Airline Chukotavia
Airline Chukotavia

Airline Chukotavia. Official site.

Airline "Chukotavia" is a regional passenger carriers operating on the territory of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The airline began operations in the early 1995 years and today it is developing quite acceptable rate.

The company "Chukotavia" is based in the village of Coal Mines. There are also representative offices in Moscow and Magadan.

history of the company

Air Travel 1996 became the union of all airlines available in the region. The base airport became Anadyr (coal).

During the reorganization of the set from the enterprise gradually separated branches, airports Omolon, Pevek, Cross Bay, Cape Schmidt, Keperveem, Providence, Bering, Lavrenov.

In 2013, the company came under the control of Chukotka.

In 2014-2015 years. the company acquired the lease of four Canadian airplane model DHC-6.

Repair base

On the territory of the base is the airport hangar for repair works of high complexity.

The helicopter fleet of the enterprise has eight Mi-8 cars in a preserved condition. In fact, these helicopters serve as a warehouse of spare parts and cannot be used for flights.

In addition, the airline "Chukotavia" also carries out fulfillment and freight, for this will involve both airplanes and helicopters that are owned carrier.

Airline "Chukotavia" operated three aircraft types, in particular aircraft classes An and An-24-26, as well as Mi-8. The route network carrier covers the city of the Russian Federation as the Anadyr, Markovo, Bering Bay, etc.

Basic data:

  • The country of the airline is Russia;

  • Abilene local deals in Chukotka.

  • Year of occurrence: 1995;

  • Domestic airline code: AD;

Airline Chukotavia. Official site.:

Airline Chukotavia (Chukotavia). Official site.

Contact details:

  • Postal address of the airline: st. Portovaya, the settlement of Ugolnye Kopi-3, D. 6, Anadyr District, Chukotka Autonomous Region, Russia, 689503;

  • City Airline Phone: + 74273227244;

  • Airlines Fax: + 74273227531;

  • E-mail Airlines: ;

  • Base airport airports are Magadan Falcon, Anadyr Coal, Pevek.

  • Domestic flights: Beringovsky Bay, Anadyr, Lawrence Bay, Bay of the Cross, Magadan, Kepervey, Cape Schmidt, Markovo, Pevek, Omolon, Severo-Evensk, Convoy Bay, Chaybukh, Whalen, Egvekinot.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraft Antonov An-24, DHC-6 Twin Otter, Antonov An-26.

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Dear Sir,
please advise if you have AN-26 freighter ACMI lease available Base JUBA,
start 01AP.2017.
Best regards
ahmed Khairat
E-mail :

Your company is engaged in cargo transportation, and it is written on the site and in the rules Chukotavia. But why are we, the people of Bilibino district, we can not use this service? For example, it is impossible to arrange the goods. even a small, up to 10 kg, the airport Keperveem.

Very easy to use the company's website. From planting to direct all Ticket chewed on trifles including even how to behave in emergency situations. And airplanes and helicopters that were on the take-off site is completely new or recently renovated, but still have their own individual style of flight, which is not yet able to repeat any pilot with whom I flew.

Pleased that in their landing site is not only a lot of planes. But there is a helicopter, the photos that I have done, a whole bunch! Impressions are now really last long!

I came in to land punctually in the ticket, however, have not only not allowed to board. But they sent to hell by making a note of the fact that I was on the registration strictly on time. It hits me, but a company spokesman says it's all my fault, and I should have come earlier registration, but for me, no one warned, and I'm sorry I guess she can not.

Passenger as it turns out they only have to go through the procedure of checking in at the airport workers hands. But to suffer a certain face-control which in their understanding is called the protection of aviation safety, perhaps they are in appearance are trying to determine whether you are a potential terrorist and whether to let you all on board.

As I was able to judge by the state of the aircraft, it is far from new, however, for a very flight I have never heard any outside noise. Of course, in the cabin there are no screens and a scoreboard on which you can view the flight path, but the internal state leaves a pleasant impression everywhere clean and tidy. And although before that I did not have to use the services of this airline, I once had a positive attitude. The flight attendants are well done, all with maximum stress-resistance, which is nowadays a rarity. Next to me was an extraordinarily impudent girl who literally filled up with their various demands, however, none showed displeasure. Molodchagi! More like these people!

Having read the comments, frankly, I was afraid to fly, however, everything was not so bad. Food quality even for economy class. The behavior of the staff is normal, of course we can not say that they are also schooled in expensive airlines, but it is very evident that they are making every effort in order not to lose face. Such behavior is at least commands respect!

The flight from the airline "Chukotavia" went perfectly. On board it was clean. Comfortable chairs, soft and very comfortable to sit. Flight attendants were given blankets, meals, drinks and newspapers. Meals are fresh, delicious, b on the choice of three hot dishes. The flight was normal and calm. I liked everything . Takeoff and landing were also quiet. Flew without delay. Grateful for such a calm airline flight.

Recently, the airline flew "Chukotavia." I flew from Keperveema Anadyr. I liked the service. I flew on an airplane An-26B-100. The airplane is clean and tidy. Before boarding the plane, the stewardess told us about the seatbelts on a plane in two languages, and gave lollipops with the emblem of the airline. Later came the pilot and also said information in two languages. Despite the load, flight was on time. Really liked vviakompaniya "Chukotavia."