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Airline Condor Airlines

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Condor Airlines - usually shortened to Condor - a German airline and is based in Frankfurt. The only airline group Thomas Cook, which at the beginning of its activity was not engaged in charter flights, focusing its activities solely on scheduled flights.

The company was founded on December 21, 1955. Scheduled flights were launched next March. The first flight took place to Israel, and during the same year two more directions were opened.

Airline Condor Airlines plane

In 1959, the largest German airline Lufthansa became the owner of 95% of the shares of Condor and made it its subsidiary.

The first long-haul flights were opened in 1966 year. In connection with the transition to jet aircraft at the end of the company 60-ies began to develop rapidly. In 1971, the Condor became the first company in the world that owns a Boeing-747 (largest airliner at the time). Thanks to this were a number of additional flights and routes.

In 1990-X after a renovation of the fleet, the company vigorously develop charter flights to many destinations.

Condor modern fleet meets all requirements of safety of flights. All the ships of the company constantly updated, equipped with the latest innovations that provide not only safe, but comfortable flight passengers. In addition, the company is working on ways to reduce fuel consumption, which, of course, allows you to reduce the cost of air tickets.

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All of the company's aircraft passed reconstruction salons designed to ensure maximum comfort of passengers. Today the company offers three classes of service, each of which - comfortable chairs, and complimentary food and drinks. In classes increased comfort are able to watch movies, listen to music and enjoy a special flight sets.

Airline Condor Airlines seats

Currently, the airline provides a wide range of services, including regular passenger transportation, and organization of charter flights, and cargo transportation in domestic and international directions. The company's policy is aimed at organizing the most convenient, fast and high-quality service for its passengers. For this purpose, programs for accumulating miles have been developed, online registration has been opened, and electronic tickets have been introduced into circulation.

Basic data airline Condor Flugdienst:

  • Country Airlines Germany.
  • The largest charter airline company in Germany.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1955.
  • IATA airline code: DE.
  • ICAO airline code: CFG.


Condor Flugdienst. Official site:


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Munich, Berlin Schoenefeld, Frankfurt am Main.
  • The mailing address of airlines: AmGrunenWeg3, Kelsterbach, 65451Frankfurt, Germany.
  • City Airline Phone: + 4961716500.
  • Airlines Fax: + 496107939440.
  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].
  • International flights airlines Antalya, Agadir, Bangkok, Antigua, Barcelona, ​​Banjul, Varadero, Bridgetown, Goa, Havana, Dakar, Grenada, Cayo Coco, Dubai, Kilimanjaro, Cancun, Larnaca, Colombo LasPalmas, Las Vegas, Madeira, Mauritius, Male, Malaga, Mahe, Malta, Montego Bay, Mombasa, PalmadeMalorka, Orlando, Porlamar, Paphos, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Sal, Phuket, San Jose, El Salvador, Tenerife, Santacruz-delaPalma, Faro, Tobago Fuerteventura, Fort Myers, Hurghada, Jerez delaFrontera, SharmelSheyh.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  AirbusA320, Boeing757-300, Boeing767-300.



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Do not repeat my mistake and if you still have time to change tickets for a similar cost your company, because you're still nowhere will withdraw such rudeness in Condor! Tickets sold out for a pittance, and then provide the same service penny, even if you fly most of the day.

The company is wonderful, service and flights to help without delay and for little money agile tossing between the capitals. I enjoyed it, I advise you to try, because the professionalism of the pilots always on top.

For an additional fee stewardess provide incredibly comfortable flight. I fly with them 1-th time, but the flights are always smooth. Even if we fall into the zone turbulёntnosti, it lasted no more than 6 times in a single flight.

I flew to rest. Airplane though neglected, but still good. I was surprised that in spite of the presence of heaps of staff nobody even plain water for the entire flight is not offered, although I always thought that at least the meager food, but is included in the ticket price. The worst thing as it turned out ahead, because already in the sky became clear that the toilet is broken. In general, I spent a lot of nerves and time for this flight and very much spoiled his impression after a wonderful vacation conducted.

In September, I bought a ticket for the beginning of December in the direction Moscow-Ganava via Frankfurt. Was going to save, because I still live there for several months. The flight cost about 23 thousand rubles. I did not think that the cost of the second suitcase would cost me 260 dollars (for comparison, Aeroflot takes 50 euros). The flight cancellation terms could be found in different languages, but unfortunately, not in Russian. Information on their official website is provided in Spanish, Turkish, Polish, English, French, etc. No one will speak to you in the native language at Condor's office. Therefore, if you are going to fly these airlines, be prepared that the information on the site or by phone will be indicated in many languages, with the exception of Russian. If the company enters the national market, then the information must necessarily be in the language of this market. Decided to never again use the services of Condor.


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