Plane crash of the Yak-42D near Trabzon (Turkey). 2003
Plane crash of the Yak-42D near Trabzon (Turkey). 2003

Plane crash Yak-42D Airlines UM Air near Trabzon (Turkey)

  • Date of the crash: November 26.05.2003, XNUMX

  • Time of the crash: 04:12

  • Country of the crash: Turkey

  • Location of the crash: 3,5 km east n / Maçka

  • aircraft Brand: Yak-42D

  • Registration of aircraft: UR42352

  • Name of air carrier: UM Air

  • Flight: 4230

Chronology of events:

The direction of the wind changed during the descent, the band 29 became the working band. The actual weather was as follows: wind 11 m / s, 260 degrees, visibility greater than 10 km, 600m height of scattered clouds. The crew in 03: 50 again got in touch with the approach manager, informing him of the distance from the VOR (an azimuthal radio beacon of the airport) of 45 km and a decrease to the height of 3300 m. The dispatcher instructed the VOR beacon to fly at an altitude of 1800 m and the preparation for approach approach To the 29 band by VOR / DME (azimuth-rangefinder system). Crew in 04: 02 started approaching with a course on the VOR radio beacon, but the aircraft went beyond the limits of the established approach scheme, and after 3 minutes the crew reported on the departure to the second round. The dispatcher has indicated to execute a turn for a repeated call on the strip 29. With some delay, the crew replied that they would continue to approach the landing. The plane after the VOR flight continued to descend above the mountainous area to the southwest from the airport. The lowest drop height for this sector was set to 3500 m. The plane in 04: 12 in the clouds collided at a height of 1 400 m with a mountain slope in 23 km to the southwest from the VOR of the Trabzon airport radio beacon.

Plane crash of the Yak-42D near Trabzon (Turkey). 2003

Data on victims:

  • Total on board were people 75: 13 62 crew members and passengers. Total killed 75 people: crew 13, 62 passengers.

Details of the crash:

  • Phase of flight: approach

  • Identified causes of the crash: crew error

Data on the plane:

  • Brand aircraft: Yak-42D

  • Aircraft ID: UR42352

  • Country where registered aircraft: Ukraine

  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 07.04.1988

  • Serial number of the aircraft :: 4520421811395

  • Hours aircraft: 18739

  • The cycles of use of the aircraft: 9700

Flight data:

  • Flight: 4230

  • Flight type: Chartered passenger

  • Aviation Company: UM Air

  • The country in which the company was registered aircraft: Ukraine

  • Flying from Bishkek (Manas)

  • Flown in Trabzon

  • Original item: Bishkek (Manas)

  • A final point: Saragossa

Additional information:

Plane crash of the Yak-42D near Trabzon (Turkey). 2003

Information about the crew:

  • KBC Volodymyr Kutsenko

  • KBC Sitnik Nikolai

  • The co-pilot Sergey Slatvinsky

  • The co-pilot Igor Milipyanko

  • Flight Engineer Dmitry Shirokov

  • Flight engineer Ferenc Vyacheslav

  • Flight attendant Yuliya Golovin

  • Flight Moszkowicz Ekaterina

  • Flight Aleksandr Yanchenko

  • Flight attendant Gladkaya Yulia

  • engineer Gutrin Nikolay

  • engineer Evgeniy Berezovsky

  • Flight manager Dmitry Lotion