Airline Air Zhaynar
Airline Air Zhaynar

Airline Air Zhaynar (Avia Jaynar). Official site.

The airline "Air Zhaynar" was founded in the early 2002 years and works in the market and now. Liners companies do not carry out regular services, since management of the company is mainly focused on charter passenger and cargo transportation. The company operates in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main services of airline "Air Zhaynar"

  • Aircraft companies provide patrol service with the air of pipelines and power lines.
  • Support aviation operations with forest plantations.
  • Services Transportation of the victims and medical care.
  • Conduct aerial territory.
  • Washer companies are able to carry out emergency and rescue operations.
  • Processing fields and plantations from the air.
  • Transport of goods and passengers.

Aircraft companies perform work on fertilization, or chemicals on the field. This service allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out weed control or to make the necessary fertilizer.

The fleet of "Air Zhaynar" represented by four aircraft of type AN-2, An-24, Yak-42. The main task of the An-2 apparatus is to perform agricultural work, with a crew of two people. The company also owns the passenger version of the plane An-2, which is equipped with a cabin for the transport of passengers 12, 6 and seats have an increased comfort. For long-haul passenger airline provides 48-seat An-24, 22 which places with increased comfort.

The Avia Zhaynar company employs a 48 man of permanent staff. Despite the small number of aircraft and personnel, the staff are professionals in their field and try their best to satisfy the wishes of customers. 


Basic data of Avia Jaynar:

  • Airline country - Kazakhstan

  • Aerial work, and charter flights in Kazakhstan

  • ICAO airline code: SAP

  • Contact details:

  • City airline phone: +77142273900

  • Mailing address of the airline: airport, Kostanay, Kazakhstan, 110007

  • Airline Fax: +77142273900

  • The base airports of the airline are airports: Kostanay

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: Antonov An 24, Yakovlev Yak 42.


Avia Jaynar en - 24

Airline Air Zhaynar en-24


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