Plane crash in Taiwan. ATR-72. TransAsia Airways.
Plane crash in Taiwan. ATR-72. TransAsia Airways.

Plane crash in Taiwan. ATR-72. TransAsia Airways. February 4 2015.

The plane ATR-72 Taiwanese airline TransAsia Airways after takeoff from the airport Taipei Songshan Airport touched overpass and fell into a shallow river flowing close to the highway in the vicinity of Taipei. The airliner made a domestic flight from the administrative center of the island of Kinmen archipelago in the Taiwan Strait.

On board were 53 passengers, including two children, and about three dozen tourists from the Chinese city of Xiamen, and five crew members. According to preliminary information, the Russian citizens on board was not.

After the disaster, several people were able to independently get ashore. At least 27 passengers were delivered by lifeguards to hospitals, but 12 of them no longer showed signs of life. In addition, 20 people are missing. Their search continues. Rescuers suggest that some passengers are in the fuselage of the aircraft.

Plane crash in Taiwan. ATR-72. TransAsia Airways.

According to Taiwanese TV channel TVBS, ATR-72 also reserve a taxi, as a result two people were injured.

Fragments of the destroyed fuselage liner floating in a river just a few dozen meters from the shore. The plane left partially submerged, its tail section were separated.

Aircraft ATR-72 TransAsia Airways (Taiwan’s third largest carrier) operated a domestic flight from Taipei to the islands of the Kinmen archipelago in the western part of the Taiwan Strait.

According to media reports, two minutes after takeoff, the pilot of the aircraft gave a distress signal, informing the dispatchers of engine problems.

Plane crash in Taiwan. ATR-72. TransAsia Airways.

“Mayday (international distress call along with SOS), Mayday, the engine has died out,” the last commander of the aircraft published The Independent, referring to dispatching services.

At that moment, the airliner was only five kilometers from the airport. Eyewitnesses said that when colliding with a bridge, the pilot tried to lift the plane up, but he failed.

According to the intended route of flight, the plane had to turn south after takeoff, and then make a turn to the east, but instead flew straight and crossed the river.

Plane crash in Taiwan. ATR-72. TransAsia Airways.

At the moment it is known that the rescuers have found flight recorders of an airliner TransAsia Airways, crashed in the capital of Taiwan.

"Apparently, they turned off the wrong engine. The right-hand engine caught fire, but this in itself is not enough to lead to the collapse, because the plane ATR is designed to fly with one engine" - said the editor specializing in the aviation industry publication Flightglobal Greg Waldron (Greg Waldron).

As previously reported, the data from the blackbox decipher showed that the pilot of the crashed plane sent distress signals 35 seconds after detecting engine malfunctions. A minute after that, the flight recorders of the aircraft stopped recording data.

As a result of the disaster, the cause of which, according to the results of the investigation, was the refusal of the crew before the flight icing, died 33 person.

Plane crash in Taiwan. ATR-72. TransAsia Airways. Video.

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