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Air Canada is the largest Canadian airline with its headquarters in Montreal. Since its founding in 1937, the company was based in Winnipeg (Manitoba) and moved to Montreal only in 1949. Today, there are daily flights from base airports to many countries around the world.

His first passenger flight company made 1 September 1937 years. That day was on board passenger 2. On July 1 1938, the Air Canada hired its first flight attendants.

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In 1940, Air Canada became the first airline in the world to use a computerized ticket booking system. After 4, the company grew enough to become a Canadian national company.

Among all the airlines in North America, and today their number has surpassed the 160 mark, Air Canada is rightfully considered one of the most reliable and reputable international carriers.

Air Canada, together with its subsidiaries performs regular and charter flights. The company also conducts courses for training for other airlines.

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Air Canada is the undisputed leader among Canadian airlines. The management of the company achieved such a status thanks to reasonable prices for tickets, guaranteed comfortable and safe flight. As a result of an independent examination, which was carried out among 500 airlines, Air Canada has rightfully taken a leading position.

In 2002, this company was once again recognized as the best airline among North America. The frequent flyer program of this airline also takes the first place among similar programs.

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Air Canada constantly offers its customers discounts on various flights. The management of the company issued a categorical ban on the transportation of animals in the luggage compartment, considering this to be primarily inhumane attitudes towards the animals themselves.

Air Canada allows its customers to purchase e-tickets on the company's website, which saves valuable time.

Country airlines: Canada.

National Aviation Company of Canada.

Year of occurrence airlines: 1937.

Major airlines codes:

  • IATA airline code: AC.
  • ICAO airline code: ACA.

Airlines is a member of the alliance: StarAlliance.

Air Canada (Air Canada). Official site:

Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto Pearson, Montreal PerTryudo.
  • Airline Mailing Address: AirCanadaCentre, POBox14000, StationAirport, Dorval, Quebec, H4Y1H4, Canada.
  • City Airline Phone: + 15144222869.
  • Airlines Fax: + 15144225909.
  • Domestic flights of airlines: Baturst, Isles dela Madeleine, Bagotville, Bey Coma, Vancouver, Val de Or, Windsor, Victoria, Halifax, Winnipeg, Geisp, Gander, Goose Bey, Grand Prairie, Calgary, Dier Lake, Quebec, Castlegar, Kingston , Kelowna, Kamloops, Cranbrook, London, Lethbridge, Moncton, Medicine Hat, Mont Jolie, Montreal, North Bay, Nanaimo, Penticton, Ottawa, PrintsRupert, PrintsDzhordzh, Roberval, Regina, Sarnia, Sudbury, St. Isles, Saskatoon, St. -Jones, St. = John, Salt St.Mari, Smithers, Thunder Bay, Sandspit, Timmins, Terrace, Whitehorse, Toronto, FortMasMu rrey, Uobugi, Fredericton, FortSentDzhon, Charlottetown Chibugamu, Edmonton, Ebbotsfold.
  • International flights of airlines: Antigua, Allentown, Atlanta, Aruba, Bermuda, Baltimore, Boston, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Bridgetown, Warsaw, Varadero, Vienna, Washington, Westchester County, West Palm Beach, Harrisburg, Havana, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Dallas , Grenada, Denver, Delhi, Salzburg, Detroit, Cayo Largo Del Sur, Cayo Coco, Cancun, Kansas City, Klagenfurt, Caracas, Columbus, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Kona, Los Angeles, Lima, Manchester, Miami, Milwaukee, Mexico City, Kona, Los Angeles, Lima, Manchester, Miami, Milwaukee, Mexico City, Mone, Kona, Los Angeles, Lima, Manchester, Miami, Milwaukee, Mexico City, Mone, Kona, Los Angeles, Lima, Manchester, Miami, Milwaukee, Mexico City, Mona , Minneapolis, Nassau, Munich, New York, Newark, Albany, Nashville, Osaka, Grand Cayme Islands n, Orlando, Beijing, Paris, Point-a-Peter, Pittsburgh, Port-of-Spain, Port-au-Prince, Providence, Portland, Punta Cana, Providensils, PuertoPlata, PuertoValarta, Raleigh, Rome, San Diego, Rochester, San Francisco, San Paulo, San Rio, San Francisco, San Paulo, Raleigh, Rome, San Diego, Rochester, San Francisco San Jose Cabo, San Jose, Santa Domingo, San Juan, St. Luis, Santiago, St. Martin, St. Lucia, Sydney, Seoul, Taipei, Seattle, Tel Aviv, Tampa, Phoenix, Tenio, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, Frankfurt / Main, Fort Myers, Fort Helsinki, Fort Helsinki , Chicago, Zurich, Charlotte, Shanghai.

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Departing from Ottawa to London (UK) The delay of about 4 hours, the aircraft served in a dirty condition, as a result of late for a connecting flight, the flight attendant could even tell the local time in London
I had to stay in London longer 10 chsasov and lost our luggage, Air Canada employee with whom communicated, in London says simply shrugs off questions about the luggage.

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We flew from Montreal to Toronto on eyrkanada. My pregnant daughter with a young son, 2godika. The cold was such that they did not know what to wrap up the child (month of July). We asked to cover, but it is only for a fee. The daughter was sick, but you have to buy sanitary napkins in a set with a pillow. During the hour-plus flight did not provide even water! Service terrible! Actually it is not. Flight attendants arrogant robots. By all means we will get the airline.

Frankly when buying tickets from the company feared that the flight significantly delay, but options to choose not particularly was, but I want to see that everything went on schedule. The plane in both directions I got the same. I enjoyed the meal and the flight attendants, who were quite sociable people. The captain is also constantly get in touch, informing the various details of flight. As for me service at the highest level.

When planting airport officials found fault that we do not have a visa, although it was not required for this flight. Not too late for a flight only representative of the company, which is incredibly grateful.

In principle, the price is fully consistent service, but I did not like the staff - behave like robots, without putting in the work, or part of the soul. All the movements just worked out to automaticity.

Cruised Air Canada from Vancouver to Seattle. At the same time the delay was only twenty minutes. The only food on the plane was scarce (putting it mildly).
Passengers are very few, almost empty parlor. In the series, I was alone. It was pretty cool, even when you're dressed in a raincoat.
I remember one unpleasant moment - on the plane was some kind of odor. By the end of the flight from it I have a headache. In general, make your conclusions yourself.