Plane crash near Il-14P Zaporozhye. 1970
Plane crash near Il-14P Zaporozhye. 1970

Plane crash IL-Georgian CAA 14P near Zaporozhye

  • Date of the crash: 04.04.1970, the
  • The time of the crash: 20: 47
  • Country of the crash: the USSR
  • Place the crash: Ukrainian SSR, near Zaporozhye
  • Aircraft type: IL-14P
  • Registration of aircraft: SSSR52002
  • Name of air carrier Aeroflot (USSR)
  • Subdivision: Georgian CAA of Tbilisi
  • Flight: 2903 

Chronology of events: The plane in the right turn with a roll 20-25 degree right-wing plane touched the ground. Continuing on the plowed field for 145 m, the aircraft was destroyed. The plane crash took place at night in 2500 m from the end of the strip and in 600 meters to the left of the extended axis. Do not originated fire. The plane is completely destroyed by the bow, SUNGLASSES left the plane, the right wing of the plane. Killed stowaway, the commander of one child and adult passengers 4. Data on victims:

  • Total on board were people 35: 5 30 crew members and passengers. Total killed 7 people: crew 1, 6 passengers.
Details of the crash:
  • Phase of flight: a missed approach
  • Identified causes of the crash: crew error
Data on the plane:
  • aircraft Brand: Il-14P
  • Aircraft ID: USSR-52002
  • Country where registered aircraft: the USSR
  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 07.03.1957
  • Serial number of the aircraft: 602111
  • Hours aircraft: 21213
  • The cycles of use of the aircraft: 22259
  • Engines: B B 2647856 2926452
Flight data:
  • Flight: 2903
  • Tour type: Regular passenger
  • The aviation company Aeroflot (USSR)
  • Subdivision: Georgian CAA of Tbilisi
  • The country, which was registered aviation company: USSR
  • Flying from Rostov-on-Don
  • Flying in: Zaporozhye
  • Original item: Tbilisi
  • A final point: Zaporozhye
Additional information:

Information about the crew:
  • KBC Kuzma Sergeyevich Bitiev (died)
  • second pilotShota Shotaevich Tomadze 
  • flight engineer Gregory Philippovich Lobjanidze
  • navigator Victor S. Nadein
  • radio operator trainee Anatoly Rodomachenko
  • stowaway - copilot 112 lo Ch.M. Gvarliani (died)