Plane crash in Rostov-on-Don: 62 tragic crash victim
Plane crash in Rostov-on-Don Boeing 737-800 Flydubai: 62 victim

Plane crash in Rostov-on-Don: 62 tragic crash victim


19.03.2016/62/737 at night at the airport of Rostov-on-Don, a terrible and tragic disaster occurred, the victims of which were 800 people. According to the official data of the portal, the Boeing 7-55 passenger airliner, owned by the Flydubai air carrier, was flying from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don, however, due to circumstances unclear at the moment, the plane crashed, killing XNUMX crew members and XNUMX passengers ...



According to the official statement made, the cause of the crash a passenger airliner Boeing 737-800 in Rostov-on-Don, became fragmented actions of the crew members, in particular, refers to errors made when entering the second round. For some compounds this version was installed in the course of deciphering the flight recorders from the crashed airliner, and the existing information that the fault could be a terrorist act, and technical failure, have been refuted even earlier.



The recorder showed that the pilot of the ship really 6 km to the runway has decided not to sit down and go to the second round, disconnected the autopilot and took it over. However, for some unknown reason, he did not consider the fact that the transition from Boeing 737-800 landing mode to climb mode for manual operation is not smoothly goes up (as it would be if the autopilot), and climbs in fighter mode.

When the plane went beyond the critical angle, it began to fall speed. At this point, and there was a conflict. Managing the pilot continued to pull the wheel itself, and the other pilot began to push his helm, shouting: "Stop! Where?! Stop! "As a result, on-board computer started getting different pulses from the two steering wheels and control of the aircraft was lost.

According to records, the pilots understood each other only when we felt the negative overload, but this time make any changes have not been able to. When the aircraft at speeds 325 km / h swept to the ground, they only shouted in horror and despair.



Chronicle Boeing 737 crash in Rostov-on-Don.


According to official data, passenger aircraft to follow the flight of the FZ-981 from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don, flew from its origin in 22 hours 37 minutes last night, and, according to the official schedule, was to arrive at the point of final destination in 1 hour 40 night minutes.



However, in preparation for landing, the plane made several spans over the city, that probably was due to the unfavorable weather conditions caused by the notably strong squally wind gusts reached 18-20 m \ s. When you try the second approach, approximately 3 50 hours Moscow time, a passenger airliner Boeing 737-800 crashed, killing 62 people.


Preliminary versions of the catastrophe happened


At the moment, experts are considering two major versions of the plane crash in Rostov airport. According to the first of them, the unfavorable meteorological conditions were caused by the unfavorable meteorological conditions, mainly due to a decrease in visibility and a strong wind, which in turn prevented a safe landing on the territory of the air harbor. It should be clarified that a few hours before the tragedy, the passenger airplane of the Russian air carrier Aeroflot was also unable to make a landing at the airport on the first attempt, however, there was no actual ban on landing from the air services, which may in turn talk about other circumstances Happened.


Later, experts have suggested that the crash passenger airliner Boeing 737-800 at the airport of Rostov-on-Don could be due to a frozen helm, however, the version has around him Dispute weight, in particular, according to official figures, for a few seconds until the fall, the plane began to climb, that in fact, it would be impossible, if the steering wheel of the aircraft really would have been blocked, but at the same time, this version fits in with an extremely acute angle of the crash.

According to another version, the crash was caused by the Rostov pilot error, which, when the second landing entered the peak, which in turn confirms the recording, made by one of the cameras observing street, opposite the runway Rostov Airport. From the presented video shows that the landing aircraft carried out at high speed and at a very high angle.



Among other things, experts are considered as the other versions of the tragedy, in particular, it does not exclude the probability that «Flydubai» airlines plane was technically defective - according to preliminary versions of some of the problems he paused to Dubai flight to 35 minutes and a long circling above the airport, it can be a major indication of the fact that no technical problems allowed to land.

Conducted rapid tests have shown that the probability of a terrorist attack on board a passenger airliner Boeing 737-800 Airline "Flydubai" is extremely low, however, in turn, should take into account the fact that the incident witnesses pointed to the fact that there was at the time of disaster two powerful flash that can indicate a detonation on board the aircraft an explosive device.


The results of the investigation of the crash in Rostov-on-Don


According to official figures, at the crash site of a passenger airliner en route flight FZ-981 from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don was unable to find the survivors, and, according to experts, the chance of finding more people alive was almost zero, as analysis of the incidence angle and the speed hit the ground was incredibly powerful - aircraft debris scattered over an area of ​​several square kilometers.



Initially, experts have been tested controllers, however, in their blood, there was no trace of alcohol, toxic or narcotic substances, and during the inspection of audio talks, revealed no critical action on the part of the Rostov airport services.



During the negotiations, between air traffic controllers and the crew of the passenger flight FZ-981 not indicated any concern that most likely eliminates the possibility of a technical problem detected on board the airliner Boeing 737-800, in this case, in the course of a conversation carried out exclusively by technical guidance allows the pilot to correctly enter the gate.



At the current hour professionals working at the site of the catastrophe in the Rostov airport, all flight recorders, which are supposed to help clarify the circumstances of the incident fall airliner Boeing 737-800 were found.



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  51. Natalia Veremeevskaya
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  54. Valentin Voronov
  55. Larisa Zheved



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Why the airport was not closed because of weather conditions? Why there is still no public answer to this question from the official who was required to make this decision? Moreover, the name of that person has not yet been named!

It seems the problem was. Since the flight was detained for 35 minutes before landing a few laps did. At the last moment, perhaps they are trying to fix, but that's not completed or poorly done. By the way how they work in the Dubai airport, on the Discovery Channel show movies. As such there an hour before the flight what a failure correct, this was the moment.
Or the weather conditions and the work of the crew, the aircraft entered a spin.
By the way, Ren day before yesterday or two days ago, the program Prokopenko, talked about the statistics of a plane crash. What a half-empty planes often happens accident, that is, that people feel as if the catastrophe and zdayut tickets, like a sixth Senses.
And if it happened on the way back, then kolichesvo victims, children and adults would be much more. They wrote that the return flight had to fly 140 people, among them many children.
The theme, he flew from Dubai several times, the last time in the year 2014, the plane was half empty, sat alone in the front row, from 6, 5 free seats were in the front row. Well, the company was probably more serious Etihad Airways.
Yes, in our time, that it is dangerous to fly.
Yes, plus a corridor is now between the two eclipses, solar and lunar. March 9 23 Solar-Lunar March.
We have to be careful. Although the time for positive change in the life.


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