Plane crash ATR-42 Trigana Air in Papua - New Guinea
Plane crash ATR-42 Trigana Air in Papua - New Guinea

Plane crash ATR-42 Trigana Air in Papua - New Guinea


Passenger plane ATR-42-300, owned by Indonesian airlines «Trigana Air Service» followed a course from Jayapura to Oksibil performing regular flight on the local loop. The accident occurred just ten minutes before the landing, however, despite this, no one as a result of the incident could not survive.



Pilot error, technical failure or poor visibility?


According to the official version of the incident, a plane crash of a passenger aircraft ATR-32-300, owned by the airline "Trigana Air Service", was caused by a collision with a mountain, located just 14 kilometers from the destination of the current flight. On board the aircraft were 5 crew members, including two pilots and three conductors, as well as 49 passengers who died, according to experts' conclusions on the ground from the injuries received. At the moment, the investigation is underway on the fact of the tragedy, however, experts are mainly concerned with three main versions, among them pilot error, technical malfunction and poor visibility.



Most experts are inclined to believe that the crash of the Trigana Air Service was caused by a pilot's mistake, in particular, given the fact that the collision occurred with a mountain, the pilot chose the wrong altitude to follow the aircraft, as the guide to the flight being carried out indicates, That the aircraft should have followed at a higher altitude, and it is quite possible that in such a situation there could be no tragic consequences. Nevertheless, it remains unknown why the air traffic controller, who was watching the aircraft, did not inform the pilot that the echelon he selected is erroneous.



Poor visibility could also cause the crash ATR-42-300 «Trigana Air Service», especially since experts believe that the incident occurred already with the direct reduction of the aircraft, in particular, in a cloud, the pilot could simply do not see the mountain, in and causing the collision occurred.

The probability of a technical fault on the board according to experts is highly unlikely because the pilot did not report any problems encountered, however, it is not excluded that the incident could be caused by malfunction of the flaps that are denied during the descent, which is why version itself remains highly relevant.

To date, investigators managed to find a flight data recorder of the aircraft, and it is possible that the decoded information will allow him to get to know the causes of the disaster.


Plane crash ATR-42 Trigana Air could be caused by artificially?


In addition to the main versions, experts suggest that the plane crash of an aircraft with 54 people on board could be caused by artificial means, in particular, the version of the fact that the aircraft could not have made a landing at the Oxibyl airport was not ruled out. Assumptions are mainly related to the fact that an impressive amount of money was transported on board the aircraft, intended for poor families, and according to experts, the money could simply be stolen even before the departure of the aircraft, and the disaster itself could become nothing more than a An attempt to conceal the crime.



At its core, the wreckage almost immediately there was a fire, which is why the money on board, or may have been destroyed by fire, or else ... they were not there (or was not a part thereof) at the time of departure of the aircraft. However, for unknown reasons, the experts refused to consider the current version, as very improbable, but, as experience shows, quite possibly, this is the clue may be a key in a plane crash.