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Airline "Aurora" was formed in the year 2013, the merger of the regional carriers of the Far East, however, the story itself has its origins in the year 1992.

Today, the company "Aurora" flies in the direction of the Far East, including here should be classified and international air service, which although not as well developed as the regional, but, nevertheless, are in great demand.

Avrora's fleet in mid-2014 includes 14 air vehicles, which allows them to be used with maximum efficiency when flying short distances.

Aurora Airline stewardess

Airline "Aurora" was founded at the confluence of two Far Eastern airline "Vladivostok Avia" and "Sakhalin air routes". The date of foundation of the company "Airline" Aurora "is considered to be 25 September 2013 years. The airline is based in Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and Vladivostok.

The bulk of transportation is carried out in the Far East and Siberia, and international communication with such states as Japan, China and Korea is also provided. In addition to regional air travel, Aurora is also engaged in local transportation within the regions.

A Brief History of the airline

The company's history began in the 1992 year, when Sakhalin Airways began to make domestic and international flights. Seoul was the first foreign city to receive the Sakhalin Airways. In the period from 1994 to 2010, the Sakhalin Aviation Routes Aviation Company increased the number of its own fleet. Foreign-made aircraft units were mastered: Boeing 737-200 for passenger traffic and Bombardier DHC 8-100 for charter flights. 

Use of the leaders of the international aviation production has made it possible to expand international flights. It was opened flights to Hakodate (Japan), Beijing and Harbin (China). Given the high achievements in the development of the company "SAT" in May 2012 year she won the award "Wings of Russia", and a year later repeated his success.

At that time, Vladivostok Air, founded in 1994, was engaged in long-haul passenger transportation, having Tu-154M and Airbus 330-300 aircraft in its fleet. 

6 November 2013 of the year by the merger of two local carriers was founded airline "Aurora". 

8 November made the first landing of the company's private jet at the international airport of Vladivostok, which became the base.

As of the end of November 2013, the private company fleet consisted of 2 models from Airbus 319-100 and was made the first commercial flight from Vladivostok to Magadan with a stopover in Khabarovsk.

December 9 2013, in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport landed a rented airplane stamps Boeing 737-500 10 with business class seats and space for passengers 101 economy class. Airline "Aurora" rented the aircraft for international and regional flights.

By January 27 2014, the airline has four aircraft at the disposal of the brand Airbus A319-100 and opened a new flight from Khabarovsk to South Korean Seoul.

31 2014 March, it was announced on the opening of the program "Aeroflot Bonus" for loyalty. Exactly seven days later the airline "Aurora" has won another award "Wings of Russia" as the best passenger regional carrier in its category.

In the period from May to 5 5 June it was opened two new international destinations in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

On June 17, 2014, the first flight was made in the direction from Vladivostok to Dalian (China).

25 September 2014 was held a ceremony of awarding the best employees in connection with the anniversary of the establishment of the company.

Since January 2015, the company has at its disposal 7 aircraft grade Airbus A319-100.

Activities and Development Prospects

Airline "Aurora" has partnered with airlines Asian Airlines, Korean Air, Japan Airlines. On the domestic scene the company cooperates with S7 Airlines and "Aeroflot". The airline "Aeroflot" has 51% shares of "Aurora", 49% remaining at the disposal of the Government of the Sakhalin area.

Since its inception, more than 1 million people have used the airline's services, and the passenger traffic on domestic flights has exceeded 75%.

The company plans prior to 2018 years to increase its fleet of aerial appliances to 42 units. This step will enable to increase the number of flights up to 172 534, respectively, to increase the number of destinations and flights of up to 30 128. The number of passengers, according to preliminary calculations, to 2018 year should increase to 2,5 million. It is also planned to start flights to Yakutsk and Anadyr, the expansion of the network of international flights.

The composition of the fleet consists of 5 aircraft types:

  • 4 aircraft type Airbus A319;

  • 2 aircraft type Boeing-737-200;

  • 2 aircraft type Boeing-737-500;

  • 4 aircraft type Bombardier Dash-8 Q300 (one of the aircraft is equipped with a sanitary purposes);

  • 2 aircraft of the Bombardier Dash-8 200 type;


At the beginning of the current year, the Sakhalin Region received a package of 49% shares from Aeroflot Airlines, which allows them to be more independently oriented on local regional air transportation. 


Airline Aurora Medvedev


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Far Eastern airline, created by the merger of Vladivostokavia and Sakhalin air routes.

  • Year of occurrence: 2013;

  • IATA airline code: HZ;

  • ICAO airline code: SHU;

  • Internal airline code: IE.


Aurora Airlines official website:

Aurora airline official site

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The most disgusting airline company! Representatives at the airport from the company Aurora - Hamki! Ugly attitude towards passengers! Since December 25, due to meteo conditions, could not fly to Nikolaevsk on Amur! 31 numbers when the planes flew. Began complete chaos! The company sent passengers do not understand how! Anyway, you have a ticket for 25. You flew the last. Children, people after surgery sat day at the airport. And no one wanted to carry them! Because they had scheduled flights to China! And Aurora was on the drum, that seven days their passengers can not get home! And only by scandal, strike and attraction of prosecutors. We were able to get home! New year we met on the plane! I submit to this air company in court !!!! The prosecutor's office promised to work on this situation! I myself personally take control of their work! Avia company must be punished!

Hello, I ask you to consider my candidacy for a flight attendant.


Vacancy flight attendant

Graduated educational institutions, courses, skills
- Manager (non-productive spheres). Modern Humanitarian Academy (the branch of Moscow in Sterlitamak of the Republic of Bashkortostan), the faculty of management in non-production spheres (management of advertising, personnel, international tourism and hotel business, restaurant business and public catering, food and non-food trade) , baccalaureate, (2006g., diploma);
- Guard 4-th level. Courses of a private security guard of the 4 category and courses on the safe handling of weapons (2011, 2016, certificate, svidelstva, licenses)
- The driver of the car of category ВС (2003г., Certificate);
- PC user (2001, certificate).
- Pancake cook (2015.)

additional information
There is work experience in private security (guarding shopping centers, industrial facilities, private construction, residential complexes), in the service sector (waiter, barman, cleaner), trade (sales consultant), construction (ancillary worker), driving l / a ( taxi), as well as a freight forwarder, a pancake cook, a cashier, a storekeeper, a car washer, a stoker.

Responsible, executive, disciplined, respectable, trustworthy. All the documents are in order, do not judge, the health is good, the age is 33, the height is 183cm, the weight is 60kg, the clothing size is 48, the state of health is good, I'm leading a healthy lifestyle (from bad tobacco smoking habits). Service in the RF Armed Forces: 15.11.2006. - 15.11.2007., Position operator / shooter, rank junior sergeant of the Navy (in reserve). English at the basic level (I study, I can not explain much), an experienced PC user. Citizenship of the Russian Federation, I live and is registered in the Rep. Bashkortostan, I am in Moscow. Ready for business trips. Slavic appearance, Russian nationality, single, no children, religion orthodoxy. As an employee I will not disappoint.

Khazov Denis Viktorovich (06.02.1985 of the river)
тел.: 8-985-093-00-43, 8-987-101-56-78,

Name: Zhakova Ivanovna Igorevna
Contact phone number: 8 (922) 795-06-00
Date of Birth: 19.02.1998
My height: 1.66
My weight: 62
Marital status: Single, no children.
Bad habits: No
Address by residence: City of Nizhnevartovsk, Settlement Divny, Street Youth House 3, Flat 8
Actual address: City of Tyumen, Latitude 193, apartment 11.
Education: Secondary vocational education,
Year of graduation: 2017. Correspondence form of training.
Name of educational institution: Nizhnevartovsk Building College.
Specialty: Construction of buildings and structures.
English: Elementary.
Work experience: 2 year,
In the period: from 25.07.2014 to 30.08.16. hairdresser "Marafet", master of nail service.
Presence of relatives of friends of working UTair airlines: no
There is no previous conviction, there is a certificate of non-conviction.

I have a medical report from the XENKX VLEX, from 2 to 24.03.2016
At the moment I am training according to the program of initial preparation of flight attendants at NP NPP (Non-Profit Partnership Personnel Training Center) Uteir airline.
The city of Tyumen.

Everything is extremely disgusting. Three days they tried to send the dog from Vladivostok to Magadan. While they themselves flew the same flight. The tickets were bought back by Aeroflot bonus program, and when buying a ticket, we were told that a dog would fly with us. The weight of the animal together with the cage is 63 kg. We got consent from Aeroflot. The price of transportation will be 3 800 rub. But for 3 days before departure, Aeroflot representatives called back and informed us that Aurora refuses to transport us. Because by rules the weight of the animal with the cage should not exceed 50 kg. We were invited to issue a cargo through a cargo warehouse. Despite the significant difference in the price of transportation (3800 when obtaining the consent for transportation, and 32000 if the cargo is issued) we agreed to issue the shipment by cargo. But at registration of a cargo it was found out. That the flight makes an intermediate landing in Khabarovsk. And there the whole cargo is unloaded and only after a day goes to Magadan next flight. Those. We fly off this side, and our dog sits in a cage in a cargo warehouse in Khabarovsk for another day. They have such rules. I would like to ask the leaders who came up with these ridiculous rules. Gentlemen. If you put in a cage and keep in an unusual for you stressful situation at a temperature of - 20. Without food. Water and toilet. How would you feel. Why it was impossible to go to a meeting and leave the dog. That it would fly with us, and not in another day by another side. This is some kind of nonsense. You are ruthless stupid people ....

why no inf..po pereleta.naprimer rules on baggage ......

Hello, I dochi niece got tickets Seoul Vladivostok on November 27 how can I change to a different number.

Book tickets AK AURORA Vladivostok to Plastun 8.11.2016, were supposed to fly with the child he 1 god.V due to worsening weather conditions, reinsured 7.11.2016 called the AK Aurora, to clarify whether reys.Nas canceled assured that everything is in order, departure will 5 in the morning went from Nakhodka with a small child in aeroport.Priehav in place we have formed that the flight is transferred to 9.11.2016 had to go back to Nakhodka and only returned home at 13: 00 came to SMS dagonku that flight otmenili.Bezobraznaya work AK Aurora,

1 September 2 bought tickets for intenrnetu Dalnegosk- Vladivostok.8 September passed them, so bus traffic was opened, and there was a lot of baggage: the grandson had to settle in the Far Eastern Federal University. STILL (Oct. segodnya13) money is at stake not returned ... Although 3 times called the company, said the ticket numbers, Infomatsiya that refusal was accepted, an email to my email address was written. Talk to experts. Where else can handle?

First time flew by plane Auror
And this is the only time I tore up the luggage, my personal belongings were traveling separately from the bags on all the baggage belt, my luggage turned up the hole, and put upside down on the baggage belt. Things that I did not find in the bag razors, battery charger, a wireless computer mouse, flash drive, it is possible there are still missing things that I do not remember. Referring to the staff, I only said voucher confirming it was my bag and then she was gone, yelling after her that my bag is torn, it is not even turned

For the first time I flew to Seoul and now always use Aurora. Very convenient that the company is interested in attracting a permanent clientele. To do this, they even have a flexible system of discounts based on regular flights.

The first time was flying by Airbus to Vladivostok. Plane new, beautiful. Painting just sparkles in the sun, and the second time was on a Boeing Aurora 737-500 2014 at the end of the year. The plane is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable flight. Very good airline, I think I'll fly with them more than once.

I am glad that this is one of the creations of Aeroflot not to lose face. Repeatedly I fly to Beijing and back, and I want to express my deep gratitude to the Director General Konstantin Sukhorebrik, perfect for the adjusted system crashes.

For me this is one of the best Far Eastern companies. Flights to Khabarovsk and from committing with an enviable regularity, and has never faced with some adversity. Yes, flying, of course, delay, but not only from the Aurora, there are very different circumstances and you need to apply it with understanding.

I want to share my impressions about this airline. I had to fly from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Khabarovsk. There are no complaints about maintenance. Soft landing, nice flight attendants. On arrival in Khabarovsk, there were difficulties. As soon as we were let out of the plane and invited to go on the bus, we stood for about 20 minutes with open doors while there was a blizzard in the street, and I have a baby in my arms. No one has deigned us to notify why we are standing at all. As a result, it turned out that the life jacket was gone (was it interesting when landing in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk). Then we were taken to the airport and as if closed in the arrivals hall, not allowing him to leave. Near the door stood the police, claiming that soon there will be a personal search. But on what grounds? In the arrivals hall, we were still 50 minutes. We were not given luggage. Where was he? When he was finally given out, I saw that many passengers on their bags had their hands torn off. My own was scratched and in clods of snow. The impression of the airline remained terrible.

We flew with his wife Gonkong- Vladivostok, luggage suitcase 2. Not the luggage arrived one suitcase. A week later brought domoy.Huzhe of a suitcase which arrived immediately appeared damaged, namely a broken handle and broken two wheel mobile (cx711091- tag number), ie suitcase can vykidyvat.Sostavil claim (Act of damage + application) on 05.03.15- The agent took tracing (signature is Sharapova) .Before still no response greetings. I ask, when will I be refunded the damage that I have in the claim (statement). It's been more than 21 days, according to the international situation. Please reply.

According to my commentary dated 28 March 2015 at 12:04, I inform you that the declared damage was paid by the company "Aurora" in full in May 2015. Here is a very important point that confirms that the company is decent. Maybe, but most likely it is not her fault for the damage to the suitcase, I think Hong Kong tried. Thanks.

If the airline decent, it will pay you the amount of damages claimed

I fly very often with your airlines Vladivostok - Pusan. The price of the ticket for 1 an hour 25 minutes of flight from 22000 thousand rubles is not cheap. About the words of the words are not good. But the food is just super that a bun (three weeks old) with meat with an ax chopped up like it will have. But the last squeak 20 November 2014 year gave a sandwich with a smelly fish smeared in three pieces a teaspoon (to lead to a dump did not accept) cattle will devour poor flight attendants apologized People, enter to them surcharges from their dividends. Ornate 30 November 2014 year culinary masterpiece (to take courses from Yulia Vysotskaya) was the same sandwich but two pieces of ham and one millimeter thick and two rings of salt cucumber of the same thickness. I have a question how much this shit will eat with his family the genial director of this airline. Gentlemen have a conscience can not figure out how to feed people hire at least Korea Air let them teach you. And you dear current and future Aurora passengers, if you want a snack, take food with you. And do not ask who will write as in the Aurora aircraft all is well written by their own employees.

Buying tickets is doubt in the airline, but I was wrong ... A good airline, very friendly staff. When we took off, the flight attendants were attentive and friendly with each passenger, the entire flight offered different beverages. Also, flight attendants kindly answered all the questions (schedule, time of arrival, etc.). Flew well, the flight attendants were interested in well-being of passengers. Very grateful to the airline in such a good flight. I recommend, you will not regret.

He flew by the airline "Aurora", flight SU5650 Khabarovsk-Seoul. I was impressed, I liked the service. He flew on an A319 aircraft with the VP-BUN number. The plane is new, only about 7 years old. The flight attendants are courteous and polite. The flight was without delay, before landing, the pilot politely gave us information. Those who needed were given the press and blankets. Thank you for your good attitude towards passengers.

Good afternoon, flew flight Vladivostok-Beijing service very much. They take off and land is very professional, kind and helpful flight attendants. When asked for a blanket, he gave us. Although many people write that they do not give a blanket. The cabin and the toilet was clean. The food is good. In general, all enjoyed it, and I will continue to use the Aurora airline.