Il-76 air crash in Algiers 11 April 2018 year

Il-76 air crash in Algiers 11 April 2018 year


11 April 2018 year in the north of Algeria, there was a tragic plane crash. On the morning of this day, the military transport aircraft Il-76, which was in service with the Algerian air force, carried out transportation, according to preliminary data, of more than two hundred servicemen.

It is known that a military transport aircraft flew from a military airbase in Bufarik, however, when climbing, for unknown reasons, it rushed to the ground, as a result of which, falling from a height of several hundred meters, the aircraft crashed - the wreckage of the aircraft flew into radius of several hundred meters.

The chronicle of the plane crash of IL-76 in Algiers 11 April 2018 year

This morning, a military transport plane Il-76 belonging to the Air Force of Algeria, which was supposed to carry a large number of servicemen to another base, took off from the military air base in Bufarik. According to the latest data, 257 was on board the crashed plane (without taking into account the crew members - note

By the current moment, it is known that in preparation for the flight, the Il-76 aircraft underwent proper maintenance, i.e., in fact, at the time of departure, the aircraft was in a technically sound condition.

Nevertheless, despite the successful take-off, the military transport plane Il-76 was never able to gain altitude, as a result of which it began to lean forward and fell to the ground from a height of several hundred meters.

As a result of the fall from an impressive height, the plane exploded in a collision with the ground - the wreckage of the aircraft were scattered within a radius of several hundred meters, while, due to the explosion and fire, the rescuers could not help the people on board.

The causes of the plane crash in Algeria 11 April 2018 year

Despite the fact that the Algerian authorities refuse to comment on the tragic plane crash involving the Il-76 military transport aircraft, independent experts identified four main versions of the tragedy:

Malfunction of the power plant

As it was said earlier, before the departure, the military transport aircraft Il-76 passed proper maintenance, however, despite this, experts refused to exclude the version that the fault could all be the engine failure. Experts rely on the fact that the aircraft could not gain the required speed and altitude, and therefore it is logical to assume that the fault was caused by either the incorrect operation of one or several engines, or the complete failure of the power plant.

Malfunction of the control system

The disrupted operation of the IL-76 military transport aircraft could well have caused the aircraft, with more than two hundred people on board, to sharply lose altitude and fall to the ground.

Pilot error

The main reason for the majority of air crashes is the piloting error, and experts believe that this version may well be plausible. It is possible that the crew of the aircraft could not properly accelerate, and in order to avoid rolling out of the airfield, decided to take off, in connection with which, the work of the engines was not brought to the proper capacity, and the aircraft began to fall.

Overload of aircraft

For the time being it is not known for certain how many people transported the Il-76 military transport plane on board, crashed today in Algeria, but according to the latest information, it is about 257 military personnel, and it is possible that the aircraft could be overloaded . In fact, the IL-76 airplane is designed for cargo transportation from 28 to 60 tons, however, it is possible that in addition to servicemen, cargo could be on board the military transport carrier.

To find out exactly what happened to the Il-76 airplane, most likely, it will be possible only after the detection and decoding of flight recorders, than at the moment and the specially created group is engaged.

Victims of a plane crash in Algeria

There are no official comments on the current plane crash in Algeria at the moment, however, the sources report that there were at least 76 people aboard the smashed military transport aircraft Il-267, including 257 servicemen and 10 crew members.

It was not possible to find the survivors in the monstrous tragedy.

And on the first photo WHAT ?? I'm clearly not 76 ..

Look closely. In the photo, the left half of the stabilizer. The plane lies on the right side.

76-th keeps the height even if 2-x engines fail, and if one fails, the set continues, although not so vigorously. If with the mechanization of the wing there were no problems and there was no displacement of the cargo, there remains one crew error with a refusal ... or without ...


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