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Airline Aerostar

Airline Aerostar (Aerostar). Official site.

Air company "Aerostar" is a company that was established and operates on the territory of Ukraine. The main objective of the company is the implementation of private flights with the use of business-class liners. Specialization of the company is aimed at servicing business transportation by charter flights. The company cooperates with large companies of Ukraine and the world, offering air taxi services. The company was founded at the beginning of 1997, the company's president is Askerov Shahreddin. Air liners of the company are based in two airports of Ukraine, namely in Boryspil and Zhulyany.

History of formation and development of the company

Since its founding in 1997 year, the airline took the leading position among the operators in Ukraine in the sphere of business aviation. Through the use of liners Business Class offers customers flights to anywhere in the world, this takes into account all the wishes of the client.

Due to the fact that the company has been in this industry for over 18 years, she has extensive experience in customer service with high status, quality of service remains at a consistently high professional level, which corresponds to the international requirements. The company has the ability to carry out operational flights of aircraft, it is possible due to the presence of structural units, which operate mobile phones service.

It should be noted that "Aerostar" owns Air Operation Sertificate certificate and certificate of maintenance type Maintenance Organisation Certificate devices.

Years of experience allows us to offer our customers various kinds of cooperation. Development of various schemes of service and individual approach allows to satisfy all customer needs. the airline's customers are high-ranking officials, such as cabinet members, ambassadors and official international delegations.

In addition the company is a leader in Ukraine on business by air transport, it also occupies a significant portion of this market and in the CIS.

Separation of staff structural units allows fast and high quality service flights. Service and safety are the priority areas of work. Staff recruited by rigorous selection and casting, employees of the company "Aerostar" may be the only people with higher education in the sector and the necessary experience of at least ten years in the aviation industry. The company also conducts staff training and qualification of its level in the advanced training centers in the world.

Services "Aerostar" airline:

· VIP service.

· Implementation and organization of medical transportation.

· Emptylegs.

· Provides advice on the sale or purchase of business class airliners.

· Execution of business flights.

· Conducts comprehensive aircraft management.

  • Aviation Consulting.

Fleet "Aerostar" airlines

Most of the company's airliners are business class, which are made in the west. The company's fleet consists of such devices as the Cessna Citation, Falcon 20F, Dornier 328-JET, KingAir 350, and the company also operates six Yak-40 aircraft. Quite often, the airline uses a commercial lease of aircraft of other companies.

Ukrainian Aviation Company Aerostar - Ukrainian airline company, which main activity is the organization of private air travel at a business class aircraft

Aerostar Airlines flight

Aerostar Airlines flight

Main data on Aerostar:

  • Country airline - Ukraine

  • Services Ukrainian taxi

  • ICAO airline code: UAR

Aerostar (Aerostar). Official site:

Aerostar (Aerostar). Official site.

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Aerostar Team

Aerostar Team

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