Plane crash AN-8 near g.Kozelsk. 1988
Plane crash AN-8 near g.Kozelsk. 1988

Plane crash AN-8 MAP near g.Kozelsk


·         Date of the crash: November 27.09.1988, XNUMX

·         Time of the crash: 19:22

·         Country of the crash: the USSR

·         Location of the crash: Kaluga region, kozelsky district, 3,5 km northeast pos.Sosensky

·         aircraft Brand: An-8

·         Registration of aircraft: CCCP48101

·         Name of air carrier: MAP USSR, Moscow OAO

·         Flight: 92055

Chronology of events:

As a result of fire development in the tail section of the engine nacelle, thermal destruction of the attachments of the power trunnion struts to the front wing spar occurred, causing the destruction of the power farm and separation in the 44 minute of flight (in 19: 21: 40) of the left power unit with the engine nacelle. In 19: 21: 55, the dispatcher, at the request of the crew, gave the aircraft a seat - 114 km from the Tula airport with the azimuth 260 °, direct bearing of 80 °, and allowed further reductions. 

After separating the engine, the crew, being at an altitude of 3 000 m in the clouds, realizing the impossibility of flying to the aerodrome, decided on a forced landing outside the aerodrome. The aircraft remained stable and manageable. For a rapid loss of altitude, the crew led him into an energetic decline with the right bank. Vertical speed during the descent exceeded 100 m / s. In the current situation, as a result of the crew's distraction from instrument piloting, there was a loss of spatial orientation. At an altitude of 300 m, the airplane emerged from the cloudiness in an inverted position and in 19: 20: 50 at a speed of 612 km / h with a trajectory angle of about 80 ° collided with the ground at 12 km to the east-north-east of Kozelsk.

The plane was found at 3,5 km northeast of Sosenskiy, destroyed partially and partially burnt (54 ° 05'30 'S, 36 ° 00'00 "VD) on a rough terrain that overgrew a mixed forest with a trunk diameter up to 50 cm and the height of trees to 30 m. At the edge of the swamp, at the site of the disaster, a funnel with a depth of up to 2,5 m and a diameter of 30x8 m appeared and a fire appeared. The scatter of debris in the sector of 20-350 degrees from the funnel was up to 140 m. The left engine fell in the territory of Sosenskiy n / a with an azimuth of 230 degrees in 3,5 km from the scene. The sock of the middle left part of the wing is revealed on the section between the places of fall of the fuselage and the engine at a distance of 140 m in the direction of 105 degrees.

Current weather for the crash site 19: 00 - stratocumulus clouds 10 points, thick haze, height m 300, 3 wind m / s, 210 degree visibility 1000 m, temperature + 11 ° C.

Description: An-8 air crash near the city of Kozelsk. 1988

Data on victims:

· There were 5 people on board: 5 crew members. Number of people killed 5: 5 crew members.

Details of the crash:

Flight stage: Horizontal (cruising) flight

Data on the plane:

Aircraft make: An-8

Aircraft ID: CCCP48101

The country in which the aircraft was registered: USSR

Aircraft production date: 31.12.1960/XNUMX/XNUMX

Aircraft serial number: 0Ж 3490

Aircraft operating hours: 12272

Aircraft operating cycles: 5853

Engines: N28414D041 N28434D018

Flight data:

Flight: 92055

Flight type: Freight

Aviation company: MAP USSR, Moscow JSC

Country in which the aviation company was registered: USSR

Flew from: Moscow (Domodedovo)

Flew to: Lviv

Origin point: Moscow (Domodedovo)

Final point: Baku

Additional information:

Description: An-8 air crash near the city of Kozelsk. 1988

Information about the crew:

Aircraft commander Obukhov Vladimir Alekseevich

Co-pilot Sukharev Alexander Nikolaevich

Navigator Katorgin Konstantin Gennadievich

Radio operator Alekssev Nikolay Spiridonovich

Flight mechanic Shlyapin Valentin Fedorovich