IL-12 plane crash near Sverdlovsk airport Koltsovo. 1950
IL-12 plane crash near Sverdlovsk airport Koltsovo. 1950

Plane crash IL-12 1-th Moscow formations GVF Sverdlovsk near the airport Koltsovo

  • Date of the crash: 11.08.1950, the
  • The time of the crash: 02: 10
  • Country of the crash: the USSR
  • Location of the crash: Sverdlovsk region, Sverdlovsk near the airport Koltsovo
  • Aircraft type: IL-12
  • Registration of aircraft: SSSRL1706
  • Name of air carrier Aeroflot (USSR)
  • Division :: 1-th Moscow Air Group GVF, 45 atoms
  • Flight: 8 

Chronology of events: The crew did not check at the approach to the aerodrome including VUSP. At the time of the withdrawal in a horizontal plane flight he was confronted with young birch trees, the height of which 14-15 m in the forest in 900 m after passing the outer marker and the right of the axis of the landing 160 m. Log cabins for 120 m trees, the plane lost speed and treeless clearing fallen in 220 m from the first touch the treetops in 190 m from the axis landing in 3100 m from the boundary of the airfield. Data on victims: Total on board were people 27: 5 22 crew members and passengers. Total killed 2 people: 2 crew members. Details of the crash:

  • Phase of flight: the approach
  • Identified causes of the crash: crew error, error ATC
Data on the plane:
  • aircraft Brand: Il-12
  • Aircraft ID: USSR-L1706
  • Country where registered aircraft: the USSR
  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft: October 1948 city
  • Serial number of the aircraft: 83012803
  • Hours aircraft: 906
Flight data:
  • Flight: 8
  • Tour type: Regular passenger
  • The aviation company Aeroflot (USSR)
  • Division: 1-th Moscow Air Group GVF, 45 atoms
  • The country, which was registered aviation company: USSR
  • Flying from: Omsk (Central)
  • Flying in: Sverdlovsk (Koltsovo)
  • Original item: Khabarovsk
  • A final point: Moscow (Vnukovo)
Additional information:
Information about the crew:
  • KBC Vladimir Nechayev
  • second student pilot Yegorov Crawlers
  • mechanic Vasiliy Kuzovkin
  • radio operator Paul Ye Altapkin
  • Flight FS Epstein