Asiana Airlines airline
Asiana Airlines airline

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Asiana Airlines airlineAsiana Airlines is one of the two main airlines in South Korea. Asiana Airlines is headquartered in Seoul. As a StarAlliance member, the company operates 14 domestic and 90 international routes. In addition, it carries out cargo transportation in 27 directions. Asiana Airlines is currently the official sponsor of the Korea national football team.


The airline was founded on February 17, 1988, and began operations in December of the same year. At the beginning of 1989, the first regular domestic flights were opened, and by the end of the year, the first international flight to Japan was made. In the fall of 1997, Asiana Airlines became one of several companies willing to enter into a code-share agreement with American Airlines and thereby expand its influence in the East.

Asiana Airlines expanded rapidly and soon established itself as a global carrier in the aviation market with a large fleet of more than 80 aircraft. A new bilateral agreement between the United States of America and South Korea has opened up new opportunities for Asiana Airlines in the US market.

Since the 2000s, the company's policy has been aimed at increasing the number of international routes, modernizing the fleet and improving the quality of services provided. In addition, in recent years, global work has been carried out to organize an environmentally friendly enterprise. For this purpose, a complete ban on the sale of cigarettes in flight has been introduced.

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These measures have led to positive results: in 2001, the company was recognized as "the first eco-friendly company in the service sector." In 2009 year Asiana Airlines has been awarded one of the most prestigious awards - the "Airline of the Year". Such good results in a relatively short period of time the company achieved thanks to the selection of personnel and the availability of the most modern aircraft fleet.

Asiana Airlines offers three classes of service. Almost all the cabin company equipped with comfortable chairs and personal screens. The variety of dishes offered during the flight, depending on the selected class.

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The company's mission is to become the best airline recognized all over the world. All efforts are focused on providing services that are designed to achieve the goals set. The company's management puts the safety of flights at the forefront, ensuring maximum comfort for each passenger. 


Basic data of Asiana Airlines:

  • Country of airline: South Korea.
  • In the second largest aviation company in Korea.
  • Year of AK appearance: 1988.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: OZ.
  • ICAO airline code: AAR.


The airline is a member of the alliance: Star Alliance.


Asiana Airlines (AsianaAirlines). Official site:


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Seoul Incheon.
  • Airline mailing address: South Korea, 157-713, Seoul, Gangseo-gu, No. 47 OsaeDong, POBox 98, Asiana Town.
  • City airline phone: +82226693847.
  • Airline fax: +82226695360.
  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].
  • Domestic airline flights: Yeongju, Yeosu, Mokpo, Gwangju, Pohang, Busan, Daejeon, Seoul, Jeju, Ulsan, Jeonju, Jinju.
  • To the CIS countries, the airline's flights: Tashkent, Almaty, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Khabarovsk.
  • International airline flights: Vancouver, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Weihai, Guilin, Guangzhou, Yonago, Delhi, Koror, Kebu, Kumamoto, Kota Kinabalu, Los Angeles, Manila, London, Luzon Island, Miyazaki, Matsuyama, Nanjing, Nagoya, Okinawa , Osaka, Auckland, New York, Phuket, Beijing, San Francisco, Saipan, Sendai, Seattle, Sydney, Xi'an, Singapore, Siem Reap, Taipei, Istanbul, Tokyo, Takamatsu, Tianjin, Toyama, Fukuoka, Frankfurt, Haikou, Fukushima , Hangzhou, Hanoi, Hiroshima, Harbin, Qingdao, Ho Chi Minh City, Chiang Mai, Changchun, Chicago, Chiang Rai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenyang, Shanghai, Yantai, Shenzhen.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  AirbusA320, AirbusA321, AirbusA330-300, Boeing737-400, Boeing747-400, Boeing767-300, Boeing777-200.


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Uniforms stewardess: Asiana Airlines. South Korea.Uniforms stewardess: Asiana Airlines. South Korea.


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If nothing happened, it's something like a company like 3.nothing remarkable if something happened to you that happened))))) the company forgot you at once. In Tashkent the representative office does not want to talk. With us for the hand baggage of 10 kg and The computer was ripped off impudently 100 dol.i and took in the luggage. In the hotel, which was booked by the company for a day or for dinner, they were not given the coupons. Only on the next day, breakfast and lunch. For the first time sat a hungry .... t to the restaurant restaurant net.a fed Only by coupons. The 12 hours have flown from the shuttle to seoul practically in the dark. The light was only with And then the dark. To turn on the light over the chair, the cute stoolards were not allowed. The curtains were not allowed to open. When flying from Seoul to Tashkent - hours, too, in the dark. The water did not offer. The ports were small .... and why should I fake them Smiles "in Tashkent had to go to the antimonopoly committee and the prosecutor's office-only then did she agree to return 100 for the hand baggage. Without apologies. We used, now, take it. Most importantly, it is not possible to contact the company in Seoul via the Internet. This is 21 Only with representation. Only people can call.

Airline managers are negligent in their duties. Due to inconsistencies in baggage regulations with airlines that interact with Asiana Airlines, one piece of baggage was confiscated from me when transferring to Aurora in Seoul.

Do not be afraid to fly this airline, here even in economy class, you can fully enjoy the flight! It was very nice to see how the flight attendants trying to feel you are most comfortable with.

very educated and responsible people to work in this company. Always wear the cabin soft drinks, with totally free.

very educated and responsible people to work in this company. Always wear the cabin soft drinks, with totally free.

Honestly, it was just wonderful. And the food and the maintenance of interior on top, and if we add to this the beautiful, educated people who help even beginners to quickly get used to the sky, so much so that I even laid ears never! I think that the staff well staffed, so all passengers feel themselves very comfortable!

To fly this airline is quite good, of course it's not a luxury aircraft, but the service is not too bad, pleased! Home came not only timely, but also to 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Even relatives who met me at the airport, were astonished at their memory only airline delayed flights, not accelerated flight. My rating is excellent! I was waiting for lousy service, however, bring us their sincere apology. Now, I will not jump to conclusions, focusing only on the negative experiences of other passengers.

Not to say that I liked the flight, and the problem is not that the aircraft is not equipped with all the necessities, and that has absolutely nothing to do and regular flights are very tedious.

Hello. Flies of this airline many times. No complaints, no more than 30 minutes. Here are just the last vacation I will remember for a lifetime. Direction Vladivostok-Ho Chi Minh-Vladivostok. Two adults and three year old child. 19 April return flight from Ho Chi Minh City, and 20 from Seoul. This flight was canceled by the airlines, inviting us to stay for two days in Seoul. We, of course, did not like their option, and we purchased tickets ourselves. Back in Seoul, we sent an airline application for a refund. As a result, we received an answer that the application was approved. To this day, only one ticket was returned, despite the fact that everyone was bought from one card. Serious company, but so did ... until they return the money, I'm not going to fly with them.

+ 1. Never, in any situation, do not order rice with chicken! And everything else edible.

January 07 2015 years retained the services of Asiana Airlines on the route Khabarovsk - Seoul Mans seized in shock. All spoke excellent food and drinks. In fact, the mucus from the liquid to the rice can not be there and when the stewardess asked what it was she said it was Chicken and showed three white lump mm diameter 2 adding Chicken Chicken. W


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