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"Horse" The airline was founded in October 1990 years. As a small company "Horse" registered in December. Since then, she started to organize transport of goods. The first transportation from Kiev to Shymkent made a Hero of the Soviet Union, test pilot Curlin YV on the aircraft AN-32. In December of the same year in the long-term lease we took cargo IL-76 in the Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metals and Alloys. After a long work in the field of transportation the company started to occupy a leading position in Ukraine.

A year later, in August, the MP "Horse" registered aircraft division under the Ministry of General Machine Building USSR. This was an indication other than the company's success in the organization of cargo transportation by air.

The first international flight from Kiev to Rotterdam on IL-1992 (crew commander Levin AI) was performed December 76. Later airlines operate freight transportation in different directions: Kamchatka, Khabarovsk, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Ostendt, Vladivostok. In 1995, in late December, experts from the "Horse" made an attempt to "Boeing" aircraft operating 757-200ER route from Kiev to Jakarta via Dubai and Malé. Due to various reasons, after three months of such a program was closed, but the leadership has not left trying to passenger traffic.

In carrying out flight on a charter flight air vehicles, leased, gaining experience in airline traffic. In 2000 the management decided to purchase the first passenger aircraft DC 9-51, 125 calculated on the seats. Aircraft intensified on flights to Hungary, and later switched to the winter contract in Egypt. Beginning in 2001, the airline introduced the first charter flights in Ukraine. The aircraft showed itself perfectly, so the "Horse" in January 2002, decided to lease another aircraft on 157 seats - MD-83.

The airline was constantly looking for new partners. One of them was the open market in Kampuchea, from where the "Horse" began to develop South-East Asia. New contracts in the Philippines and Bangkok allowed to increase the company's turnover. The air park began to increase. And at one of the meetings of the directors decided to start a full-scale work at home. In March 2007, the first "Boeing" MD82, intended for 165 passengers, arrived in Ukraine. In addition, the joint cooperation of the airlines "Horse" and "Rose of the Winds" began. The first provided the aircraft, and the second acted as a tour operator and began to ensure the loading of aircraft by passengers. As a result, one of the aircraft was given to the airline "Rose of the Winds".

In the period of 2008 2009 year intensified the crisis, but despite this, "Horse" has continued to increase its fleet and passenger traffic. In the summer of 2009 years it was formed the first regular flight from Kiev Zhulyany Airport to Simferopol. For the full year 2010 airline carried almost two million passengers.

the company's fleet consists of aircraft 10 BC McDonnellDouglas MD-82, 8 aircraft McDonnellDouglas MD-83, 1 Amphibious Aircraft McDonnellDouglas DC9-51, 1 Learjet-60 business class, 2 aircraft AirBus A320.

Basic data airline Khors (Khors Aircompany):

  • Country airline - Ukraine

  • Charter flights from the international aviation in Ukraine

  • Year of Appearance: 1990

  • IATA airline code: KO

  • ICAO airline code: KHO

Khors (Khors Aircompany). Official site:

Horse (Khors Aircompany). Official site.

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