Aerosvit Airlines
Aerosvit Airlines

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"AeroSvit" is a company engaged in transportation of goods and passengers on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. The company went bankrupt in 2012 year, and before that was considered a major carrier in Ukraine. The hub and the main office of the company has been placed at the Boryspil airport near Kiev.

The beginning of the company's activity is dated to 25.03.1994. The first flights of the airline were sent from Kiev to such cities as Odessa, Athens, Tel-Aviv, Larnaca. The flights were carried out with the support of AirUkraine. In the fall of 1994, AeroSvit leased the first airliner of the Boeing 737 type, which allowed to significantly expand the range of flights. This company was the first in Europe to fly to Bangkok. In 2011, the company was recognized as the best domestic carrier. But within a year, flights were often delayed or completely canceled. As a result, at the end of the year the company filed for bankruptcy, the final termination of the company was held in March 2013.

History of the airline

Almost immediately after the opening of the company have been established regular passenger traffic on international routes to Turkey and Egypt. Soon also opened flights to Cyprus and Greece. Since 1995, the airline started its regular flights to cities in Ukraine and Yekaterinburg, in the same year became a participant of the IATA organization. The first aircraft acquired by the company for their own money - Boeing 737 1997 in the year and another one in 1999 year. These aircraft are allowed to perform the carriage of passengers to cities like Istanbul, Sofia and Budapest.

In the early 2000-ies the development of even more accelerated with the acquisition of two Boeing 737-300, which maintain a constant air connections with Warsaw and Prague. In the same year the company became the leader in Ukraine in passenger traffic. In 2002 was bought the first long-haul aircraft of type Boeing 767-300ER, he was sent to Bangkok.

Since 2003 year "Aerosvit" has launched the first flight across the Atlantic to New York and Toronto, these flights served airplanes "Boeing" 767-Series. This year the company has been significant - two millionth passenger transported. Subsequent years were marked only by the development and the increase in the number of flights. Already in the 2005 10, the company owned medium-haul airliner "Boeing". For the convenience of customers to purchase tickets through the Internet has been introduced this year. Working 12 years on the market, "Aerosvit" 6 million passengers transported.

At the beginning of 2010, airplanes of the An-148 type were commissioned, which significantly expanded the geography of AeroSvit flights. Also in 2011, new vehicles were purchased, in parallel with this, contracts were signed for the supply of new vessels. But the crisis state of 2012 did not allow further development plans to be realized. Most of the flights were very late or not at all. In the future, the position of the airline and its aircraft only worsened. As a result, all flights were transferred to the Ukrainian airline UIA. All this led to the complete disappearance of the airline AeroSvit in 2013 year. In its best time, the company owned 34 aircraft, among which the majority were Boeing.


During the entire existence of AeroSvit Airlines, only one accident was recorded with the company's airliner. This accident occurred in December 1997 of the year when performing a flight to Greece on a Yak-42 aircraft. As a result of the crash near the city of Thessaloniki, all 62 passengers on board and the 8 crew man were killed. 

Basic data on the airline Aero Svit:

  • Airline country - Ukraine

  • In February 2013 years stopped flying. Previously, the largest airline company in Ukraine

  • Year of appearance: 1994

  • IATA airline code: VV

  • ICAO airline code: AEW

  • Internal airline code: UU


Aero Svit plane

Aero Svit plane


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Aero Svit stewardess

Aero Svit stewardess


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