A320 Germanwings plane crash in southern France
A320 Germanwings plane crash in southern France

Plane crash A320 Germanwings in the south of France


Airbus A320 heading from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. On board were a hundred and fifty people, among them - the citizens of Turkey and Germany, Spanish nationals and representatives of many other countries. 24 March, he crashed in the French Alps. None of the crew members and passengers survived. At the site of the crash are continuing search operations.


Lubicz deliberately destroyed himself and A320?


Prosecutors in Germany and France have confirmed that in the cockpit of a plane that crashed in the French Alps, there was only one pilot. After the commander of the aircraft left the cabin, he could not go back. Western media reported that the "Airbus" Andreas drove Lubicz, 28-year-old German. The very same airline Germanwings will not disclose the names of the pilots.

A320 Germanwings plane crash in southern France

The official website of the flight club LSC has information about them. After the crash of the aircraft on the club's website and it published the following message: "Andreas joined us, while still a young man to realize his childhood dream. Club members mourn for him, and the rest 149 victims and expressed condolences to the victims. "


Captain of the ship, who failed to get into the cockpit, on the site called Patrick Zonderheymer. It was also noted that he flew 6 thousand. Hours on the aircraft Airbus A320. He left two children. At Lufthansa he worked for ten years, and colleagues speak of him as one of the best pilots, reliable and experienced man.


Prosecutors do not exclude the version of the deliberate destruction of the aircraft. What prompted the pilot to take this step? A good pilot friend told reporters that Lubicz seemingly not suffering from depression. "He loved his work and approached her with the responsibility," - said his friend at the Summer Club.

A320 Germanwings plane crash in southern France

Interlocutor news agency added that the dead pilot was "friendly, but rather reserved man." He lived in Montabaur with his parents and had an apartment in Dusseldorf.


Both pilots were trained in Bremen, at the training center Lufthansa. In September 2013 years Ljubica hired, Zonderheymera - of 2014 May He previously worked in the partner airlines Condor and Lufthansa.


By deciphering the flight recorders, the pilot deliberately closed the door to the cockpit. When his colleague tried to enter, he refused to open it, and went on to decline sharply. Despite all attempts to penetrate the commander, Lubicz not answer. According to experts, he was conscious to the collision of the aircraft with the Alps.

A320 Germanwings plane crash in southern France

After deciphering the black boxes, it became known that the first twenty minutes of the pilots talking to each other politely and friendly. Then the commander of the aircraft began to land in Düsseldorf, to which he replied laconically pilot. After this first pilot gave control of the aircraft. They heard how he left his seat and the door opened. Most likely, the commander of the crew went to the toilet. The last ten minutes of the cabin was complete silence. According to representatives of Lufthansa, its brief excommunication Commander nothing broke.


Prosecutor Brice Robin in Marseilles during a press conference raised the question concerning the origin of religion and Ljubica. "I do not know its origin, but he was a German citizen. The lists of terrorists, he was not listed, if you are referring to it - said Robin. - It is unlikely that we will find some clues in this regard. But the version of suicide, I do not rule. Yet, when a person decides to commit suicide, he was doing it alone. So I can not claim that it is suicide. "


Representatives of the company Germanwings, commenting on the release of the French authorities, stated that shocked by the tragic news.

A320 Germanwings plane crash in southern France

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