Plane crash IL-76TD near Leninakan Airport. 1989
Plane crash IL-76TD near Leninakan Airport. 1989

Plane crash IL-76TD Ulyanovsk Aviation Center CMEA in the airport area Leninakan


·         Date of the crash: November 20.10.1989, XNUMX

·         Time of the crash: 01:30

·         Country of the crash: the USSR

·         Location of the crash: Armenian SSR, near the airport Leninakan

·         aircraft Brand: IL-76TD

·         Registration of aircraft: SSSR76466

·         Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

·         Subdivision: Ulyanovsk Aviation Center CMEA

Chronology of events:

Decreasing with the released spoilers with MK = 172 ° at a vertical speed of 10 m / s, about the third turn at a height of 270 m at the radial distance from the airport 18 km, the dangerous approach to the ground signaling signaled, which signaled 19 seconds. After 3 seconds from the start of the SOS operation, the dispatcher indicated to decline to the fourth turn up to 800 m. The crew confirmed the instruction and began to execute the turn with a decrease. An error in the pressure setting was detected by the flight engineer in 10 seconds from the collision (at 15 second from the activation of the SOS) and shouted "We have 736 pressure!". The crew did not take any urgent action to stop the decline, as required by the IL-76 Flight Manual. For 6 seconds from the collision with the ground, the activation of the SOS has ceased. The vertical descent rate decreased to 3 m / s. For 1 seconds from the collision with the ground the steering wheel took over sharply (the deviation of the elevator at 10 degrees).

During the execution of the third turn the plane in 01: 30: 14 in flight configuration collided with the ground (released spoilers, landing gear, engines idling) with airspeed 440 km / h, was burned and destroyed.

Actual weather at Leninakan airport for 01: 32 - wind (to H = 3 000м) - visibility is more than 5 km, quiet, temperature + 4 ° С at the ground, pressure 636 mmHg. st. on the ground, the mountains are closed. 

Data on victims:

· There were 15 people on board: 5 crew members and 10 passengers. Number of people killed 15: 5 crew members, 10 passengers.

Details of the crash:

Flight phase: approach

Revealed causes of the plane crash: crew error

Data on the plane:

Aircraft make: IL-76TD

Aircraft ID: USSR76466

The country in which the aircraft was registered: USSR

Aircraft production date: 08.09.1982/XNUMX/XNUMX

Aircraft serial number: 0023440153

Aircraft operating hours: 2053

Aircraft operating cycles: 2193

Flight data:

Flight type: Training (training)

Aviation company: Aeroflot (USSR)

Subdivision: Ulyanovsk Center GA SEV

Country in which the aviation company was registered: USSR

Flew from: Ulyanovsk (Baratayevka)

Flew to: Leninakan (Gyumri)

Initial point: Ulyanovsk (Baratayevka)

Final point: Leninakan (Gyumri)

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

PIC instructor V.I. Motkin

LMO navigator-instructor V.V. Lignovsky

· Inspector - deputy. early LMO Lopasteyskiy V.D.

Flight radio operator-instructor Shotin A.V.

Flight engineer-instructor Mateyko N.V.

· Pilot-trainee Azimov T.K.

Navigator-trainee Korneenkov A.V.

Flight operator Makarov I.M.

Pilot-trainee Rechkin E.V.

Flight operator Lapochkin A.M.