An-26 air crash in Syria 6 March 2018 year
An-26 air crash in Syria 6 March 2018 year

An-26 air crash in Syria 6 March 2018 year



6 March 2018 year at the Russian military air base Khmeimim in Syria, The Russian military transport aircraft An-26 wrecked... On board the An-26 military transport aircraft there were 39 people, including 6 crew members and 33 passengers, who died as a result of the aircraft crash.

06/03/2018 22:44

According to specified data, 26 was on board the crashed An-39 airplane.

06/03/2018 22:38

At the crash site, a flight recorder was found, the decoding of which may begin in the near future. and it is quite likely that this very fact will make it possible to establish the true circumstances of the tragedy.

06/03/2018 21:57

At the time of the crash of An-26 near the airbase Khemeymim, there was a strong gusty wind, which could become one of the circumstances of the tragedy that occurred.


Chronicle of the An-26 plane crash in Syria


6 March 2018 about 15 hours Moscow time, the Russian military transport aircraft An-26, belonging to the Air and Space Forces of the Russian Federation, was preparing to land at the Russian military base Khmeimim in Syria.



The aircraft took off from the Quires airfield (a suburb of Aleppo), and most likely carried out the transfer of troops, as evidenced by the fact that on board the military transport aircraft, in addition to the six crew members, there were 33 passengers.

Despite the fact that only a few seconds remained before the landing on the Russian military base of Khemeymim, the aircraft crashed in about 500 meters from the runway.

As a result of the incident, no one survived.


Preliminary versions of the crash of the An-26 in Syria



At the moment, it is known that specialists investigating the plane crash involving the Russian military transport aircraft An-26 will consider all possible versions of the tragedy. According to experts, there are mainly three main versions of what happened.


The bombardment of the An-26 aircraft


The version that the Russian military transport plane An-26 could be shot down, appeared one of the first, while experts are considering various options, in particular, it is reported that the aircraft could be shot down as if directly approaching the airbase Khmeimim , and during the flight through the areas of Syria, which still have the militants of radical terrorist organizations.



If the plane was actually shot down, then most likely it was used for small arms, however, to assert that this version is the main reason for the destruction of An-26, until the investigation is completed, it is not worth it.

In turn, it is important to clarify the fact that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the aircraft was not fired, however, experts believe that this version will still be considered in the framework of the ongoing investigation.


Technical fault



At the moment, the version of the fact that the Russian military transport plane An-26 crashed in Syria due to a technical malfunction is the main one. This is due primarily to the fact that the military transport aircraft An-26, which are in service with the Russian army, are already obsolete and in need of their soon replacement.

Among the main circumstances that could lead to a tragic catastrophe, experts consider the failure of the control system, however, it is likely that the catastrophe could also contribute to the simultaneous failure of two engines.


Unfavorable meteorological conditions



One of the versions of the 6 March 2018 tragedy involving the Russian military transport airplane An-26 is also considered unfavorable meteorological conditions, in particular, eyewitnesses report that a strong gusty wind was observed in the region of the Russian base of Khemeymim, which could well be the cause for wreck. no official confirmation of this information was found, however, given meteorological reports, the wind speed in the air base area reached 12-15 m / s.


Victims of the An-26 plane crash at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria



On board the An-6 plane that crashed on March 26 in Syria, there were 39 people, including six crew members and 33 passengers. Despite the fact that the tragedy occurred shortly after landing, and the plane was at a relatively low altitude, no one managed to survive in the plane crash.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims of the plane crash in Syria.

List of victims of the An-26 plane crash in Syria

Altunin KN (Senior Lieutenant)
Belov A.I. (Lance Sergeant)
Bogatyrev Z.M. (staff Sergeant)
Gaidarkhanov E.S. (captain)
Gorban K.A. (captain)
Grabovsky S.V. (Senior Warrant Officer)
Grigoriev MA (ensign)
Epifanov (the senior sergeant)
Eremeev VG (Major-General)
Kolomoytsev I.K. (corporal)
Kukushkin D.I. (major)
Levchuk G.S. (Senior Lieutenant)
Lushkov S.V. (senior sergeant)
Maunev M.I. (major)
Mikryukov V.V. (major)
Moiseyev MA (captain of the 1 rank)
Morozov AL (major)
Osipkin A.V. (sergeant)
Panov MA (Senior Lieutenant)
Pylenok AA (captain)
Rasputin N.B. (k-n m / s)
Safronov DV (Senior Lieutenant)
Sachuk AM (captain of the 1 rank)
Serezhenkov EA (sergeant)
Smirnov S.G. (major)
Trufanov A.V. (captain)
Fedun S. V. (Colonel)
Chagin EV (major)
Chapdarov B.R. (Lance Sergeant)
Shevchenko AA (Senior Lieutenant)
Sheintsivt S.V. (captain)

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