Plane crash IL-12 near Buguruslan. 1948
Plane crash IL-12 near Buguruslan. 1948

Plane crash IL-12 SHVLP CAF near Buguruslan

  • Date of the crash: 09.09.1948, the
  • Country of the crash: the USSR
  • Location of the crash: the Orenburg region, near the AER. Ulyana
  • Aircraft type: IL-12
  • Registration of aircraft: SSSRL1427
  • Name of air carrier Aeroflot (USSR)
  • Division :: SHVLP CAF

Chronology of events: The captain immediately after takeoff decided to perform a flight on one engine. It is for this at the height of 70-100 m zaflyugiroval left engine propeller when the guards were still in the takeoff position and rejected on 17 degrees. Then he began to make a U-turn with a roll 30 degree ;. The plane began to lose speed and reacted poorly on the conclusion of the reversal. Data on victims: Total on board were people 5: 5 crew members. Total killed 5 people: 5 crew members. Details of the crash:

  • Phase of flight: climb
  • Identified causes of the crash: crew error
Data on the plane:
  • aircraft Brand: IL-12
  • Aircraft ID: USSR-L1427
  • Country where registered aircraft: the USSR
Flight data:
  • Flight Type: Training (trainer)
  • The aviation company Aeroflot (USSR)
  • Division: SHVLP CAF
  • The country, which was registered aviation company: USSR
  • Flying from: Buguruslan (Baimakova)
  • Flying in: Buguruslan (Baimakova)
  • Original item: Buguruslan (Baimakova)
  • A final point: Buguruslan (Baimakova)
Additional information:
Information about the crew:
  • The captain AP Logatchev
  • mechanic instructor Kirov
  • radio operator instructor Potseshkovsky
  • QC instructor Danilkin
  • QC instructor Zuev