitrenko Yu.
21 Dolbin V.
22 Dragina M.
23 Ivanov V.
24 Ilinov E.
25 Kalashnik M.
26 Karmaleyev B.
27 Karpukhin A.
28 Karpukhin T.
29 Kiseleva E.
30 Klaevi U.
31 Kobol V.
32 Kovchuga L.
33 Kozupitsa A.
34 Kolodyazhny A.
35 Korotkov E.
36 Krasova N.
37 Krasova O.
38 Kuzmin O.
39 Kurepov O.
40 Leonova O.
41 Limanov E.
42 Limanov E.
43 Machneva S.
44 Meshcheryakova N.
45 Momzikova K.
46 Nazarov M.
47 Nasyrova E.
48 Nikitenkova G.
49 Nikitchenko A.
50 Nikolaenko L.
51 Normantovich A.
52 Ostavsky I.
53 Panchenko S.
54 Poletaev I.
55 Radchuk I.
56 Remarciuc V.
57 Sevoyan V.
58 Sergoshko A.
59 Sinitsina T.
60 Slavinskaya A.
61 Son U.
62 Tolkachev V.
63 Tolkachev I.
64 Tolkacheva L.
65 Tolmasova D.
66 Tulkubayev F.
67 Urazaeva M.
68 Usachev V.
69 Khokhlova O.
70 Tsipichko O.
71 Yamaev J.


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