Airline Fly Giorgia
Airline Fly Giorgia

Airline Fly Giorgia (Fly Georgia). Official site.

Private airline "Fly Georgia" is Georgian company with place-based in Tbilisi. The first flight was realized the third August 2012 years.

From the base airport operates flights to the following destinations - Batumi, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Tehran, Dubai, Kiev (Borispol), Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh.

Air fleet consists of leasing aircraft "Airbus" category: A319 - 2 1 unit operated and has been ordered; A320 - operated 1, 1 ordered.

But after almost two years, there was a stop airline activities in connection with the seizure of the aircraft. September 4 international company Ailefs confiscated the plane at Brussels airport, which belonged to the "Fly Georgia". A little later the same fate befell the other ships. As a result, airline operations were interrupted. The thing is that the company has not complied with the conditions of the lease agreement and has not paid the amount due Ailefs.

Representatives of Fly Georgia did not comment on this statement in any way, but they reacted by the fact that they were simply hampered in every way and created artificial problems and barriers. Earlier, The Wall Street Journal reported that well-known Iranian businessmen who were associated with the Islamist Guard Corps took control of Fly Georgia and are directly connected with Tehran. 


Basic data of the airline Fly Georgia:

  • Airline country - Georgia

  • International and domestic flights to Georgia

  • Year of appearance: 2012

  • IATA airline code: 9Y

  • ICAO airline code: FGE


Fly Giorgia (FlyGeorgia). Official website: no official site

Fly Giorgia (FlyGeorgia). Official site.


Contact details:

City airline phone: +995322710000

Base airport airports are: Tbilisi

The fleet aircraft are airlines: AirbusA319.



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