Continental Airlines Airline
Continental Airlines Airline

Airline Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines - known airline's fourth-largest among all United States companies.

The history of this company dates back to July 1934. Up until the beginning of the Second World War, the company was engaged in air transportation of mail cargo and passengers. During the war, all the company's activities, of course, were subordinated to the equipment and maintenance of military aircraft for the needs of the US Army. The company received a certain profit from this activity, and this allowed it to significantly expand its fleet at the end of hostilities. Simultaneously with the increase in units of airborne equipment, the route network of Continental Airlines is expanding.

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Continental's merger with another airline in the 1954 year led to an increase in the geography of flights, but they still still limited to flights within the country. Only by the end of 50-s, the company's management is seeking permission for international flights. At the same time, the reduction of tariff rates and, consequently, a sharp increase in the company's passenger turnover. Having received a large profit, the company is among the first to completely take out turboprop and piston aircraft from circulation and replace them with modern jet airliners. A little later, Continental Airlines was the first to launch wide-body aircraft.

In 1985, Continental Airlines was among the first to organize transcontinental flights. Since September 1997, the company's airline geography has grown steadily. The company's fleet is annually replenished with the most modern liners, and 2009 the year in the history of the company was marked by the first demonstration flight of the aircraft on biofuel.

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The company management pays great attention to the quality of passenger service, trying to take into account all the smallest details. Customer service is carried out in accordance with three different classes. All aircraft of the company are equipped with audio and video systems. screens built into the backs of front facing seats.

For regular passengers, Continental Airlines operates the One Pass and Presidents Club programs. Participation in the first enables regular customer earn a free ticket or upgrade service class. In the second program, passengers can spend their time waiting for a flight in the superior rooms.

Date of foundation: 1934g.



Uniforms stewardess: Continental Airlines. USA.

Uniforms stewardess: Continental Airlines. USA.

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aircraft design quite comfortable and, unlike the vast majority of Russian airline seats facing each other at a distance pretty well. The staff is fluent in both Russian and English, so that any difficulties with the explanations did not arise. The flight was very pleased.

Flew flight Las Vegas - Moscow through Houston. We made a mistake with the departure time and arrived at the airport in twenty minutes prior to departure. Maybe due to the fact that we were with the child, or would like us to quickly shake off in Moscow, but we regret and registered. We flew a little over three hours. At this time, on board the aircraft was offered a hot lunch and cake for dessert. The child is handed a toy and a book.