Plane crash of the Tu-134A Belarusian CAA airport in Surgut
Plane crash of the Tu-134A at ​​the airport of Surgut. 1988

Plane crash of the Tu-134A Belarusian CAA airport in Surgut

· Date of the crash: November 27.02.1988, XNUMX

· Time of the crash: 06:07

· Country of the crash: the USSR

· Location of the crash: Surgut Airport

· aircraft Brand: Tu-134A

· Registration of aircraft: CCCP65675

· Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Subdivision: Belarusian CAA, 2-th of Minsk

· Flight: 7867

Chronology of events:

The air traffic controllers and the SDP could not visually determine the position of the aircraft relative to the runway due to the non-standard location of the starting points at Surgut airport; therefore, they did not inform the crew about the non-stop position of the aircraft.

The PDP dispatcher in 04: 07: 24, having detected the plane's displacement along the PRL to the left and the tendency to climb, gave the command “200 in a straight line” that the crew could not perform due to the lack of time. The commander at the same time decided to go to the second round and for 1 a second before the strike took the helm and roll reduced from 7,2 degrees to 6 degrees. ORE of both engines in 0,5 seconds before landing, they were transferred to an increase in the regime, however, due to the delay in pickup, their speed did not become greater. This belated decision that it was necessary to go to the second round was not able to ensure safe flight due to lack of time and low altitude.

The aircraft in 04: 07: 30 (06: 07 loc. Time) landed roughly on a snowy strip at a distance of 714 m from the end of the strip and in 113 m to the left of its axis, with MK = 66 degrees, while having a vertical overload 4,6-4,8 units As a result, with the separation and destruction of the right plane due to an overload that exceeded the calculated one, the fuselage “on the back” turned over with the separation of the second engine, in this position continued to move along the ground, followed by destruction of the airframe structure and flashing of spilled fuel hit the passenger cabin. The ignition of polymeric materials caused the formation of high concentrations of toxic substances in the aircraft, which caused the death and poisoning of 17 passengers and 2 flight attendants. The co-pilot died from injuries. The rest of the crew and passengers were poisoned by toxic products of combustion and injury.

Description: Tu-134A air crash at the Surgut airport. 1988

Data on victims:

· A total of 51 people were on board: 6 crew members and 45 passengers. A total of 20 people died: crew members 3, passengers 17.

Details of the crash:

· Flight stage: landing approach

· Identified causes of the crash: crew error, ATC error

Data on the plane:

· Brand: Tu-134А

· Airplane ID: CCCP65675

· Country in which the aircraft was registered: USSR

· Aircraft production date: 28.12.1972

· Aircraft serial number :: 2351705

· Aircraft operating hours: 18900

· Aircraft operating cycles: 12656

Flight data:

· Flight: 7867

· Type of flight: Regular passenger

· Aviation Company: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Subdivision: Belarusian CAA, 2 of Minsk OJSC

· Country in which the aviation company was registered: USSR

· Flying from: Tyumen (Roshchino)

· Flew to: Surgut

· Original item: Minsk (Minsk-2)

· Final point: Surgut

Additional information:

Description: Tu-134A air crash at the Surgut airport. 1988

Information about the crew:

· KVS- Anatoly Mikhailovich Shavrovich

· Co-pilot Vikentiy Viktorovich Shuneiko (died)

· Navigator Valery G. Zekhov

· Flight engineer Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaroshevich

· Flight attendant Valentina Malakhova (lost)