The airline Delta Air Lines
The airline Delta Air Lines

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Delta AirLines is the world's largest airline by all accounts. These indicators include the annual passenger turnover, the number of directions in which the company's aircraft carry out air transportation, and, of course, the air fleet.

Delta AirLines was founded almost 90 years ago as a subsidiary of a military aircraft company. At first, there was no question of any air transportation. The organization was engaged in spraying pesticides over the fields and became an indispensable assistant to American farmers of that time. The first passenger flight was made by the company's aircraft only 5 years later - in 1929. After that, the company was constantly developing and growing.

The airline Delta Airlines 2

Delta Airlines

At the beginning of the 70s, Delta was already the owner of a whole fleet of aircraft, a stable carrier of passengers in many directions, and at the same time - still a developing airline. In 1981, Delta AirLines became one of the first airlines to launch a loyalty program that continues to this day.

10 years later, Delta obtains the rights to European routes and immediately becomes the largest airline and does not hand over the positions reached until today.


Airline Delta AirLines was founded almost 90 years ago


In 2000, DeltaAirLines joined the SKYTEAM alliance with two other airlines. At the same time, the company's management begins the reconstruction of the aircraft fleet, replacing the existing equipment with more modern, safe and economical ones.

High-quality, long-term and reliable operation of the airline can be reflected with a few numbers:

  •  1) more than 70000 people work in Delta and its affiliates;

  •  2) around 6000 professional pilots fly domestic and international flights;

  •  3) about 200 professional air traffic controllers control the company's flights;

  •  4) around 100 countries of the world receive Delta Airlines aircraft at their airports;

  •  5) by the company operates around 2000 daily flights in different directions.


The airline Delta Airlines 3434

Delta Airlines


The cabins of the company's liners are equipped with the latest technology: audio and video systems, comfortable chairs. Long-haul passengers are provided with hot meals and drinks. In business class salons, each seat is equipped with a personal video screen, individual lighting, and electronic control. 

Airline country: USA.

The largest aircraft company in the world by number of passengers carried.

The airline was founded in 1929.

Major airlines codes:

  • IATA airline code: DL.
  • ICAO airline code: DAL.


The airline is a member of the alliance: SkyTeam.


Airline Delta Air Lines. Official site:


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Uniforms stewardess: Delta Air Lines. USA.

Uniforms stewardess: Delta Air Lines. USA.


I bought a business class ticket on the DL 407 flight from New York (JFK) to Zurich (ZRH) 20 2016 year in January when I was waiting for my flight in the VIP -zone Sky Club at the airport in New York, I received a note about the possibility of not to eat his kosher food !!! I would like to mention the fact that there is no possibility to buy kosher food in the territory of the VIP-zone. So I was forced to stay hungry.
I think that this is a manifestation of extreme anti-Semitism, because comments on Sky Club employees were sent only my address, but I am absolutely sure, that other person were to eat kosher food, and no one made any comments to them. In addition, I have attached a photo where you can see the dog in the VIP -zone Sky Club, and I want you to tell me why dogs can spend time in the VIP -zone, but a person should be without food? This situation has a lot to disappoint me.
As a consequence of this non-pecuniary damage was done to me.

At take-off and landing aircraft shakes, as if about to fall apart, strain it's just awful, absolutely can not relax. Just you come from a take-off - landing already. Well at least not for long tormented, because the pilots manage to get on the road, probably all the air pockets in which they can. I can say that the most terrible moments in the air I have experienced with this airline.

I flew the company several times. Comfortable chairs, clean interior, in general, everything is up to par. I was taken out and put on board a virtually hands. Flight attendants are friendly and very careful. The food was wonderful. First the sandwich, and then the dish later 30 minutes. A couple of hours brought the packages, which was Nutella, biscuits, cream and sugar for coffee. Using the services of Delta, I have never had a problem with luggage.

My sister lives in America for 3 already. At the invitation of her flew to her on a visit to New York by Delta Airlines and back (From Moscow). Flying economy class, still a long distance and air tickets are now expensive. In general, everything was pleasant, especially earlier on international flights never flew. Registration was quick enough and without a hitch. I was sitting in the middle of the plane, so it was quite comfortable. Quality of service is good - the plane is excellent and fully fed - nothing to buy it was not necessary. Only once to the flight attendant could not call in any way, but in the end she came, apologized benevolently and everything fell into place. There were no delays in flights. Arrived right a minute in a minute. The plane is clean, everything is neat, the toilets are well maintained, good. The flight is long, but I'm not tired. The temperature was periodically transmitted overboard, the instruction was held before the landing. Baggage on arrival was safe and sound, nothing was lost. Basically, everything is enough, the flight went smoothly, without excesses.


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