East Air Airline
East Air Airline

Airline East Air (East Air). Official site.

East Air - airline Tajikistan base airport company in Kulyab and Kurgan-Tube. The fleet consists of aircraft grade "Boeing" and "Airbus". From the base airport airline flies to Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Orenburg, Novosibirsk.

History of the airline

"East Air" appeared in September 2007 years. By August, the passenger 2013 of all time was 100000 passengers. The passenger, who was the anniversary, received a special bonus card, which gives 100% discount on one flight in one direction, and some additional prizes.

In August, the airline completed 2013 order Peace Village International. "East Air" transported children in need of a variety of complex operations to Germany from Tajikistan, and in the opposite direction took previously transported children. Similar flights company holds twice a year - in February and in August.

In addition, the airline sponsored football games of the national teams of India and Tajikistan in the first decade of August. "East Air" carried the transportation of football players to the city of Khujand and back. By the beginning of autumn 2013, the aviation company had employed 26 girls for flight attendants. The total number of candidates was more than 100. In October of the same year, an unprecedented action was announced, which had never before been used in the Tajik air market. Each company flight became a successful trip for one randomly selected passenger. He was given a variety of gifts: bonus cards, phones from the company "Megaphone", one-time free tickets and discounts.

In November 2013, the airline launched an online booking system for airplane tickets. A similar action the company has made to simplify the process of buying tickets for passengers who have bank cards. Such a booking system can save a lot of time. Also, the company's management stated that if the purchase is made from the official website of the airline, the customer receives a discount. In December of the same year, the company announced the beginning of cooperation with Traveport, which provides services in the field of electronic commerce and sales in the field of global tourism. Since that time, "East Air" provides its full content to travel agencies outside its own location. Access is open to all Traveport users.

In the early 2014, the airline has joined the Multilateral Agreement, which deals with the formation of the transfer connections and through the implementation of tariffs for transportation through the Ekaterinburg airport Koltsovo, Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport and Moscow Domodedovo Airport. Now the passengers were able to fly the company's transit in different cities of Russia and abroad from Tajikistan. All flights are carried out through Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

In March East Air launched its own in-flight magazine, the only one among all airlines in Tajikistan. It is available for passengers all the necessary information regarding prices, aircraft, shares, rules, plans, news and so on. Throughout the spring flight attendants uniform color change from the strict black and gray to bold turquoise.

9 April EastAir opened a new flight from Kurgan-Tube in Chelyabinsk and back. Flight performed every Wednesday. And 6 April resumed flights to Orenburg. In late April the airline added to the list of permitted carriers with the possibility of sale of electronic tickets CCS-TCH in GDSGalileo. By the end of April the company "East Air" before opening the flight Khujand-Sharjah entered into the system of mutual settlements IATABSP in the United Arab Emirates. This move will help in the future development and empowerment of the airline.

In June 2014 year, a joint social action by "East Air," the IFRC and Red Crescent distributing leaflets informing on the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis. These leaflets distributed in the seat pockets of airplanes that flew out of Kulyab and Kurgan-Tube in different cities of Russia and back.

In the summer the company bought the car leasing aircraft "Airbus" A320. It was awarded a contract for the purchase of long-liner on dry lease from the Turkish partners.

The aviation fleet consists of 320 A3 airplanes and two 737 Boeings. 

Basic data of the airline East Air:

  • Airline country - Tajikistan

  • International aviation flights from Tajikistan

  • IATA airline code: EG

  • ICAO airline code: ETJ

  • Domestic airline code: DE


East Air (East Air). Official site: www.eastair.tj

East Air (East Air). Official site.


Contact details:

  • City airline phone: +992446002929

  • The mailing address of the airline: st. Aini 48, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 734024

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected]

  • Russian office phone: +74956603735

  • Base airport airports are: Kurgan-Tube, Kulyab

  • The fleet aircraft are airlines: AirbusA320, Boeing737-200.


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