Airline Center-South
Airline Center-South

Center-South Airlines. Official site.


The Russian airline "Center-South" is a charter air carrier specializing in operating flights throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Among other things, the airline also operates VIP flights and, due to the low tariffs for its services, is very popular among passengers choosing the services of this air carrier.



The carrier also offers its services to passengers on scheduled air services on the territory of the Russian Federation, performing flights to cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Nadym and Surgut.


The fleet of the company consists of 11 aircraft, mainly representing a model of the Tu-134, but optimized for modern standards of comfort of air travel. Currently, the airline begins to update its fleet by acquiring in particular modern aircraft such as the Sukhoi Superjet 100, and it is quite likely that the airline will expand its route network in the near future. 

The current state of the airline "Cent-South"

Despite its fairly stable activity and phased development, Center-South airline in the beginning of October 2015 stopped its activities. Organization Rosaviatsiya suspended the certificate of the operator. This situation is due to an unscheduled inspection of the airline. She showed serious violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the aviation industry. The main reason is the implementation of regular flights under the guise of charter flights. In late October, the issued certificate was completely revoked. 

At the time of the suspension, the airline owned three Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft and two Tu-134 vehicles. Recently, the company was engaged in the carriage of passengers on rotational flights to cities such as New Urengoy, Norilsk, Kogalym, Yamburg. 

Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • It is engaged in charter flights in the Central part of Russia.

  • ICAO airline code: CTS;

  • Internal airline code: FR;


Center-South Airlines. Official site.: no website

Airline Center-South (Center South). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: airport, Khmelnitsky Ave., 166, Belgorod, Russia, 308029;

  • City Airline Phone: + 74722341692;

  • Airline fax: +74722342068;

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected];

  • Base airport airport  Lipetsk, Belgorod.

  • Yakovlev's planes are in the airline's fleet Yak-40, Tupolev Tu-134.


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I join all the negative reviews. A terrible airline. Well, that Rosavia suspended their activities. So many misguided people, so many wasted money due to the fault of a permanent transfer and cancellation of flights.

Good AC. The price tag for tickets humane. Flying on the Superjet (Novosibirsk-Moscow, RF 688), a new car, took off on time, flight attendants - lovely, satisfying meal. Sunset and landing on a hard granddaughter 5!
Thank pilots and cabin crew!
The price tag for tickets humane.

I will join a lot of negative reviews about this airline! Has got the ticket of Ufa-Nadym on 5.09., Tonight 31.08 came SMS about the cancellation of the flight! Of course, there are no tickets for this direction for the nearest dates, there is no money for a new ticket either! I'm flying with a small child! Now it will be necessary to urgently borrow a lot of money and fly either with a transfer through Moscow, where the waiting time between flights reaches 24 hours, or fly to Novy Urengoy and then 4 hours to get to Nadym by shuttle bus! If the airline has problems, then it is necessary to turn off its activities, and not to torment people, especially children! For 5 days to cancel a flight to such a direction - this is lawlessness uttermost !!! Cancel then problematic flights at all, so that passengers choose more worthy airlines and fly with comfort !!!

Awesome airline !! Today, canceled the flight Simferopol - Surgut, reported this SMS late at night, the money will be returned only through 5-7 working days. Horror. How to fly away ?? There is no money, the children are small. No substitutions were made. And 30.08.2015 to work. Therefore, urgently called a taxi and went to the ferry in the night with young children. Good friends put money on the card. Immediately began to look for the nearest airports. For a taxi and a ferry they gave 10 000 rub to get to Krasnodar. Children in their arms + suitcases, on the ferry ascended to the second floor along with suitcases. Now we are waiting for departure already in Krasnodar. Do not contact this airline if you do not want to spoil your holiday.

The company left the most negative impressions, took tickets for 2 months, on 12,08 Nizhnevartovsk - Ufa flight was canceled, did not provide replacements, urgently sought replacement, had to fly from Surgut more expensive for 5000 for the ticket plus the road, the hotel plane took off in the morning. Return tickets were on 24.08 and 28.08 the same replacement history was not provided, 21 had to fly out, shortening the vacation, and even Khanty found the cheapest (thanks to the airline Victory), since there was no time to wait for the return of money, the ticket price to Nizhnevartovsk reached from 20000 and higher. And from Khanty 10 hours by bus to Nizhnevartovsk. That's the way to plan a vacation with the airline Center-YUG THANK YOU FOR THE SPENT VACATION !!!!!

I flew on a dry superget plane from Moscow to Novosibirsk. The ticket price is lower than in other air companies. The plane is new, good, I liked everything. We fed very well, the flight attendants were friendly, the attitude was good. They always wore drinks and water. The flight seemed very fast. Armchairs on one side 2, on the other - 3. I advise everyone, liked the plane, expected the worst. I'll fly again unequivocally. Flied on different airlines, including foreign ones. Airline Center-South is not on hearing, but it was more pleasant than on Tranaero and on URAL AIRLINES. The flight attendant said the year 2. The plane is small.

Awful airline companies. Sell ​​your tickets, and does not carry out flights. I have a small child paid a decent amount for a taxi to the airport Koltsovo and to help I was told that the company does not carry out flights pvssazhirskie, here is how they deceive people. Well at least the money back for the ticket and it was where to stay in ECX. But I had to go back and pay back the amount nnuyu taxi driver. And the next day to fly Airlines has another. And rebenlk izmuchal !!!

Flied 15 August on the route Ufa-Nadym. The day before the departure, an SMS message arrived that the flight was transferred to 16-20, when the ticket was at the time of departure 11-50. To verify the reliability of the information, I called the airport in Ufa, where I was told that on 15 August the flight should not be at all, but today, 14 August received information that the flight to Nadym will be in 13-30. To my question that it came to me with another time, they told me that you want to miss the flight, come to 16-20 .... Of course I had to come to 11-00 to the airport in order to get on the flight to 13-30. As a result .... flew to 17-25. So even if all other airlines have online registration, after which you can immediately hand over your luggage and calmly wait for the flight without a pile of suitcases, the beautiful airline CENTER-SOUTH does not have it. In general, we sat at the airport with 11-00 to 17-25 under ice conditioners, got cold. More this airline will never fly !!!!

Good evening! Please tell us how to get a refund for a canceled flight to Nadym? An urgent need to buy a ticket for another flight, and the number of representatives in Nadym phone can not find!

We bought a ticket for a direct flight Ufa-Nadym.Za SMS came two days that the flight postponed to another date, and we will fly over Ekaterinburg with the removal of baggage from the aircraft and re registratsiey.Bolshe the services of this airline will not use the full divorce!

I want to share the emotions that the company left about itself 24.07.2015 ... Flied by direct flight FR-632 New Urengoy - Samara with refueling in Yekaterinburg, what was happening - it's just HORROR !!! The flight was detained for almost 5 hours ... Four flights were connected with N.Urengoy, which flew to Samara, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and Ufa ... flew to Yekaterinburg, met with friends, they flew from Nadym and they also happened The most: delay, four flights in one ... AVIASMARSHRUTKA such. In the E-burg, they forced to re-register and board, they spent one person per person from 5 to 15 minutes ... The forces were running out, but the most interesting was ahead !!! From the E-burga company has combined 4 flight to Samara, 4 to Kazan, 4 to Ufa !!! Where did the rest come from? I do not know, but it's very interesting! Generally, they put up so much time, and in the second flight they offered to eat ... I describe: a cucumber slice, a slice of tomato, a slice of pepper, two slices of bread, a bag of mayonnaise and butter))) How and what with what is there ??? It would have been better if they did not give anything ... Now I'm thinking of flying in such conditions and on TU-134 or flying over Moscow with normal planes ...

A terrible airline, do not fly full of divorce and scam. I bought a ticket for July 29 27 days in advance of the Surgut-Kazan, SMS came a couple of days that the flight is canceled due to technical reasons. And on the other can not be transplanted too. Like money back. While the money back ... I can not wait for an answer as we were told ... No airline and complete divorce .... DO NOT TAKE PEOPLE !!! If you do not want to spend their money and nerves !!!

Where online registration, for that company to New Vasiukov number with a minus

In 18.07.2015 canceled flight Nadym Ufa. Is that what to.Ya flying with a small child, specially took a quick trip to get to the house .... And then tolerate, and even with a change ... 4 hours fly hard ... It's time to contact the prosecutor's office, let them check. It's sms that transplanted to another flight on another date, uncoordinated on the phone with the passenger. Sharaga the real, I'm in shock. I do not agree to fly around.

In 18.07.2015 canceled flight Nadym Ufa. This is a nightmare. It's time to contact the prosecutor's office, let them check. It's sms that transplanted to another flight on another date, uncoordinated on the phone with the passenger. Sharaga the real, I'm in shock.

Completely torn and obzobrazhen one of two pieces of luggage on the flight FR 621 16 of June. Contacts on the site is not to whom to complain - is unclear. Ticket operator - Ozon.Travel - shrugs and gives a wrong phone number. This sludge I have not seen since the end of the restructuring 1980-x.

Please tell me how often will run flights to Novy Urengoy Kazan Kazan

aircraft assembly is very good. During the flight did not ringing and do not hit the body. In addition, completely absent vibration during takeoff and landing, causing the flight even more comfortable than passed to me, I hoped so.

10 June 2015 year was lucky to use the services of this airline, the flight was from Moscow to Novosibirsk on the brand new Superjet Sukhoi. I did not even expect that the flight would be so comfortable. The plane was a little surprised with its dimensions and arrangement of seats in the cabin (only 5 was in the same row), but this is generally out of the frame of the usual, otherwise the aircraft, personnel and pilots in the literal sense were on top. Take off and landing perfectly, the flight itself was surprisingly at 40 minutes less than the usual and declared before the flight time, the staff surrounded by attention, the food is good (better than in the same S7 or Ural Airlines). I will definitely use the services of this airline in the future. I have something to compare, I fly very often, so I write the feedback objectively.

Quite by chance had to fly with this airline, I did not expect that the interior is so comfortable, but with the staff, in my opinion, should work out, accustomed to the standard of communication skills polite. Even people with mental disabilities can understand that from him are just trying to escape, rather than genuinely trying to help. But passengers using the flight normal people. So, dissatisfied, he left the service.


Take-off was, to put it mildly, terrible. The plane was shaking so much that most of the passengers clung to the chair and did not release them until the pilots did not level the machine. Then, with the fear of expected future landing, which to my surprise was very soft! I do not know what it was due, but terribly happy, finally found himself on solid ground.

Dear friends!
Many write plane stinks and smells bad, and many people write nice to fly on the new plane and a professional crew.
So you will not be confused when you fly on the Tu-134 and the new Sukhoi Super Jet.
They fly quite different management companies.
Who flew the Sukhoi Super Jet 100 almost no one bad comment.
so that the next time write reviews point at which an airplane flying.
This summer, the company often due to pleasant prices.
And all the while reading the new reviews, and interesting for me is to fly or not. Maybe they soon will be new planes is worse than the old.

Before you decide to depart this company had read the negative reviews, they say, they simply grandiose flight delays, due to which many people have been ripped off and leave important events. I decided to take a chance ... and flew well. The delay was only 15 minutes and it was because the aircraft before departure to check on the problem. For myself, I concluded that there are different situations, changes in the weather and each company can face this, so in any case can not categorically state that they say the company does not respect customers.

The flight itself was normal, however, the aircraft is rather tight and uncomfortable, the stewardesses are somehow rude and harsh. The remark he made is answered in a boorish manner. As for me it's no good at all. At night they talk very loudly behind their curtains, and it is absolutely impossible to fall asleep from this. After the woman asked for a glass of water for a small child, she was told - not allowed! But given that you have a little baby. How is it not allowed ?! At the same time, as soon as the pilot sends a message that the aircraft is entering the turbulence zone, they do not observe the elementary safety rules, completely ignoring his orders. Such an act, to put it mildly, is unacceptable. My evaluation of this company after this flight is three-minus.

On what type of aircraft you flew?

I want to thank the employees for good workmanship flight. A pleasure is in the new plane, which has nothing rattles! The commander of the guesses in advance and flies all turbulёntnye area! Very pleased! Now I will buy tickets just this airline. And tickets are cheap and the service is amazing!

I bought tickets at once in both directions. There flew perfectly, no complaints, but back - a real disaster, I got a place that even an armchair is difficult to name, my grandmother since the USSR chairs look better than sitting in this airplane. All anything, a terrible appearance does not mean anything, but in the process of flying I turned unsuccessfully and it fell through under me! The stewardess came running to the noise and offered me ... a blanket! Why should I fly with him on the floor? But to my indignation I was told not to like, refuse to fly and this is when we already got into the air and were on our way to the house! Simply words are not present, in this company awful service! After leaving the plane immediately went to a representative of the company, who said he would take action!

We bought tickets Ufa-Krasnodar for July 20, and return tickets for July 4. Both flights were canceled for technical reasons, I had to run to look for other tickets. I do not advise using the services of this "airline"

I liked Center-South airline very much. Cleanliness on board. The chairs are comfortable. All staff are good-natured, smiling and sociable. Takeoff and landing were just great, quiet. Various drinks were offered on board such as tea, coffee and cold drinks, lunches (2 types of hot dishes), blankets and various magazines. The flight attendants found a common language for each passenger and paid attention. I liked everything very much. I will use the Center-South airline several times.

I liked flying with the "Center-South" airline. I flew in the direction of Samara-Peter. The food is delicious, there is a selection of salads and hot dishes. Ticket prices are not expensive. The planes are very nice, clean and comfortable. I often fly with the "Center-South" airline. The cabin is beautiful, comfortable seats. All liked it. I will fly only with the "Center-South" airline.


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