Plane crash A-Sun 410UVP in Buryatia. 1988
Plane crash A-Sun 410UVP in Buryatia. 1988

A plane crash-410UVP Sun CAA in Buryatia


·         Date of the crash: November 19.04.1988, XNUMX

·         Time of the crash: 05:03

·         Country of the crash: the USSR

·         Location of the crash: Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, 74 km from Bagdarin

·         aircraft Brand: L-410UVP

·         Registration of aircraft: CCCP67518

·         Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

·         Subdivision: East Siberian CAA, JSC Ulan-Ude

Chronology of events:

The plane crashed into a mountain in 74 km from the airport arrivals for the decline from tier 3600 m in the clouds with a strong snowstorm when visibility is reduced and completely destroyed.

Data on victims:

· There were 17 people on board: 2 crew members and 15 passengers. Number of people killed 17: 2 crew members, 15 passengers.

Details of the crash:

Flight phase: descent

Revealed causes of the plane crash: crew error

Data on the plane:

Aircraft make: L-410UVP

Aircraft ID: CCCP67518

The country in which the aircraft was registered: USSR

Aircraft production date: 1985/XNUMX/XNUMX

Aircraft serial number: 851422

Flight data:

Flight type: Regular passenger

Aviation company: Aeroflot (USSR)

Subdivision: East-Siberian UGA, Ulan-Ude JSC

Country in which the aviation company was registered: USSR

Flew from: Muya

Flew to: Bagdarin

Original item: Muya

Final point: Bagdarin


The investigation established that the crew in the calculation of the flight plan allowed the error to 11 minutes to decrease the period of flight, due to neglect of the time climbing 2400 meters on the airfield circuit IUJ resulting take-off, as well as wind speed and direction on the route.

After the crew reported the move to communicate with the dispatcher Bagdarin for 7 minute flight took place without communication because of the limited range of terrestrial radio stations.

In view of the shortcomings in the chart calculation, not complex when piloting a small range of the radio equipment airfield landing and takeoff of aircraft located in 24 km to the right of the track. Error crew calculated the distance to the destination aerodrome was 50 km. As a result, when establishing a connection manager airfield Bagdarin crew handed instead 05: 21 MSK ETA 05: 10 MSK, and this indicates ignorance of the location.

When requesting authorization for a visual approach and reduced crew manager misinformed about flight conditions and location of the aircraft, reported that visually follows.

Not being able to identify where the aircraft is, the controller in poor and unstable radio direction finder testimony given permission to take the train crew 3000 m, then and then visually 2700 1000 m QFE. However, the deviation to the right of the aircraft from the given path is not allowed for visual flight, as a cold front approaching the west to the line of the track.

The plane was in the clouds at times, icing conditions and precipitation. Crew out of sight terrestrial landmarks recklessly started to decrease for employment 1000 m QFE.

1140 plane at ground level (2226 m above sea level) crashed into a mountainside and ended up in disaster.

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

PIC OY Liakishev

copilot II Konovalov