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The carrier "Bylina" was founded in 1992, and is one of the first at the time who began to provide services of charter flights to the territory of the Russian Federation. At the moment the license is suspended.



The history of the airline begins with 1992 year. It was one of the first Russian carriers to perform charter flights on Tu-134 and luxury Yak-40 airplanes. 

In 2014, the airline Bylina began operating seasonal passenger flights from Chelyabinsk and Perm to Simferopol, Krasnodar, from Ivanovo to Anapa and Simferopol, from Krasnoyarsk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. 

In 2015 year Rosaviation send a statement of suspension of the certificate with 1 September. As an explanation of the company management has resulted in a number of facts related to the financial problems.

As of April 2014, the fleet consisted of:

1. Tu-134 - 5 units.

2. Yak-40 - 3 units.

3. Yak-42 - 1 units.

4. Falcon 900 - 1 unit.

5. Falcon 2000 - 1 unit.

6. Challenger 601-3R - 1 unit.

7. Challenger 604 - 1 unit.

8. Challenger 850 - 1 unit.

9. Embraer Legacy - 1 unit.

10. Gulfstream V - 1 unit.

11. Global Express - 1 unit.

As part of the operator’s certificate, the airline only operated Yak-40 aircraft. Other aircraft were sent to other airlines for which Bylina became an air broker.   

Air machines Park airline "Bylina" has dozens of aircraft of different types and classes, among which there are: Yak-40, Tu-134, Challenger 850, Embraer Legacy and etc.



The airline operates regular flights in the direction of Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Simferopol and other cities of the Russian Federation, and the airliners themselves are based in Moscow, Ufa, Perm and Samara.

In addition, the air carrier provides VIP-services, providing for this purpose both domestic-made airplanes, specially made for high-comfort flights, and foreign-made. Flights are operated on the territory of Russia, the CIS countries, as well as to foreign countries. 


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Engaged in corporate and VIP transportation in Russia.

  • ICAO airline code: BYL;

  • Internal airline code: BA;


Bylina Airlines official website

Bylina Airline (Bylina). Official site


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Airline Bylina


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The airline would like to use for the first time, flight Chelyabinsk - Simferopol, tickets were bought 26.08.2014 airline canceled flights, were written application for the return of funds.
But in response to silence. He sued the airline Bylina, sent a writ of execution. Waiting for damages. People who do not hesitate to contact the airline Bylina, some afferisty work there !!!

On my flight registered a lot of people. The flight began normally, but as soon as the storm began, many worried and on board, climbed a real panic. Looking at these people start to worry about their own safety. Thankfully flight attendant managed to establish at least a semblance of order, and I've got very little aerophobia not begun.

Pilots are constantly talking with passengers while entering a zone of turbulence - it helps to significantly relieve tension, because flight attendants in the cabin during this period do not go, and the passengers quite noticeably nervous.

He flies on mineral waters - rested wonderful! Flight surpassed all my expectations. Girls unusually polite. They are fed for slaughter. There was thrilled.

He flew with his family on vacation in the Crimea and want to say that it is quite expensive. Children, of course, make a very impressive discounts, but we are not particularly helpful, because next year the twins will already 12 years, and discounts on these children do not apply.

Flew by the airline Bylina in the direction of Ivanovo-Simferopol for the first time. Tu-134 airplane, polite crew, decent food, drinks were brought up three times (for three hours of flight), who asked for coffee, poured repeatedly. When landing was very scary. For 30 minutes, fifteen times fell into the pits. Through 2 weeks flew back, and it was scary again to experience such horror. However, this time the pilot skillfully planted the plane, without catching any holes. On board it was always very warm. Stewardesses are beautiful and very polite. And although I'm afraid to fly, this year it's impossible to get by train to Crimea by train, so I agreed on the plane. The flight was very pleased. Aircraft are well-groomed inside and out.


This airline "Bylina" used repeatedly. I really like the service and staff. The flight attendants communicate nicely with passengers, the pilot deftly does his job. In general, a very good airline. When we took off, even our ears did not block, although they did earlier. The landing was soft. The flight went well too. I am grateful to the Bylina airline for such a pleasant staff and flight.

Flew the airline "Bylina" for the first time. I did not feel any takeoff or landing of the liner. All liked it. The plane is clean and comfortable. The flight attendants were polite and smiling. There were no smells in the aircraft cabin. Surprisingly, the registration was quick. I was very pleased with this airline.

A / K Bylina flew for the first time. He was flying from Moscow to Simferopol, very much, the staff is kind and helpful, in the airplane is clean and cozy. We took off and landed well, flight delay was not a very good pilot. Comfortable chairs, enjoyed it, next time I'll fly too.