Plane crash on the Istra reservoir
Plane crash on the Istra reservoir

Plane crash on the Istra reservoir


Plane crash on the Istra reservoir has become one of the biggest of the past several years in a small aviation in Russia, mainly because it was the tragic result of the death of ten people, and, according to the preliminary version of the investigation, the cause of the crash was commonplace violation of the rules of flight safety.


Background disaster in Istria


Events unfolded plane crash on the Istra reservoir 7 2015 year in August. According to official data of witnesses, the pilot light-engine aircraft Cessna 206A, equipped with a system of float chassis for take-off and landing on water surface, carried out during the flight rather complicated in its execution of maneuvers, however, a danger to the people around them are not observed in this connection None of the witnesses of the fatal events are not reported, that the actions of the pilot is very risky to the competent authorities.



After some time, on the Istra reservoir appeared helicopter Robinson R44, Which was at the controls of an experienced and qualified pilot, and on the basis of official reports, at the time of the climb, the pilot of the plane touched the wing of small-propeller helicopter, which is why the two aircrafts at high speed fell into the water.



The immediate time of the disaster appeared unnoticed witness in view of what was originally assumed that the crash was caused by a technical malfunction, in particular, the refusal of management, however, it turned out later that the mistake was made pilot light-engine aircraft, which not only failed to notify the air traffic controllers of the intention to make the flights, but and at its core, it is simply ignored the fact that in one area makes him easy and helicopter flights.

The victims of the tragedy in Istria and sad conclusion


Later it turned out that none of the ten people - five of them were on board the aircraft Cessna 206 and four on board the helicopter, to survive the crash could not. The investigation into the disaster continues, with, experts do not rule out that the culprit could be a helicopter pilot error, which is seeing overclocked plane did not bother to change the course of its route, which led to tragic results.



At the moment, it is proposed to seriously tighten responsibility in small aircraft, because if the Cessna 206F pilot had ensured adequate safety and warned air traffic controllers in a timely manner about the flight, most likely tragedy and casualties would have been avoided.