Plane crash of the Yak-40 in the Zaporozhye region. 1976
Plane crash of the Yak-40 in the Zaporozhye region. 1976

Plane crash Yak-40 Ukrainian CAA in the Zaporozhye region

Date of the crash: November 16.12.1976, XNUMX

Time of the crash: 13:08

Country of the crash: the USSR

Location of the crash: Ukrainian SSR, Zaporizhia region, near the village of Kazakovsky, Volnjansky area

aircraft Brand: Yak-40

Registration of aircraft: SSSR87638

Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

Subdivision: Ukrainian CAA of Zaporozhye

Chronology of events:

The aircraft was found in 20 km north-west of the Zaporozhye airfield in a field near Kazakovskoye n / n (1400 m with azimuth 252 degrees from Novogupalovka railway station) partially destroyed without a fire. The impact of the fuselage on the ground took place at an angle 25-30 gradusov and with the left roll 6 degrees almost without translational speed. No significant scatter debris. Pilot cabin destroyed. The fuselage in the area of ​​the center section broke (on the 28 frame). The keel and stabilizer separated and were a few meters from the fuselage. 

Current conditions: Clear height m 150, 10 points, visibility 1700 m, haze, quiet. Poor ice in the clouds.

Data on victims:

Total on board were people 5: 5 crew members. Total killed 5 people: 5 crew members.

Details of the crash:

Phase of flight: Horizontal (cruising) flight

Identified causes of the crash: crew error

Data on the plane:

aircraft Brand: Yak-40

Aircraft ID: SSSR87638

Country where registered aircraft: the USSR

Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 25.10.1971

The serial number of the aircraft: 9141919

Hours aircraft: 5762

The cycles of use of the aircraft: 6627

Engines: N5412060 N5432073 N5112052

Flight data:

Tour type: Training (training session)

The aviation company Aeroflot (USSR)

Division: CAA Ukrainian, Zaporozhye JSC

The country, which was registered aviation company:

the USSR

Flying from: Zaporozhye

Flying in: Zaporozhye

Original item: Zaporozhye

A final point: Zaporozhye

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

flight instructor, commander of AE Alexander Y. Kuss

KBC Anatoly A. Shcherbakov

mechanic instructor Gennadiy Gritsaenko

KBC Ivan Silk (located in the pass. Salon)

the co-pilot Viktor Mikhailov (located in the pass. Salon)