Mozambican air crash of Tu-134 in the Drakensberg gorah.1986
Mozambican air crash of Tu-134 in the Drakensberg gorah.1986

Mozambican air crash of Tu-134 in the Drakensberg Mountains. The death of Samora Machel.



·         Date of the crash: November 19.10.1986, XNUMX

·         Time of the crash: 19:21

·         Country of the crash: South Africa

·         Location of the crash: near Komatipurta, Mbuzini

·         aircraft Brand: Tu-134A-3

·         Registration of aircraft: C9CAA

·         Name of air carrier: National Aviation Company: Mozambique

Chronology of events:

After passing the point of Kurla, while reducing the crew of the Tu-134 10 rotate for minutes on landing course to the point that provided the scheme and about 80 kilometers away. New Deal led towards the border of South Africa and Mozambique, which lies in the highlands (Drakensberg Mountains). The reason for this error of the crew have not been established reliably.

On-board methods of radio communication worked normally during the entire flight. The communication of the board with the Maputu dispatcher was maintained until the moment of impact on the ground plane. The course automatic system of the airplane maintained a course precisely specified by the crew. The check carried out in Moscow at the Institute of the AEVD of the blocks of the Kurs-MP-2 system demonstrated their full compliance with the technical requirements and performance, even after their collision with the ground. "Thunderstorm", the surveillance radar was not used by the crew in this flight. On the location of the handles on the control panel of the radar "Groza" was not included. All engines, aircraft systems, aircraft control system, electric supply systems were also in good order.

On a dangerous signal to the alarm system approaching land (SSOS) commander responded, "During an infection!" and increased the number of speed reduction (from 2,6 m / s to 3 m / s). Navigator reported all this time to the removal of an imaginary airport, totally confused than komanira and co-pilot ("25 - 30 km, about 18 - 20 km left").

The plane hit the ground hard rock mountains in flight configuration: landing gear, flaps retracted, the stabilizer in "Flight." Killed in the crash 34 people, including President Machel. Of the members of the crew survived only flight engineer, which was taken in serious condition in a hospital in South Africa.

There are no documented assumption that the cause of the error could be a diversion of orientation, which was carried out by special services of South Africa against Samora Machel.

When the navigator unannounced commander changed the flight path of the aircraft on 38 degrees in the mountains, the commander said, "[censored], some turns doing? Could a direct [censored]," to which the navigator said: "VOR indicates there ". The crew should have known that within minutes 34. Direct flight, during descent to a height range (474 m) from the staff of VOR any signals that require a change of the route of flight can not be.

According to the words of the South African journalist Du-Pri Jacques, who was trying to investigate the circumstances of the accident, it is possible that a radio beacon was installed in the Mbuzini area, which sent false signals on the air. These signals confused famous Soviet pilots. Du Prix was in touch with the local peasants, who were the first to be at the crash site. In their stories they mentioned a military tent, which was broken on the mountain, into which the plane crashed. 

Roll VOR beacon and there may well be used as "sabotage." It is made firm, "Wilcox-Northrop" - (US) model 531. Beacon installed on the trailer. He weighed 2250 kg.

Description: The plane crash of the Mozambican Tu-134 in the Drakensberg Mountains.1986

Data on victims:

· There were 44 people on board: 9 crew members and 35 passengers. Number of people killed 34: 8 crew members, 26 passengers.

Details of the crash:

Flight phase: descent

Revealed causes of the plane crash: crew error

Data on the plane:

Aircraft make: Tu-134A-3

Aircraft ID: C9CAA

Country where the aircraft was registered: Mozambique

Aircraft production date: 1980/XNUMX/XNUMX

Aircraft serial number: 63457 (?)

Flight data:

Flight type: Charter passenger

Aviation company: State Aviation Company: Mozambique

Country where the aviation company was registered: Mozambique

Flew from: Mbala

Flew to: Maputo

Original item: Lusaka

Final point: Maputo

Description: The plane crash of the Mozambican Tu-134 in the Drakensberg Mountains.1986