Japan Airlines airline
Japan Airlines airline

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Japan Airlines is a Japanese airline based in Tokyo. Japan Airlines, along with its three subsidiaries, are members of the Oneworld alliance.

Founded airline 1951, the Government of Japan, which was aware of the need for reliable air transport system for proper growth and development of the country after the Second World War. After two years of the founding of the company becomes a national carrier in Japan.

In 1960 the company received the first aircraft Douglas DC-8 and started flights to Seattle. Since then, the route network is constantly updated with new trends, the company's fleet expanded with the acquisition of new modern jet aircraft.

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In 1967 year an agreement was concluded between Japan Airlines and "Aeroflot" on joint activities, establishing air services between Tokyo and Moscow. In 1978 year began flights to major US cities.

In the 1980s, special aircraft were introduced to carry government officials. Increased competition led to global changes in the corporate structure of the airline, which began to be clearly divided into three divisions: international passenger service, consumer services for passengers and air cargo transportation.

In 2001, Japan AirSystem and Japan Airlines agreed to merge, and in October 2002 a new holding company was formed called Japan Airlines. At that time, the holding was the sixth in the world in terms of the number of passengers carried.

25 2005 October, the company has applied for membership in the alliance Oneworld, considering this step a great advance in the development and expansion of the holding.

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Japan Airlines owns over 120 passenger aircraft. The airline operates in four classes of service. In each class you will be offered a varied menu, including dishes of national cuisine. High quality service awaits you on board each aircraft. The company's staff numbers more than 20 thousand employees, each of whom is an honored professional in his field.

Japan Airlines currently offers its passengers a wide range of international and domestic flights. On the official website of the company you can order a ticket and reserve a seat on the plane.

Participation in a loyalty program organized by the company allows you to accumulate miles for each flight and use a variety of services. 


Basic data of the airline Japan Airlines:

  • Biggest aviation company in Japan, international and domestic air lines from Tokyo.
  • Year of AK appearance: 1951.


Airline codes:

  • IATA airline code: JL.
  • ICAO airline code: JAL.


The airline is a member of the alliance: Oneworld.


Japan Airlines-JAL (JapanAirlines-JAL). Official site: www.jal.co.jp.


Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda.
  • Airline mailing address: Japan, 140-8605, Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, 2-Chrome, Higashi Shinagawa, 4-11.
  • City airline phone: +81354603109.
  • Airline fax: +81354603108.
  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected].
  • The mailing address of the Russian representative office of the airline: st. Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 61, Moscow, 123056, Russia.
  • City phone of the Russian representative office of the airline: +74957303070.
  • Fax of the representative office in Russia: +74959564759.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:  Boeing737-800, Boeing767-300, Boeing777-200, Boeing777-300, Boeing787, McDonnellDouglasMD90.





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Uniforms stewardess: JAL Japan Airlines. Japan.

Uniforms stewardess: JAL Japan Airlines. Japan. 



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The aircraft for international carrier certainly not a fountain, but not falling apart in the air and, thanks. During the flight noises constantly observed, with the stewardess he tries to convince everyone that the way it should be.

Plane catches satellite signal so that I spent the entire flight of the monitor. I liked everything and take off and landing. I advise you to try to fly a similar flight.

Headphones under the monitor were the cheap, as a result suffered almost the entire flight, after which it became clear that, if desired, passengers can take in their own personal way, no obstacles on the part of the staff will not.

I want to thank the airline directly for all passengers. Departure strongly detained because of what turned out to be one wheel deflated, but we have not thrown in the airport. A company representative instructed to feed us and give mineral water. Closer to the night we all were placed in hotels, and in the morning the bus was taken back to the airport where the plane had already been filed. All companies would be so care about their customers. Thank you.

I do not know what may be doubts in the airline if it is considered one of the best in the world. You're not from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan flying to AN-24. I'm a longtime fan of the airline, always choose them if I have to fly from IAD / DCA or JFK. They managed to earn my trust.
In short, jetBlue often has very favorable flight prices. I with its high growth (under two meters) there is conveniently located, and passengers of non-standard weight, also felt comfortable. In each seat a display with 10 channels, in-flight give nuts and a jar of pepsi, seating all leather and blue scales. In New York, a spacious and bright terminal (only recently completed reconstruction). You can find reviews that they were deceived or about the delays of the flight, but I did not encounter this. Departing from New York, do not be afraid of flying time, because it is indicated more than the average for about an hour - this is the time in the queue before take-off. Usually, the arrival coincides with the time indicated in the ticket.


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