Airline Dobrolet Plus
Airline Dobrolet Plus

Dobrolet Airlines Plus (Dobrolet Plus). Official site.

Russian airline "Dobrolet-Plus" is a subsidiary of the "Aeroflot". After the European Union introduced sanctions against the carrier "Dobrolet"Thereby canceling the lease agreement passenger airliners Boeing 737-800Board of Directors of GC "Aeroflot" has decided to change the name of the airline to "Dobrolet-Plus", thus establishing a new airline.

The first flight of the airline "Dobrolet-Plus" to be held in late October 2014 years and is supposed to date, flights shedule will be used exclusively Russian passenger planes, in particular we are talking about airplanes Tu-204Because these aircraft in its characteristics practically identical to foreign Boeing 737-800, previously used by the airline "Dobrolet."

The route network of the new airline will be expanded from four to seven destinations, and it is expected that by the end of the year the number 2015 areas grow to 20. As for airfare, it should not change compared to the cost of flights performed previously by "Dobrolet", but if a change in pricing policy and will occur, the comparative cost does not exceed the threshold in 10-15 percent.

Basic data:

  • The country of the airline is Russia;

  • Russian loukost-carrier be executed regional flights within the Russian Federation.

  • Year of occurrence: 2014;

When asked when, finally, served our plane, say, wait. This lasted the whole day, and then we were told. That plane will be in the morning, or for dinner ... well, they do not know when to wait for the flight because of what plagued passengers at the airport, but do not send people to their hotels.

Arrived due to the delay of flights to Moscow only late at night. Due to the fact that the subway is not running, and you'll never get a taxi, sitting at the airport until the morning. But if the plane took off on time, that night we would have spent at home.

The company can boast of only a very substantial price for a ticket, and also does not respect the passengers ...

Always wanted to learn to fly on such aircraft, but when she felt on her skin, how terrible can be landing on a lovely sunny day, my desire to put it mildly shaken.

They flew with Dobrolet in the Crimea: 8 July in Simferopol, back 20 July. I speak honestly and sincerely - everything is fine! Pleased terminal B in Sheremetyevo: everywhere there are signs, so the complexities of the topic where to go did not arise. The new Boeing does not cause distrust. Many write that the chairs are narrow, I do not know, I personally with my dimensions (I'm a girl in the body) was comfortable. The stewardess offered me an extension section of the belt to make it more comfortable. While flying to Simferopol, the suitcase flew perfectly without damage. As for the excess baggage, then on the official website of Dobrolet this information can be seen. Before departure, be sure to read it, so that you do not have to hysterise before the flight at the check-in counters. Personally, I paid the air ticket for 15 kilogram of luggage immediately. Conversely, understandably, the preponderance was greater. So I prepared for a surcharge. Pilots want to say a special thanks, very soft landings and ups! For your transfer to be without any problems, check the airline's rules in advance. Good flight!

We fly your airline tickets Krym.Pokupali onlayn.Nam came listing without tseny.Kak us now? We do not accept to pay the ticket? Moscow-Simferopol flight 103-15 2014 year in August, and Simferopol-Moscow flight 104 5 September 2014 years.