Ilyich Avia
Ilyich-Avia Airline

Airline Ilyich-Avia (Ilyich Avia). Official site.

"Ilyich-Avia" - Ukrainian Airlines, which is based in Mariupol. This structural joint stock company "Mariupol. Ilyich. " The airline was established in 2002 year. Activities: charter passenger transport; Freight transportation; regular domestic and international passenger transport; Reservations airspace and control of resources; aircraft maintenance.

Flight fleet of cars consists of: two AN-140-100; One Yak-40 with improved interior comfort; One Yak-40 high comfort cabin.

To date, the airline "Ilyich Avia" ceased to exist. But earlier she flew to Kiev (6 flights per week), Moscow (3 flights per week), Thessaloniki (1 flights per week), Athens (2 flights per week). 

Basic data of the airline Ilyich Avia:

  • The country of the airline is Ukraine.

  • I stop working in 2012 year. Regional airline company.

  • Year of appearance: 2002.

  • ICAO airline code: ILL.

  • Internal airline code: AI.


Ilyich Avia (Ilyich Avia). Official site:

Ilyich-Avia (Ilyich Avia). Official site.


Contact details:

  • City airline phone: +380629541889.

  • The mailing address of airlines: ul.Levchenko, 1, Mariupol, 87504, Ukraine

  • Fax: +380629541869.

  • Airline email address:

  • Base airport airports are: Mariupol.




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