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Airline Ai Fly

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Airline Ai Fly (I Fly) was founded in 2009 year as a charter airline based at Vnukovo airport.


LLC "Ai Fly" - a Russian airline that specializes in charter flights. The company carries out orders on international flights for customers of travel company "Tez Tour". Base airport Vnukovo is considered, and the headquarters located in Moscow. In addition to the international flights, the company commits regional flights within the state. The most popular destination for domestic flights is Central Russia.

history of the company

Airline Operator Certificate received in October 30 2009 years, and the first international flight was made 4 December of the same year along the route Vnukovo - Antalya.

In October 2015, Ai Fly began operating regular flights in the direction of Vnukovo - Xian, Vnukovo - Tianjin and Vnukovo - Shenyang. By December 2015, regular flights were supplemented by Liege Airport, which is located in Belgium. There is also a charter flight to Verona, Italy. Due to recent events, the airline has stopped operating flights to Turkey and Egypt.

Fleet and its characteristics

The airline's air fleet has an average age of 17,5 years; the airline is one of the world's XNUMX airlines in terms of the average age of its own fleet. 

"Boeing 757» - is a narrow-body aircraft to transport passengers of medium-range flights. Equipped with two engines. It was launched in the year 1982. At the time of the termination of the release in the year 2004 1050 was made of boards. 757-200 234 model holds up to people and is one of Boeing's most successful developments.

"Airbus A330" - a wide-body aircraft to transport passengers on long and medium distances. Model A330-300 equipped with two turbofan engines and can carry up to 440 passengers, subject to the availability of only one class. Also, this model has a load compartment volume.

All the aircraft correspond to the class economy.

The number of passengers using the services of our airline is increasing every year. Thus, if in 2010 the figure of passengers carried was about 390 thousand, then in two years it increased to 640 thousand. And in the period from January to August 2015, services were provided to 410 thousand passengers.

The company I-Fly makes air travel in a variety of regions of the Russian Federation and abroad. The most popular among airline passengers are committed in the areas of the central part of Russia, including Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Omsk, etc.



The state of the middle 2014 years, the airline fleet Ai Fly includes 7 aircraft, in particular here are two types of aircraft:

  • 5 class airliners Boeing 757-200

  • 2 class airliner Airbus A330-300

In the near future the airline plans to expand Hay Fly More 6 its fleet aircraft, in particular an increase in the fleet is planned to produce two air vehicles for each class of aircraft and planned to purchase two more planes class Boeing 737-900.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia

  • Engaged in charter flights from Russian cities in resort areas

  • Year of appearance: 2009;

  • IATA airline code: H5;

  • ICAO airline code: RSY;

  • Internal airline code: FL


Airline I Fly (I Fly). Official site :

Eye Fly (I Fly). Official site.


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We bought a ticket with my husband, everything was as usual and we saw that we were flying an airline called A Fly. Previously, this company never flew. Everything was more than good, the plane was flying on schedule, without delays. The crew is excellent. Eat like a simple, but I liked it, no matter how strange it sounded, the drinks were also. The flight was calm, not shaking.

Hello, I really want to get a job as flight attendant, I very much ask you to consider my candidacy for this vacancy.



Vacancy flight attendant

Graduated educational institutions, courses, skills

- Manager (non-productive spheres). Modern Humanitarian Academy (the branch of Moscow in Sterlitamak of the Republic of Bashkortostan), the faculty of management in non-production spheres (management of advertising, personnel, international tourism and hotel business, restaurant business and public catering, food and non-food trade) , baccalaureate, (2006g., diploma);

- Guard 4-th level. Courses of a private security guard of the 4 category and courses on the safe handling of weapons (2011, 2016, certificate, svidelstva, licenses)

- The driver of the car of category ВС (2003г., Certificate);

- PC user (2001, certificate).

- Pancake cook (2015.)

additional information

There is work experience in private security (guarding shopping centers, industrial facilities, private construction, residential complexes), in the service sector (waiter, barman, cleaner), trade (sales consultant), construction (ancillary worker), driving l / a ( taxi), as well as a freight forwarder, a pancake cook, a cashier, a storekeeper, a car washer, a stoker.

Responsible, executive, disciplined, respectable, trustworthy. All the documents are in order, do not judge, the health is good, the age is 33, the height is 183cm, the weight is 60kg, the clothing size is 48, the state of health is good, I'm leading a healthy lifestyle (from bad tobacco smoking habits). Service in the RF Armed Forces: 15.11.2006. - 15.11.2007., Position operator / shooter, rank junior sergeant of the Navy (in reserve). English at the basic level (I study, I can not explain much), an experienced PC user. Citizenship of the Russian Federation, I live and is registered in the Rep. Bashkortostan, I am in Moscow. Ready for business trips. Slavic appearance, Russian nationality, single, no children, religion orthodoxy. As an employee I will not disappoint.

Khazov Denis Viktorovich (06.02.1985 of the river)

тел.: 8-985-093-00-43, 8-987-101-56-78, [email protected].

Sincerely, Khazov Denis.
Yours faithfully, Khazov Denis.
[email protected]

We flew the airline A Fly to Antalya and back in October 2017. This is a charter, the airline did not choose, the ticket was included in the cost of the tour, purchased through the Tez Tour. Registration at Vnukovo was successful, the flight was without delay. Aircraft - Airbus, as always on the charter is rather cramped, especially my husband (he is very tall). The flight attendant team worked professionally, food was once, sausage, pasta, bun. Landing went well. In general, Ai Fly does not have any complaints, considering that this is a charter.

They flew with his wife to Antalya by the plane of this airline in August this year. On the Airbus 330 made the flight for the first time. Impressions are not bad. At least, it does not shake like a Tushka. The stewardesses look diligent, polite. They themselves did not choose this company before. Have purchased a ticket on the advice of the tour operator. The carrier is worthy. Did not spoil the holiday flight.

We flew with my wife through this airline in August from Moscow to Antalya, and then back) We flew from Vnukovo on the Airbus -330. Impressions from both flights remained quite positive - in the cabin of the plane cleanly, neatly, there was no strong shaking, excessive noise, I did not even have ears, as is almost always the case. Arrived without delay. Pleased very cute and attentive flight attendants)

Moscow-Antalya-Moscow. In both directions flew normally. Of the minuses, of course food. And the tea was so-so. But otherwise everything is pretty decent.

Flied with a child this company in Antalya for a week and back. Departure there 04.08.2017 without delay. Staff enough courteous tea, coffee, drinks, please. For the flight less than 4 hours, they also fed, gave sandwiches. From the air conditioner it became cold, asked 2 plaid, without any problems brought, the child often asked to drink, just as without problems brought. A good plane, big, but there is not enough space between the seats. The take-off and landing went gently, despite the bad weather during the landing. After landing, the baggage was received very quickly, in the same form as when you passed.

I flew to Sanya tour. There was a small delay there, all back on schedule. Pleasant staff, normal food, everything was delicious and the portion was not small. A good plane, inside is comfortable and cleaned. Landing was very soft, I can not say anything bad.

Almost a month ago, I flew to Antalya flight to Novosibirsk.
I fly not one, but with a friend. Impressions of the flight remained positive. Meals offered drinks. We flew at the tail, it was a bit chilly, asked blankets. The entire flight was calm. Without shaky, turbulence zones, etc. We landed at the airport on time.

Flight Ekaterinburg-Sochi 24 September. We arrived at the airport in advance. Were registered, deposited luggage. At Trapp climbed into the plane. Slowly everyone started to sit on their seats. The turmoil has passed, after a while we took off. Feed. Like salads and blichikami.
The flight itself was fine, nothing special to remember. We landed, got our luggage quickly. Well, we went to rest!

With his father flew to Sochi from Samara. It was recently 4 September.
We poprikalyvatsya lovers, hope, flight attendants with their jokes do not hurt, but fun. The flight left a positive impression. We basically do not need much. The main thing is good fun company. And that would be what I just zanyatsya landing ears popped. But this is more my personal problem. Often lays))

Usually always collect things in advance and then napotom left, and rang the alarm does not!
Ran metal throughout the apartment, then got into a taxi. Only exhaled with relief as the cork came.
Well e-May. Already resigned to the idea that late (just to 30 minutes) and will have to fly on another flight.
Suddenly it turns out at the airport that the flight departure is delayed for an hour.
It was very hands on. True at the front had to be nervous, but uboltali.
We asked the flight attendants in the water to bring the plane. They laughed, joked with them :)
Very much like to drink with all our running around))

The airline constantly delaying departures, with more than a day, look punctuality rating of Russian airlines

Flew from Adler to Moscow with the airline Fly 19 May 2016g.Ochen liked the staff! Responsive, friendly. Flew horosho.Vse satisfied, no complaints.

Fly with Flaem liked. Power quality and even provide a small selection. Earlier flying with Pegasus, but now I prefer only this airline because of the good-natured attitude to the passengers, I have not met.

Seats badly sagging, handle seats erased. Plaid is not always enough, but the flight attendants do not even received an apology. But the main negative feature was to landing the aircraft when people just are not up to the ceiling podkidovalo.

Flying, of course, possible, but only if you do not have enough money to buy the ticket in a decent company.

The food is absolutely impossible there. The air conditioning system is broken and there is a very significant lack of air. When they went out into the street after planting, even giddy from its overabundance.

25.04.15 flew an airline to Hurghada. For the first time, Iflya flied and did not hear about her at all. Departure was strictly scheduled, there was not a minute of delay. The flight itself passed normally. He fed and drank normally. The stewardesses smashed the drinks. As for the way back, everything went wrong here. The flight was delayed for an hour. The pilot said that we are waiting for permission to fly over. Stewardesses served drinks. Feeding and flying completely arranged. I think that compared to other charters (I used the services of RedWings, NordVind, Transaero) - not in the least worse. With growth in 194 cm, I could hardly be placed in a chair. I put 4 points from 5. I recommend flying!

Recently I flew this airline. Takeoff was quiet. The entire staff is friendly, sociable. At take-off the pilot informed. During the flight were offered different beverages and food. Also provide blankets and magazines \ paper as needed. Flight attendants are cute, smiling. The plane was soft, comfortable chairs. On board offered a delicious tea and coffee. I liked very much. I am grateful to the crew for such a soft takeoff and landing, as well as the airline and the flight attendants. Use this the airline will not regret it. Thanks Ai Fly!)

I flew by the airline "Aifly", flight 9411 Krasnoyarsk-Heraklion. I flew for 8 hours, fed well: meat, chicken, salads, fish. There was also tea / coffee. The flight attendants are sociable and cheerful. A blanket and press / magazines were provided as needed. I liked the good attitude towards the passengers. We flew without delay, takeoff and landing were soft and on time. Everything is super.

19-20 September flew from Kazan to Astana and back to the same board of Airbus A 330-300. Overall a very good flight left an impression. I liked the flight attendants, polite,
smiling, especially the beautiful Xenia, unfortunately due to lack of badges had to ask the name. Thank you and the crew. We wish you a pure cloudless sky. Thank airline Ai Fly.


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