Airline Cathay Pacific
Airline Cathay Pacific

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Cathay Pacific - Hong Kong's largest airline, which provides freight and passenger transportation in different points of the world.

Founded company in 1946 year. At the root of the company were American Roy Farrell and Australian Sydney de Kanz, which brings together service in the Himalayas during World War II. Initially, the base of the new airline was in Shanghai, and later was transferred to Hong Kong.

Airline Cathay Pacific plane

In the 1960s. Cathay Pacific was a huge success. These years were marked by a whole series of important events: the main competitor Hong Kong Airways was acquired, the millionth passenger was transported, the first jet plane was bought and, finally, the first international flights were opened, so far only to Japan. In the mid-80s, the company's aircraft began to fly to Europe and North America.

In 1990-ies of the company all the forces and means directed at the modernization of the fleet and to increase the level of service on board the aircraft during the flight.

In 2001 year for the whole world thundered famous "Case 49-five." In that year, the company offered 52 pilots to leave the service. Subsequently, 49-five of them were asked to return. 12 pilots passed special testing, returned to work in the cargo division.

Airline Cathay Pacific staff

The airline offers its customers to become members of two bonus programs "The Marco Polo Club" and "Asia Miles". The first is a frequent flyer incentive program, and the second is a flying tourist incentive program.

«The Marco Polo Club» includes four levels: «Green» (start), «Silver», «Gold» and «Diamond»

  1. At the first initial level of participants in the program can pass free registration, they have the ability to increase the size of your luggage and go through separate landing the plane.
  2. The participants of the second level have the opportunity to reserve a space in the cabin, and while waiting for the flight to take place in the halls of the Business Class.
  3. After accumulating a certain number of miles, you become a member of the third level and get the opportunity to be expected landing in the halls of enhanced comfort, increase the size of your luggage up to 20 kg above the norm and get some other benefits.
  4. The owners of the status of the highest level have the opportunity to enjoy all these services together with a friend or companion.

Airline Cathay Pacific Foods

 Passengers of the airline have the opportunity to purchase tickets according to the three classes of services: economy class (comfortable seats, built-in individual monitor, adjustable headrest); business class (comfortable chair with a massage function, which is transformed into a bed, individual lighting, monitor); first class (an individual wardrobe, headphones, a varied menu, a wine list are added to the business class services).


Basic data of the airline Cathay Pacific:

  • Airline country: China.
  • International long-haul aircraft line in Hong Kong.
  • Year of AK appearance: 1946.


Aviakomnpanii codes:

  • IATA airline code: CX.
  • ICAO airline code: CPA.

The airline is a member of the alliance: Oneworld.


Cathay Pacific (CathayPacific). Official site:


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Hong Kong.
  • Airline mailing address: China, Hong Kong, Lantau Island, HongKong InternationalAirport, 8 ScenicRoad, NorthTower, Cathey PacificCity, 7 / F.
  • City airline phone: +85227475000.
  • Airline fax: +85228106563.
  • Domestic airline flights: Xiamen, Beijing.
  • In the CIS countries flights of the airline: Moscow.
  • International airline flights: Amsterdam, Adelaide, Barcelona, ​​Bangkok, Brisbane, Bahrain, Delhi, Vancouver, Jakarta, Denpasar, Johannesburg, Dubai, Colombo, Karachi, Cairns, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, London, Manila, Madrid, Melbourne, Manchester, Nagoya, Mumbai, Auckland, New York, Paris, Osaka, Perth, Penang, San Francisco, Rome, Sapporo, Santiago de Compostela, Seoul, Cebu, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Surabaya, Toronto, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Frankfurt am Main, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Riyadh.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  AirbusA330-300, AirbusA340-300, Boeing747-400, Boeing747-8, Boeing777-200, Boeing777-300.




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Uniforms of flight attendants: Cathay Pacific. Hong Kong - China.

Uniforms of flight attendants: Cathay Pacific. Hong Kong - China.



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Company CathayPacific is hell !!! if you're reading this, Karl, you know, never in touch with the company and with its partners, such as S7.
Had to deal with it because of the compound of the ticket which is purchased from s7airlines, currently I am at the railway station Novosibirska.Iz for this company had to bomzhevat 2 days.
And so everything is in order, 5 November should be the flight Hong Kong-Bangkok-Novosibirsk. From Hong Kong to Bangkok by Cathay pasific, the time to dock for the flight to Novosibirsk was slightly longer than an hour, as a result the flight Hong Kong-Bangkok was canceled for technical reasons, naturally For the flight Bangkok-Novosibirsk from S7, we did not have time, after which the account of the trials and flights began. CathayPacific managers decided for a long time what to do with us, as a result, a flight from Bangkok to Novosib was proposed but only on November 7, they also said that there would be a hotel in Bangkok at this time ozhidaniya.Ladno Agreed, we fly to Bangkok, we fly there, there was a zavarushka with a visa, I'm a citizen of Kazakhstan, and I was asked to pay a Thai visa (40 bucks), I naturally refused, as there is no sense to pay for it, and in general it's not mine Would be a problem, it's not my fault that they screwed up like that, the Thai representatives obviously did not want to pay for it either, flight offers began, eventually agreed to the flight Bangkok-Hong Kong-Beijing-Novosibirsk, also with expectations, but not very large, only in Beijing something about 8 hours had to wait for himself More than that, loaded into the plane, again this fucking company, the flight to 17: 40, the time is 18: 20 the plane is standing, people are nervous, the workers are working hard on the run about the plane, a bunch of tools are nearby, they already began to understand that this Full pzdts, and it turned out that they spent more than an hour and it turns out that again with the plane of those malfunctioning, this is the second one for the day with the second plane Karl !!! Tell everyone to leave, transfer to another plane of all, time 19: 15 where that, A little and fly, in flight already comes looking at a ticket to Beijing that we are Again we are again !!!! Again Carl We are in shock, we fly already somewhere in 12 night to Hong Kong airport, considering that we sat in it with 8 morn.Nas meet at the exit representatives of this company, like we give you a hotel and in the morning in 9 Your flight to Rossiyu.Delat nothing, agrees.So decided the problems with the customs, they were surprised with what we are here again priperlis, closed the visa can be said today, but again priperlis back, a bunch of stupid questions, the same answers, there is a visa. The representative is obliging Gave two vouchers for 40 Hong Kong dollar type for food, but damn, you try Buy what you eat at these 40 dollars? Coffee costs 43 dollars, and then we had to contrive to eat on them)) as a result of negotiations with a representative, received two more vouchers for 75 dollars. We went to eat. The hotel came about 2 hours of the night , 5 hours of sleep and again it started Carl, it turns out that now we fly Aeroflot, the flight Hong Kong-Moscow-Novosibirsk! I want to find out what kind of brain people thought before giving this flight? To Moscow to fly 9 hours from Hong Kong, but from Hong Kong to Novosibirsk In half, we made such a hook that fall off in Novosibirsk !!!

I want to thank the airline for quality work to stabilize the situation during mass flight delays. The people at the airport were many, bad weather, most airlines refused and departure. Only Cathay Pacific albeit slowly, but continued to work. I just flew through 6 hours, but insanely grateful that all flew out, because a lot of passengers and left standing at the airport waiting for their flights.

Although it had to fly over 10 hours, I did not feel tired. The plane, though small, but clean and nice. Such a flight would like to repeat once more either.

The plane well maintained, although not new. The pilot made contact with passengers only once, and then to report the altitude at which we were flying and the weather outside the window, as for me that is enough, do not like it when you get chatty crew, in which is absolutely impossible to relax.

Equipment wonderful, responds to the slightest touch. All the way enjoying the flight. They are fed every three hours, very tasty and satisfying at the same time the flight itself extremely smooth.

11.05.2015 flew Cathay Pacific from Sania on the route Sania-Hong Kong-Domodedovo-Pulkovo. Baggage issued to Pulkovo. We were warned at the registration that we will receive them in St. Petersburg. At the same time, surprised that this will happen not in Domodedovo, I decided to ask again. In response, they smiled and poked at the tag - St. Petersburg. But unfortunately, the luggage in Peter and was not delivered. He was unloaded to Domodedovo, but he did not go to St. Petersburg. During further shipment to Lost / A / Pulkovo, the baggage was lost. In the baggage search service, in Pulkovoi, the airline reported that the airline had incorrectly issued the luggage, and five days later, its search should begin after certain activities were carried out by the employees. I was apologized by e-mail - "contact Lost / A / Pulkovo, because they made out the Act of non-arrival of luggage, respectively, and they should look." I have news, of course, not pleased.
I fly quite often, but for the first time I use the services of Katai. And for all my flying practice, I first encountered the loss of baggage. And this is despite the fact that this air carrier is so highly positioned. Of course, very disappointing for the lost money (in the baggage was a lot of purchased things for a pretty decent amount). I do much to spoil the mood. Yes, and all the impression of vacation, too, spoiled. The attitude of the airline's employees amazed me - frank Ingor from their side to request a search for luggage. It seems that Katei Pacific decided that the safety of the baggage accepted is not his concern. Such a feeling, they believe that the head should hurt the passengers, because they have already received their money anyway.
With such an attitude I have faced for the first time. Lost my luggage, apologized and seemed so right, nothing happened. Do not dignified behavior for the company a decent level!

Tell me why your site is not confirmed reservation? Payment took place and booking code came with tickets also came podtverzhdeniem.Elektronnye


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