Plane crash A-410UVP in Krasnoyarsk. 1995
Plane crash A-410UVP in Krasnoyarsk. 1995

A plane crash-410UVP Abakan airline Krasnoyarsk

  • Date of the crash: 20.01.1995, the

  • The time of the crash: 19: 13

  • Country air crash: Russia

  • Place the plane crash: airport near Krasnoyarsk (Emelyanovo)

  • Aircraft type: L-410UVP

  • Registration of aircraft: RA67120

  • Aviation company name: Abakan airline

  • Flight: 107

Chronology of events:

Crew actions for termination of the take-off is not contrary to the requirements of the Flight Manual and the logic of events responded as available range within the band provided the safe termination of the take-off.

The crew after landing during 9 seconds on the band continued to run at idle. Indicated airspeed while decreased to 127 km / h.

At a distance from the output threshold 750m band operation of engines was increased again on the runway, and the crew continued the takeoff procedure.

Crew actions in relation to the continuation of the take-off without having to find and remove the causes of failure of the right engine, which caused the need to fend off rejection of the aircraft from the planned direction of the takeoff run by reducing the regime of the engines on the "low gas" that is, the need ceases takeoff requirements n. 7.3.7; 7.3.8 NPP GA85 did not meet.

At a distance of 500 m from the threshold of the output bandwidth and airspeed 155 km / h when lifting the front landing gear, there was another decrease in the operating mode of the right engine to the value Ngg = 88-84%.

The crew continued the take-off yet.

The crew of the aircraft when translated into the climb turned almost completely balance the sideways channel plane, however, when balancing the airplane with a take-off rate 289 degrees turned the course 320-323 degrees.

After 14 seconds. by separation from the band crew performed feathering the right engine and its subsequent shutdown.

After separation from the band airplane mode works normally left engine was increased to beyond, as required by the Aircraft Flight Manual L410 OHR. When transferring an aircraft crew to climb were allowed significant deviations from the requirements of the Aeroplane Flight Manual for action when an engine failure on take-off: there was at the height of 3-5 m landing gear retracted; the climb was made on the indicated speed 165 km / h (recommended 145 km / h).

Along with the simultaneous excess of the maximum take-off weight of these variations have caused a decrease in rate of climb (0,7 m / s instead of 3 m / s) and the inability to overcome obstacles (trees height 25m) away in the direction of take-off 930 m from the threshold of the band. The aircraft collided with them, fell in the forest in 450 m right of the axis of the strip.

lost an adult child, who did not have a seat belt and two crew members. 13 passengers were injured varying degrees of severity. Completely destroyed the aircraft.

Data on victims:

  • Total on board were people 19: 2 17 crew members and passengers. Number of people killed 3: 2 crew members, passengers and 1 people on the ground.

Details of the crash:

  • Phase of flight: take-off

  • Identify the causes of the crash: crew error, technical failure, error during maintenance

Data on the plane:

  • Brand aircraft: A-410UVP

  • ID of the aircraft: RA-67120

  • Country where registered aircraft: Russia

  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 1979

  • Serial number of the aircraft: 790316

  • Flight: 107

  • Tour type: Regular passenger

  • Aviation Company: Abakan airline

  • The country, which was registered aviation company: Russia

  • Flying from: Krasnoyarsk (Emelyanovo)

  • Flying in: Abakan

  • Original item: Krasnoyarsk (Emelyanovo)

  • A final point: Abakan

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

  • KBC Eugene P. Zhmulev

  • copilot Yury Nesterov